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Chapter 1165: Such a Fool

Hed always thought that the Young Commander would use some unexpected means to deal with them, but he never would have imagined that it would be evidence that was verifiable.

These tactics didnt seem like the Young Commanders style.

Although the original incident wasnt all that serious, the intense media coverage had generated all kinds of gossip which all tended to lean in one direction.

He wasnt worried that he would be betrayed by the CEOs who had been busted, but there was always still the chance of the unexpected.

After deliberating for a while, he was just about to go out to find someone to discuss countermeasures with when Han Wanling pushed open the door and entered.

“Dont you know how to knock” In a bad mood, Han Hongbin glared at Han Wanling, who had charged into his office without knocking, and complained in a harsh tone.

“Dad, I saw the report on the news.

Whats going on Uncle Xiang and the others were arrested.

Do you think they will implicate us”

These four CEOs had always had a good relationship with the Han family.

If the Han family became implicated in their troubles, the Han familys reputation, which was presently slowly recovering, could be demolished again.

“What do you know about it” Han Hongbin gave her an impatient look.

“What does it have to do with us if a few of them did something stupid Just be quiet, mind your own business, and dont cause any trouble!”

“But, Dad…”

“All right, dont worry about it.

Ill take care of it.

If you have nothing to do, go home.”

Unable to disobey him to his face, Han Wanling bit her lip and didnt say another word.

Han Hongbins expression was grave, and she felt like something was wrong, but she couldnt tell exactly what was wrong.

No matter what had exactly happened to these four CEOs, it had now become a huge news story.

It will be okay as long as they are not implicated, but once the Han family is implicated, the consequences will be inconceivable.

Especially since they have recently wanted to cooperate with the Mu Group on a project in order to grow their business.

The moment the Han family is implicated in this matter, the Mu side of the cooperation agreement will be cancelled.

Plus, it is almost time for the Socialite Ball, and she is determined to give the Young Commander a good impression of her this time.

No matter the cost, she has to snatch the title of Number One Socialite.

Only then will she have the leverage to confront Han Yaotian.

However, before this father-and-daughter team was able to breathe a sigh of relief, every major media in Jingdu was reporting a piece of major news the next morning.

The recording device that had been surrendered to the police involved a major traffic accident in Jingdu that had occurred some time ago.

What was even more unbelievable was that the mastermind behind this accident happened to be Han Hongbin, the chairman of the Han Group.

There was not only concrete evidence of Han Hongbin hiring a murderer on the recording, but also his discussion with the four drug-dealing CEOs was recorded.

With these two pieces of evidence exposed, the public security department arrived at the Han Group early in the morning to arrest him.

At that moment, all of the executives of the Han Group were in a state of panic.

Because of this sudden occurrence, the Han Groups stock price also started to fall not long after the opening of the market.

After listening to the recording and watching the evidence that was being played over and over in the media about Han Hongbins hiring of murderers, Han Wanling realized that Han Hongbin had secretly tried to kill that rotten girl Yun Xi.

No wonder he had looked so grim when Uncle Xiang and the others were caught.

If this news was exposed, the whole Han Group and the entire family would be implicated.

If Yun Xi decided to file a lawsuit, the Han family will not only be tied up in court, but she will be turned away from the Socialite Ball that she had been dying to attend because of this.

She knew that recently the Young Commander has been holding a nationwide anti-drug campaign and has arrested a lot of people as a result, and she never thought that her dad would be so reckless.

He was so stupid to use Yun Xi as someone to threaten the Young Commander.

Was he out of his mind

Even though that girl is the Young Commanders weakness, the Young Commander is not someone who can be threatened.

If he was willing to take this lying down, he would not hold the title of Military Commander.

Not only did her father do such a stupid thing, but he even let people take advantage of him.

He is really such a fool.

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