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“Tell them all to be careful, as we will be dealing with special mercenaries who have survived and come back from the battlefield.

Recently, our intelligence unit found out that an arms dealer had provided these mercenaries with many weapons.

They might have heavy firearms, so do not take this mission lightly.

If there are any casualties in your team, I will hold you personally responsible!”

To catch Crocodile, Mu Feichi had mobilized Shadow, a unique special forces unit that he had never activated before.

Compared to the killer special forces unit led by Jin Lei, Shadow belonged to Mu Feichi and would only report to him.

They were also stronger, faster, and more ruthless.

Also, most of them had been on a battlefield with Mu Feichi and had survived several near-death situations in battle with him.

All of them were almost as equally capable as he was in military strategic planning.

They usually lived a life like any regular citizens in various parts of Jingdu, and they would only be called up in special circumstances.

As Jin Lei had gone overseas with his team on a rescue mission, Mu Feichi had to mobilize Shadow for the task of catching Crocodile.

And the man standing in front of him was the captain of Shadow, Fenghuang Cheng.

Under this cold, stern glare from Mu Feichi, Fenghuang Cheng immediately stood up straight.

There was a gleam in his eyes that could send chills down ones spine.

He ducked his head and responded respectfully, “Yes, sir!”

“What about the task at the prison” Mu Feichi turne to look at the man.

“Have you made arrangements for Liang Xiuqin to watch the live broadcast of the socialite ball”

The man looked up and gave a slight smirk.

“Niao went there personally to get the job done, so there shouldnt be any problems.”

“Oh” Mu Feichi put down his gloves and led Fenghuang Cheng into the living room.

“She usually wouldnt care to do such things, would she There arent many things that she is willing to handle personally.”

“She said that she had never been to a prison before, and she wanted to see what sort of people were locked up in there.”

“Apart from criminals, who else would be in prison” Mu Feichi snorted softly.

He was no longer surprised about Fenghuang Niaos unique way of thinking.

“Tell her to come to the Mansion tomorrow, and then follow me to Luyi Villa for the socialite ball.”

“Sir, do you mean that you are going to take Niao with you to the ball”

“Li Zilan has gone overseas.

So, if there are any unexpected situations at the villa, I need her to protect my future wife and nothing else.”

When Mu Feichi said that, a rare gentle look came onto his face.

Fenghuang Cheng was stunned for a moment as he had never seen that kind of expression on the Young Commanders face before.

He thought it was a refreshing and unique sight.

They had always been curious about this legendary girl who had conquered the Young Commander with her outstanding medical skills and extraordinary ways of doing things.

It was rare for the team to get mobilized, so they had really hoped to meet the girl who could stay and stand beside the Young Commander.

“Niao has never been a bodyguard, so Im sure she will be interested.”

Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Even if she doesnt want to be a bodyguard, she will definitely be here if you tell her that my big off-roader is free for her to drive.”

“…” Fenghuang Cheng laughed and said nothing.

He knew very well that his sister had an obsession with cars.

She was exceptionally interested in Young Commander Mus huge off-roader.

It was a very rare car, and she had long wanted to drive it.

“Its already the Winter Solstice tomorrow….”

Mu Feichi looked at the snow outside.

Tomorrow, his girl would turn 18, and it also happened to be the socialite ball too.

He had waited and looked forward to this day for so long.

His little girl was finally going to come of age.

“Go make the necessary arrangements, and remember to inform Niao about her task.

Ask her to wear a suitable outfit and not to be late.”

“Yes, sir!” Fenghuang Cheng responded.

He then turned around and walked out of the living room quickly.

As he was about to walk out of the door, he turned back to look at the man standing there with his back facing him.

He knew that Mu Feichi was a ruthless and decisive man on the battlefield.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly felt that even the back view of this man looked soft and gentle.

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