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Chapter 1130: Is Your Brain Damaged

She was very sure that this had not been an accident.

This was an assassination.

A planned assassination…

Squeezed next to the drivers seat, Yun Xi tried her best to help the driver save the injured people in the car.

Thankfully, the driver and bodyguard who had crashed into the truck only suffered minor injuries.

Two of the bodyguards had been more severely injured and needed to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

“Dont worry, theyre going to be fine.”

Jiang Chenghuan walked over and looked at the wrecked car.

He sighed and said, “The cars that the bodyguards have are all equipped with special bulletproof systems and anti-collision protection.

Even under intense impacts, they can cushion the passengers more than ten times that of ordinary cars.”

Yun Xi relaxed slightly.

However, by the time the men had dragged the truck driver out, he was already dead.

Yun Xi was about to check out the situation when Jiang Chenghuan pulled her back.

“Dont go over there.

The bodyguards will take care of things here.

When the ambulance comes later, go to the hospital with them so that they can bandage your wounds.”

“What about you Do you think this was an accident Are they coming after you or me”

“No matter who they are after, the wounded are more important.

You and the bodyguards need to go to the hospital right now.”

Jiang Chenghuan pointed at his left arm.

He was afraid that it would not be safe for Yun Xi if she stayed around there, so he played the victim card.

“Im also injured.

My arm has been dislocated.”

“Ill help you.” Yun Xi saw that he was holding his left hand, so she reached out and grabbed his wrist.

She frowned as she spoke to him to divert his attention.

“Regardless of whether what happened today was an accident or an assassination attempt, Im angry.

Im finished showing any mercy.”

“What, you want to start a massacre” Even though he was in a sorry state, Jiang Chenghuans handsome face still had a cynical smile.

“If you want to start a massacre, you have to find the person behind this.” AAAAHHH!

While Jiang Chenghuan was talking, Yun Xi grabbed his arm and pushed it back into position as fast as she could.

“Even though Ive fixed your arm, you still have to go to the hospital to see if you have a concussion.”

“Yes, thats what I was thinking.

Call Yumo and tell her that Im injured.

Ask her to come and visit me at the hospital.”

“Young Master, I thought only your arm was dislocated.

Is your brain also damaged”

“Didnt you just tell me to go to the hospital to check if my brain is damaged How would I know if I dont do a thorough check”

“Im not in the mood to joke with you right now!”

She did not feel that Jiang Chenghuans teasing would ease her emotions at all.

After a while, the ambulance and police cars arrived.

Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan got into the bodyguards cars and rushed to the hospital together.

The intelligence team at Tianyu Mountain, including Mu Feichi and Grey Wolf, were tracking a trail of suspicious data.

Qi Yuan rushed over after hed received a call.

“Young Commander, something has happened! Miss Yun and Second Young Master Jiang just got into a car accident at the crossroads.

A truck rushed toward their car, and the bodyguards used six cars to take down the truck.

Now, they are all fine except for some minor injuries.

They have all gone to the military hospital.”

Mu Feichi turned around quickly, his eyes sharp.

“Was it targeting them Were both of them in the car at that time”

“They were both in the car.

Miss Yun and Second Young Master Jiang had gone to the Jingdu Grand Hotel today.

Han Wanling and Liang Xinyi were both there.”

“I know about this.” Before Yun Xi left, she had told him that she wanted to see Liang Xinyi.

He had guessed that Han Wanling would also be there.

Mu Feichi frowned and remained silent for a moment.

A storm was brewing on his handsome face.

He turned to look at Grey Wolf and ordered coldly, “Investigate Han Hongbins whereabouts over the past few days.

I want to know where he went and who he met.”

“Yes, sir!”

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