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Mu Feichi making such a high-profile appearance with the first-class socialite was causing quite a commotion.

Some people were shocked, some people thought it was great, some people were jealous, and some people were even crazed with anger.

Han Qin had gotten a high fever because of Yun Xi, but she had reluctantly attended the banquet even though she was sick just for the chance of seeing Mu Feichi.

Alas, she had certainly managed to see the man she had come to see, but little did she know that he would make such a grand appearance with that wretched Yun Xi right before her very eyes.

From the way he looked as if he had conquered the world by having that girl by his side, anyone with eyes could easily tell what it all meant.

But why this b*tch Who did she think she was to stand so proudly beside him

Even if she was now the first-class socialite, this lowly courtesan without a strong family background was still not worthy of Mu Feichi.

“B*tch!” Han Qin watched as the head of the organizing committee walked toward the two of them.

She clenched the wine glass in her hand and was about to rush forward to do some serious damage.

Just when she started to move, she was immediately restrained by Han Yaotian.

She was so dizzy from fury and fever that she staggered clumsily.

When shed finally managed to regain her balance, she looked up and saw Han Yaotians deep dark eyes fixed on her and heard his steady suppressed growl of warning, “Little Aunt, youd better behave and not cause any more trouble for me, or Ill suggest to Grandpa that you be sent abroad, and youll never come back.”

The Han familys current situation was worrying enough, yet Han Qin still wanted to provoke Yun Xi.

Han Yaotian was counting on Yun Xi to help him take over the Han and the Qiao families.

If Han Qin rushed out and offended more people now, she would ruin his plans and he would never be able to forgive her for that.

These two women of the Han family were truly a handful.

Now, one was in prison and the other was acting out like a spoiled princess, offending people everywhere she went.

The Han family was no longer the same as it used to be.

If they kept stirring up trouble, their family might never be able to restore their former glory.

“You…” Han Qin stared back at him with all the blood drained from her face.

Han Yaotian was now practically the head of the family.

Although he was an illegitimate child, his father was starting to listen to him more and more.

She was afraid that if her father actually decided to send her abroad, she would lose her very last shred of hope.

Holding her wine glass, she turned toward the two dazzling figures on the red carpet and gritted her teeth as she struggled to hold back her anger.

Han Yaotian also gazed at the two people on the red carpet.

He knew that this girl now belonged to the Young Commander and had wanted to use this opportunity to take over the Han family, yet for some reason, when he saw the pair of them standing before him looking like the perfect couple, he felt an inexplicable sense of loss.

In the crowd, Qi Siyu watched as Mu Feichi and Yun Xi made their grand entrance.

She was startled for a moment, but then it quickly dawned on her what this meant.

The smile that had been on her face just a second ago suddenly hardened, and the tall crystal glass in her hand was nearly crushed by her clenched grip, while her beautiful face became distorted by jealousy.

She had not expected Mu Feichi to attend the socialite ball at all.

Not only did he attend, but now he was going to hold a coming-of-age ceremony for that girl without any authorization.

Also, he had even taken this opportunity to make their relationship known to the world.

Was he trying to give Yun Xi all the best things in the world

She knew very well that he was the Young Commander of Jun Country, and his every word and action was being watched by everyone.

He was a role model and an idol.

He would never do something like this on such an occasion if it had not been carefully thought out.

Coming out together like this was announcing their relationship and meant that they were officially telling everyone: man or woman, you have all lost your chances!

Always, Mu Feichis dominant desire to own Yun Xi and shower her with love made everyones hearts burn with jealousy and hatred.

This was Mu Feichi, the man Qi Siyu was both familiar with yet unfamiliar with.

When he loved a woman, other women all over the world would become green with envy, while the rest of the men would end up feeling ashamed of themselves.

In the presence of Mu Feichi, no matter how well-composed she tried to be, it was impossible to say that she was not the least bit jealous.

The man she had worked so hard to get close to for so many years was now standing before her, with another woman in his arms.

What had all those years of effort and loyal devotion been for

Had it all been just a one-sided love that was nothing but her own wishful thinking

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