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Chapter 141: As Long as I Like Her

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As she had had to go to the Chen familys house to see the old lady, Yun Xi had easily slipped out of the house, without anyone even bothering to ask if she was returning late.

Yun Yuanfeng wanted her to have a good relationship with the Chen family to facilitate his social climbing in the future.

Liang Xiuqin was hoping that she wouldnt return home but cause some trouble outside, so that she had an excuse to drive her back to the countryside.

Yun Xi didnt care what they wanted anyway.

She had been independent and gotten along without their help for many years now.

In her previous life, she had gone from trying to win her parents love to despair.

So, in this life, she had no expectations of receiving anything from her parents.

After going up the mountain, Mu Feichi drove her directly to the training area where Li Zilan was temporarily staying.

Saying she would teach Yun Xi some survival skills and combat techniques, Li Zilan choose a hand knife to start.

Yun Xi had to admit that Li Zilan was really quite eccentric.

Shed claimed that she would teach her things, but she didnt actually teach her anything.

For example, now she had people set up a table of knives for her, where several types of knives and ropes of various thicknesses were arranged by type.

“There are knives, umbrella ropes, and some supplies for the outdoors.

You can slowly familiarize yourself with them, and you can come to see me after you become familiar with them.”

Glancing at the chaotic bunch of things on the table, Yun Xi asked with a serious expression, “Boss Zilan, what degree of familiarity would be enough”

Li Zilan hadnt expected her to respond so quickly.

Sweeping her bangs away from her forehead, she pursed her red lips.

“If I dismantled all of the pieces, you would still be able to piece them all back together again.

That is the degree of familiarity I am talking about.

Do you understand”


This was going to be an arduous process.

Even though she had learned some close combat and boxing skills in her previous life, she had never been trained like this.

Out of so many knives, umbrella ropes, and various other utensils, she could only recognize a dozen or so of them.

Facing a large cluster of various weapons, Yun Xi suddenly felt herself floundering.

She not only must become familiar with them, but also know what they were, as well as how to operate and assemble them.

Not knowing how to use so many life-saving tools could really be a big problem for her.

Not that far away, under a big tree, Mu Feichi sat on a sun lounger and stared at the figure standing at the table through his dark glasses, his bold eyebrows furrowed.

Li Zilan stepped forward and stood in front of Mu Feichi.

Through his sunglasses, she tried to gauge his mood at the moment.

“Oh, our Young Marshal Mu seems so calm today.

I cant believe you couldnt tell that those things are all real and they are all dangerous.

If one of them accidentally discharges, what might happen to your underage little fox…”

Li Zilan slashed her neck in a gesture to seemingly nonchalantly but rather intentionally provoke the protective man in front of her.

He was so busy every day yet still he found time to come watch over her, so obviously he felt uneasy about leaving her in Li Zilans custody.

Since he felt so uneasy and wasnt willing to let his precious darling out of his sight, of course she would have to torment him a little.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be living up to her reputation as a devil.

Mu Feichi lifted his eyes slightly, and, through the sunglasses, his sulky eyes fell on the figure who was dismantling the weapons.

“If she was really that stupid, then why would I have any hopes for me Dont forget, what I want is a woman who is qualified to be the wife of the Mu familys heir.”

“Hmph! As if shes your woman.”

“Not at the moment, but she will be in the future.”

Mu Feichi leaned back in his chair lazily and closed his eyes as if he didnt intend to respond to any more of Li Zilans provocations.

Provocation without any sense of challenge was merely bluffing to him.

“All the women in Jingdu are vying for the position.

I am actually looking forward to what she plans on using to compete with those promiscuous bitches.”

“As long as I like her, she doesnt have to do anything, and those other women will have no chance of winning.”

“…” Li Zilan turned to look at the lofty Young Marshal Mu, who was sitting on the chair before her..

She found his egotistical mannerisms truly insufferable.

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