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Chapter 110: Even God Was on Her Side

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The main table was all buzzing with people chattering.

Mu Feichis appearance undoubtedly had given Mrs.

Chen a big surprise.

After all, Young Marshal Mu, who never attended such events, had appeared at her own auction, which heaped a lot of honor on her.

If the four major families were considered the pillars of Jingdu, then Mu Feichi was the highest glory of their country, China.

Just seeing him was something to be proud of.

Yun Xi glanced around to see the reactions of the guests around her.

She had never seen Mu Feichi in her previous life.

There was still a difference between legend and reality.

Shed never realized that this man was so revered in China.

Having achieved so much glory at such a young age, he was someone all men in Jingdu looked up to.

Mu Feichi picked a seat facing away from the auction podium and sat down.

His position was directly facing the corner where Yun Xi was sitting.

Even though she was quite far from him, Yun Xi could still feel his piercing gaze from the main table.

It made her feel as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

Mu Feichis unexpected appearance had become more intriguing than the auction itself.

In order to pique the interest of the guests at the auction, the host specifically informed everyone that Young Marshal Mu also had a personal item available for bidding.

This was undoubtedly breaking news, and it set off a storm at the venue.

In order to make the auction proceed faster and to get to Young Marshal Mus item as soon as possible, the auction proceeded in a speedy fashion.

It wasnt until the Jiang familys second son, Jiang Henglins, limited-edition Patek Philippe watch was introduced on stage that the auctioneer suddenly stopped abruptly.

The staff rushed to the stage and informed him that the watch had been stolen.

He became immediately distraught.

Soon, a commotion started in the audience.

The person who was in charge of the auction and the hotel manager hurried over to quiet the guests, while apologizing to Mrs.


An auction item had been stolen, certainly, but only the watch was missing.

There were no other valuable items missing.

There was a lot of discussion going on among the guests.

As the owner of the watch, Jiang Henglin also felt humiliated.

They couldve stolen anything, but they just had to steal his item.

And it was in such a public place, so it was exceedingly humiliating.

Liang Xiuqin was also a little surprised.

Shed bribed someone to steal the jade seal, so why had the Jiang familys young master lost his watch as well

If it had been stolen by the same person, due to their status, the Jiang family would surely conduct a thorough investigation.

If she was discovered to be the culprit, the consequences would definitely be unimaginable.

But if this hadnt been the case, if only one item had gone missing from the auction, they would no doubt double-check all the other items again as well.

If they searched all the guests belongings later, and the jade seal was found on that wretched girl Yun Xi, then she could also make her the scapegoat for the theft of the watch.

Stealing one item is stealing, stealing two items is much worse, so even God was on her side.

She wanted to see how the Jiang family would protect her in such a scenario.

Thinking about how that girl would soon be blamed by everyone, Liang Xiuqin couldnt help but rejoice.

There would finally be an excuse to send that scourge back to the countryside.

At that time, even if the old man wasnt willing to do so, after suffering such public humiliation and embarrassment, he would have no other choice.

The manager connected the surveillance footage and displayed it directly on the huge monitor.

The ambience of the auction site gradually became awkward.

Until the staff had discovered that the watch had been stolen, no one appeared to have been entering or leaving the storage room on the surveillance footage.

Yun Xi drank her juice while watching the surveillance footage that had been tampered with, and she had a faint smile at the corner of her lips.

She raised her eyes and inadvertently made contact with Mu Feichis sullen eyes.

He appeared nonchalant as he watched the farce in amusement.

Soon, the manager found that the surveillance video had been tampered with.

In the clip, the only clue appeared to be that on the red carpet, a high-heeled shoe appeared on the surveillance footage.

No person appeared in any scene, so whoever it was had probably missed this small detail when editing it.

The assertive Mrs.

Chen quickly grasped the situation, so she stood up and took the microphone from the manager.

“Im sorry that such a mistake has happened in todays auction.

From the surveillance footage, it appears that the stolen watch should still be among the guests somewhere.

For the sake of charity and to clear things up, please forgive our offenses.”

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