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Chapter 1181: End of Engagement

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After lunch, Yun Xi received a phone call from Grandfather Jiang.

Looking at the number that appeared on her phone, she immediately understood that Grandpa Mu had already talked to Grandfather Jiang.

Since now she had decided to be with Mu Feichi, she didnt want to hide it and disrespect him anymore.

Yun Xi knew that if it became public that she was with Mu Feichi, she would face death threats from his enemies, endless requests from her family, and be the target of womens jealousies.

But, even if that was the case, Yun Xi was willing to accept it all to be with him.

After all, this man deserved all that she could do for him.

She had loved Han Yaotian, who had turned out to be a scumbag, in her previous life.

But, after falling in love with Mu Feichi in this life, she realized that she had been foolish to devote herself so fully to Han Yaotian in the past.

When two individuals were truly in love, it shouldnt be just one party contributing to the relationship.

Instead, it should be like her relationship with Mu Feichi now, cherishing each other and standing by each other.

For him, she could even muster up her courage and do all the things that she used to be afraid to do.

She would give her all for him, just like he was willing to do the same for her.

They were equally devoted to one another.

Yun Xi took a deep breath and smiled as she picked up the call, “Grandpa Jiang.”

“Yun Xi.

Youve probably guessed why Im calling you, right”


Has Grandpa Mu already contacted you”

Even though the Jiang family has not done much for her in this life, Grandpa Jiang genuinely cared for her in her previous life.

He gave her many nice things, allowing her to feel warmth and love in the cold world.

She realized that she would repay his kindness some day.

Even if her engagement with Jiang Henglin was called off, she would still protect the Jiang family no matter what happened in the future.

“I just wanted to ask how youre feeling and if you and the Young Commander truly love one another If your answer is yes, then I wont try to stop you.

After all, that lad from the Mu family is a much better choice than my foolish grandson.”

In fact, Grandfather Jiang felt fortunate that the engagement had been called off.

Even if they couldnt become a family, he knew the Young Commander would love and protect this poor little girl.

Since Grandfather Mu had also been full of praises for this little girl, she wouldnt need to worry about suffering or being bullied when she entered the Mu family.

“Yes, our feelings are mutual.

I didnt fall in love with the Young Commander because of his family background and status.

I want to be always by his side.

I do not want to have a subsidiary role in his life.

I will continue to better myself until I am worthy to stand beside him.”

Yun Xi clearly understood what she needed to do to stand beside this man.

Grandfather Jiang let out a small sigh.

“Then you do understand what you will have to face by being with him”

“I do, but I am not afraid.

Since I have decided to be with him, I am prepared to face all the difficulties.

But, at the same time, I will not let myself become his weakness.”

“Its enough that you know.

I just want you to be well, safe, and happy.

Since you have decided, then I will give my blessing.

As for the cancellation of your engagement to Jiang Henglin…”

Before the old man could finish speaking, someone had snatched the phone from him.

Yun Xi heard some noise, and, before she could say anything, she heard Jiang Henglins annoyed and mocking voice: “I did not expect you to like the Young Commander so much.

Yun Xi, do you know who he is What do you like about him if you dont care about his family background and status I said before that I do not agree to call off the engagement…”

Yun Xi hung up before Jiang Henglin could finish speaking.

She already knew how Grandfather Jiang felt, so it didnt matter how angry or unwilling Jiang Henglin was.

After all, this marriage was not entirely up to him.

Also, there was nothing between them at all.

She wasnt even Jiang Henglins girlfriend, and their engagement had been just a verbal agreement between their families..

Whoever she liked was none of his business, so who was he to mock and ridicule her about it

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