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Chapter 114: Dug Her Own Grave

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Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and stared at Liang Xinyi, who was looking like a real buffoon, and then she directed her piercing gaze toward the manager.

“Sir, I obviously didnt do anything.

My mom and my cousin are saying that I framed them, but they cant produce any evidence.

They also said that I stole the Longyun Jade Seal.

You have just confirmed that the jade seal hasnt been stolen, and yet they insist that I stole it.

Cant you see what is really going on”

The manager suddenly realized what was really going on, and he gazed at Liang Xiuqin in astonishment.

“You said that she stole the jade seal, so could it be that youve stolen the jade seal too”

When the subject of the Longyun Jade Seal came up, Liang Xiuqin clearly showed a guilty conscience.

“What do you mean we stole it Its obvious that she stole it.

She stole the jade seal and the watch and then planted it on my daughter.

Manager, you dont really understand the true situation.”

The manager didnt dare fool around with losing the seal.

The Longyun Jade Seal was Young Marshal Mus personal collectible.

If he lost it, he would lose his head.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and appeared neither stunned nor enraged about Liang Xiuqins false incrimination and favoritism.

Her eyes were cold and calm.

“Please, sir, can you show everyone the Longyun Jade Seal so that I can prove my innocence.”

Upon hearing this, the manager turned around to instruct the staff to go to the storage room to bring down the Longyun Jade Seal.

Due to Liang Xiuqins carelessness, they hadnt found the Longyun Jade Seal in Yun Xis handbag, and her entire plan had been ruined.

Now, Yun Ziling was being framed, while Yun Xi, that wretched girl, was all right.

Liang Xiuqin had a bad feeling.

“Yun Xi, you wretched girl, why do you have to torment your sister like this!”

When she thought of the possibility that this was all a conspiracy planned by Yun Xi, she couldnt remain calm.

After all, she was guilty and had failed to frame Yun Xi.

Once they started investigating what had really happened, she was highly likely to be incriminated, which would be completely humiliating.

“I dont have it.” Yun Xi shrugged innocently.

“I didnt steal the jade seal, nor did I frame Yun Ziling.”

“Why not! You have such a grudge against your sister.

Who else besides you could have done it Youve come back from the countryside, and you just cant get along with your sister, can you”

“Mom, she is my sister, and when she loses her reputation I will be affected too.

If she is found guilty of theft, my standing will suffer as well.

Would I do such a stupid thing You are biased toward her.

I never blamed you, but whenever Yun Ziling does something wrong, you cant make me the scapegoat to take the blame for her.

I am also your daughter, so this isnt fair to me.”

Although, she had actually done this stupid deed.

But she just wanted to let her mother see that scheming against her and her scheming against Yun Ziling had the same consequences.

If her mother still didnt learn her lesson, then in the future she would make Yun Ziling her pawn.

If they wanted to dig their own graves, her reputation would also be affected.

But this didnt mean that she doesnt have the ability to change the situation.

By the time she reaches legal adulthood and gets her grandfathers approval to take over the inheritance of the Yun family, such small damage will be trifling to her.

The guests watching this farce originally thought that Liang Xiuqin must be the stepmother, which was therefore why she was being so harsh toward Yun Xi.

After listening to Yun Xis words, the guests suddenly started buzzing.

In order to protect her younger daughter, this mother had tried to frame the eldest daughter and make her the scapegoat.

How eye-opening to see someone so shameless and partial.

“Theyre both her own daughters, so how ridiculous of her to be so partial.”

“Yes! Now both daughters are being thrown under the bus, how idiotic and embarrassing.”

“I never knew Mrs.

Yun was such an atrocious person.”


The discussions of the people around them made Liang Xiuqins face turn even more grim.

Shed not only failed to frame Yun Xi, but had humiliated herself instead.

She was going to become the laughingstock of the entire high society.

Shed finally managed to help Yun Ziling gain some connections, but now everything had vanished in an instant.

The staff brought the box from the storage room and rushed over to the manager.

After confirming that the jade seal was inside with his own eyes, the manager breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon seeing the jade seal in the brocade box, Liang Xiuqins face got pale, and she started trembling.

Although she didnt understand what had been going on, she had only one thought at the moment: she had dug her own grave.

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