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Chapter 1334 Disgusting Girl

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The news about the press conference held by the Qiao family and the Han family swept through Jingdu.

After the news about the press conference, there suddenly appeared many advertisements about the movie “Out of Time”.

These advertisements were basically just a way to let everyone know that the video of Han

Wanling kidnapping Qiao Ximin had only been an audition video for the movie.

It was simply a way to emphasize that Han Wanling had not committed a crime.

The media now led everyone to believe that the videos release was in order to market and hype the new movie.

All this had made everyone ignore the truth of the matter.

Since they had made it look like a movie promotion, most unknowing audiences came away with the impression that the film company really dared to do anything for publicity.

People also thought that they had made

an unexpectedly big mess, but they had achieved the promotional effect that they wanted.

Yun Xi looked away from the news report about the press conference and sneered.

She couldnt deny that saying the video had been a promotional hype for a movie was a good way to cover up Han Wanlings crime.

Depending on the impact of the press conference, it would also determine how painful it would be for Han Wanling and Qiao Ximin when Yun Xi attacked again.

“There was news from Jingdu University that your youngest sister has looked for you several times.

I think she was probably there to see you because of the incident between Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin.”

Mu Feichi took the snacks out of the bag and placed them on a shelf of the coffee table so that Yun Xi could get them quickly when she was hungry.

“Yun Chuhan is smarter than Yun Ziling.

Shes probably suspected that I was involved in getting Liang Xiuqin to throw acid on Yun Ziling.

But she cant do anything to me since she doesnt have any evidence.

And I have

nothing to do with this matter anyway.

Looking up, Yun Xi thought about it again and realized something wasnt right.

“If Yun Chuhan doesnt get to see me, Im afraid she will go and try to see Liang Xiuqin.

Sir, you must get someone to stop her.

I dont want

Yun Chuhan to have an opportunity to meet with Liang Xiuqin before the trial.”

“Do you think its that easy to see someone when they are locked up in jail” Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Your family members will be there when the trial opens.

Arent you worried that Liang Xiuqin will expose you in


“You must know that I would have planned for everything when I decided to do something so daring.” Yun Xi smiled cheerfully, looking fearless and calm.

“So what if my mother exposes me in public Does she have

any evidence We are not on good terms anyway, so people might not believe what she said.”

“Then what about Yun Chuhan”

“Once the court has delivered Liang Xiuqins sentence, what can Yun Chuhan do even if she finds out the truth The matter would have concluded by then, and the outcome should be what she wanted anyway.


could only rise up when Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling were out of her way.

Do you think she isnt a scheming person because shes kept a low profile In the Yun family, she is definitely smarter than Yun Ziling and Liang


A quiet person is often the most vicious one.”

Mu Feichi raised his hand and stroked Yun Xis head.

He laughed and teased her.

“She is smart, but she will never beat you.

It wont be easy for her to create any problems when everything is under your control.”

“Yun Ziling was rather ambitious.

Do you know that her final target was you Are you feeling exceptionally honored about that”

“Not at all…” Mu Feichis face fell immediately.

“She looks just like an artists color palette, and its disgusting.

So why should I be honored that she likes me”

“I didnt expect you to judge someone by their looks.” Yun Xi reached out to pinch his handsome face.

She then looked at his face and nodded as if she agreed with his views.


With your looks, there arent many

people who deserve to have you.”

“I am looking right at the only person now.

Having you is enough for me.

I will go blind if I see too many girls.”


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