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Chapter 1179: No Time for Personal Feelings

“What are you doing” With his arms around her waist, Yun Xi was being held down against his chest.

All her weight rested on him as she lay on top of him.

The position they were in felt a little too close and too dangerous.

“I just wanted to hug you and talk to you.”

Mu Feichi took the cushion beside him and placed it behind him to elevate his body.

He hugged her and smiled as he buried his face in her neck.

This little woman in his arms always gave him the urge to tease her and have his way with her.

“We can sit up and talk.

Have you eaten”

“Not yet.”

“Then get up.

I will make dinner for you.

I have already eaten with Yumo.”

She had met up with Yumo and Jiang Chenghuan to talk about the acquisition of the Han Corporation so that they could prepare themselves for the coming storm.

Although Yumo had come of age, she still didnt have the power to run the Zhao family since Old Master Zhao was still around.

The decision-making power still lay in the hands of her second uncle.

So once the Zhao family moved up the ranks, her second uncle would definitely go against her in order to keep his position as the family head since she was the next heir.

No matter what, Yun Xi cant let this happen.

Even if the Zhao family were to move up to a higher position, she must still be prepared for any situation.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and sat up.

He put her on his lap and buried his head in her neck.

“Babe, have you thought about promoting the Qiao family first”

“What do you mean by that” Yun Xi looked at him, confused.

Then, instead of an answer, she got a sizzling kiss from the man.

HMMM! Yun Xi couldnt dodge it at all.

Mu Feichi lowered his head, kissing her skillfully and passionately.

He kissed her gently around her lips at first and then deepened the kiss.

He did it so smoothly and skillfully, not giving her any opportunities to resist at all.

Mu Feichi kissed her delicately, but Yun Xi was thinking about what he had just said instead of the kiss.

Promote the Qiao family first…

HMMM! OUCH! Yun Xi felt a sting on her lips, and she snapped back to her senses.

She glared at the man in front of her, who was staring back at her.

“Why did you bite me” Mu Feichi had actually bitten her while kissing her.

Yun Xi had always felt like he could lose control when he was with her.

“You werent paying any attention to me when I was kissing you.

So I shall kiss you till you do!”

After Mu Feichi finished his sentence, he leaned forward again and kissed her on the lips as if punishing her.

Yun Xis breathing was slightly ragged when she finally broke free from his lips.

Her thought processes had been interrupted while she was trying to understand what hed meant by what hed said about the Qiao family.

Annoyed, she frowned and tilted her head and took a bite of his neck.

After the bite, Yun Xi fearlessly licked the mark she had made on Mu Feichis neck.

The sensation of her soft tongue on his neck quickly fanned the fiery lust he had been restraining.

“Babe, you need to be responsible for this fire youve started…”

Mu Feichis eyes deepened in color.

Looking at his face, Yun Xi could tell that he was trying to control himself.

His eyes were so dark that one could drown in their darkness, and they looked so alluring in his handsome face.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

Her pretty little face couldnt hide the sense of triumph she felt.

“Isnt it a courtesy to always return a favor”

“Sure, as long as you are happy.”

“You mentioned promoting the Qiao family first.

What do you mean by that I had planned to push the Zhao family up the ranks first.

But Yumo is still young, and she is still not capable enough to handle all the old and experienced ones.”

“Babe, have you thought about this Once the news about the acquisition of the Han Corporation spreads, the other three of the four wealthiest clans will definitely hear about it.

Also, once the balance of power among these four wealthiest clans is broken, a new clan will rise and join the circle.

So, with everything that is going to be happening in this short period, can your best friend handle the stress and big responsibilities Theres still her second uncle if she really cant handle it.

However, once her second uncle assumes the head position in the family, it wont be easy to pull him down.

You would also make yourself a new enemy.

In this matter, your personal feelings have blinded your rationality and reasoning..”

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