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Chapter 142: A Far-Fetched Excuse

On Sunday morning, when Yun Xi was out running, she saw a figure leaning against a car in the distance before shed even gotten to a sentry post.

From his posture, it was obvious that he had been waiting for her.

As soon as she got close, Mu Feichi opened his car door and said, “Get in!”

“Where are we going” Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi in bewilderment.

“Im taking you to the Chen familys house.”

“This early” Yun Xi thought about it for a while, then frowned slightly.

“At this time, the old Madame probably hasnt even gotten up yet.

Young Marshal Mu, if you have something to do now, you should take care of you first.

You dont have to specifically come pick me up.

The eldest son will come and pick me up later.”

At the mention of Chen Yichen, Mu Feichis face suddenly sank.

“You want him to come and pick you up so desperately But you are unwilling to let me take you”

“Huh” Yun Xi was caught off guard and only then realized that he seemed to be angry, so she quickly shook her head.

“Its not that Im unwilling.

Its just that you are busy with business affairs, and I always trouble you.

Im really embarrassed about bothering you.”

The things that other women dreamed of, when it came to her, she would first weigh the gains and losses.

Shed been so stupid in her previous life that she had been swindled over and over again because she didnt know how to protect herself.

In this life, after such profound previous experiences, how could she not be calculating

Mu Feichis somber eyes fell on the serious matter-of-fact expression on her face.

Although she appeared innocent and childish, she was prickly toward everyone.

It was wise to know how to protect herself, but he didnt want her to stray too far away from him.

“In terms of whether or not I am busy, I will have the final say.

Go early and return early.

Have you forgotten your training results from yesterday”

Thinking of Li Zilans sour face when her training had ended yesterday, Yun Xi couldnt help but suck in her breath.

She knew that her achievements had made Li Zilan, the devil, very dissatisfied.

It had taken her an entire afternoon to learn how to break free from the tied rope and how to tie the knot, but it was still only limited to being able to save herself, and it did not reach that devils standards.

Therefore, Li Zilan had been very displeased.

To become stronger, she must spend more time and energy on it.

“I understand.

I will go home and change my clothes.”

“No, just head over like this.”

“…But I havent eaten breakfast yet!”

“Have breakfast in the car.”


After she got in the car, Mu Feichi handed her a bento box and a cup of soy milk.

Looking at the breakfast that was several times better than her own would have been and was so well prepared, Yun Xi knew that he clearly didnt want Chen Yichen to pick her up.

While eating breakfast, Yun Xi gazed at the face of the man beside her.

She was actually very curious about how powerful Mu Feichis boxing skills were.

He led so many people from birth to death at his young age, and hed established a formidable position that no one in country C could shake or challenge.

His abilities have always been a mystery.

“Am I really that irresistible”

Perhaps feeling uncomfortable after being stared at for such a long time, Mu Feichi turned his head lazily, and his eyes locked with hers.


Being caught, Yun Xi turned her head away awkwardly and almost choked on the bun in her mouth.

Mu Feichi smiled slightly, then reached out and patted her on the back.

Blushing, Yun Xi looked embarrassed.

How embarrassing for her to be fawning over him so blatantly at such an age.

“What have you discovered from staring at me like that”

“Uh…nothing…” After taking a sip of soy milk, she finally swallowed what was in her mouth.

“Little girl, its not that easy to see through me.”

Feeling like he had read her mind, Yun Xi turned her head away awkwardly and scrambled for an excuse to cover her actions.

“Im just curious about how powerful your close combat skills are.”

Mu Feichi naturally didnt believe her far-fetched excuse, and he smiled as he poked her on the arm.

“When you can truly see through me, I will let you see how good I am.

Before that, you have to beat Li Zilan first.”

“…” Yun Xi lowered her head, as the mans slender fingers poked her chest.

Him poking such a delicate area immediately made her feel that her face was burning!

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