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Chapter 1104: Humiliation

In the video, Liang Xinyis dress had been torn off and pushed under the man.

There was a moment when Han Zhongtengs expression turned really dark.

He trembled a little, thinking about how the man was an HIV patient.

Soon, Han Zhongtengs mobile phone started ringing.

The phone vibrated against the table, and it gave off a sharp sound.

Han Zhongteng suddenly came back to his senses.

He quickly shut the laptop and picked up the call.

On the phone impersonating a policeman, Grey Wolf instructed Han Zhongteng to go to the police station to bail Liang Xinyi out.

Han Zhongteng immediately replied that theyd called the wrong person and hung up.

When he turned around, everyone in the conference room was staring at him, especially Han Yaotian, who looked extremely unhappy.

“Whats wrong with you Dont you know that you are supposed to be working”

“Its not my fault that they got the wrong number.”

Han Zhongteng turned off his mobile phone immediately, then pulled out his chair and sat down.

He opened up his laptop again and began his presentation with a straight face.

When his presentation ended, he realized that his computer had automatically saved the video file on his desktop.

Han Zhongteng stared sullenly at the additional file on his desktop.

He tried to delete the file, but he couldnt delete the video no matter how many times he tried.

The file saved on the desktop had an icon that was an image.

It was an image of a half-naked Liang Xinyi.

A hacker had hacked into his computer and left this file on his desktop that he was unable to delete.

Looking at the file, Han Zhongteng felt like it was humiliation and a big slap across his face.

Han Zhongteng had no idea who had done this to his computer.

But he also realized that stupid Liang Xinyi had gotten herself into trouble again.

But he doesnt want to help her this time.

Who knows if she was infected He doesnt want to jeopardize himself just to satisfy his lust.

Chen Lixue was furious when she received a call from the police station to bail out Liang Xinyi.

They still had not resolved what happened at the wedding banquet, and Liang Xinyi had gone and created another problem now.

This had made Chen Lixue start to think that her daughter was really troubled.

Chen Lixue had finally achieved what she had been aiming for and married into the Su family, but Liang Xinyi kept causing trouble for her.

And as her mother, the Su family would definitely blame it all on her for her daughters behavior.

Thinking that she was going to be able to lead a good and wealthy life, she had followed the plans of her clever daughter and gave up on her relationship with Liang Weimin.

Now, the good life shed wanted seemed to be right ahead of her, but she also felt like a donkey chasing after the carrot dangling in front of her.

No matter what she did, she couldnt seem to catch it.

Back at their condominium, Chen Lixues heart sank when she heard Liang Xinyi crying and complaining about what had happened.

Liang Xinyi had tried so hard and even sacrificed her pride and her virginity in exchange for a place at Jingdu University.

But now, she had to give it all up because of this matter.

Even Chen Lixue was reluctant to accept it, let alone Liang Xinyi.

One could only get the lowest and dirtiest job without a university degree.

Every easy and respectable job would require a degree.

So, without a degree, one would end up living like someone without a proper residency and forever be the lowest class of citizens in Jingdu.

They had finally managed to leave Muyang while dreaming of climbing up the social ladder.

But now, the daughter shed relied on the most had gotten herself into such a mess.

Chen Lixue could not accept it no matter what.

“Mother, can you get Uncle Zongping to help me I want to continue studying at the university.

I cant give up just like that.

Yun Xi is still there, and if I cant continue studying, I dont even need to think about beating her any longer.”

“Uncle Zongping has already said that he will not get involved in our problems, and he wont help us at all.

Have you forgotten about what happened at the wedding banquet Its already good enough that they didnt blame that on you, and now you still want him to help you Im afraid that they will look down on us even more if they find out what happened today.”

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