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Chapter 1103: Shot in the Foot

Watching what was happening, some of the students had realized what was going on, but most were confused.

However, Yun Xi did not explain anything.

Instead, she left right away with Yumo after the art exhibition was shut down.

Yun Xi called Grey Wolf after she left the exhibition hall.

“Grey Wolf, can you hack into the surveillance system of Jingdu Universitys exhibition hall”


Give me a few minutes.”

“Great, can I please have the surveillance footage of the exhibition hall between 9:00 and 9:30.”

Yun Xi could hear Grey Wolf typing away on his keyboard.

Soon he said, “Ive gotten into the system.

What do you want me to do with the video”

Yun Xi looked out at the sky as the rain continued to fall.

She then said coldly, “Please send a copy to Han Zhongteng so that he can enjoy the good show!”

“All right…” Grey Wolf watched the video and remembered that Yun Xi had asked for some information a few days ago.

He looked up and noticed Mu Feichi staring at the surveillance footage, and he asked softly, “Are you okay”

“Dont worry.

I am fine.” Liang Xinyi was the one who was in trouble now.

She had really shot herself in the foot.

“Thats great.” Grey Wolf looked at the Young Commander and asked another question, “The HIV patient, do you want me to get someone to deal with him”

“Its already taken care of.

Hes at the police station, and the police will deal with him.

However, could you inform Han Zhongteng to go to the police station to pick up someone.”

“Will do.”

Grey Wolf finished the call.

He looked at the Young Commander and asked, “Sir, since Han Zhongteng is involved in this, do you want to deal with him”

“Theres no need to do anything just now.” Mu Feichi stood up slowly and looked coldly at the surveillance footage, and he smirked.

“This is such an interesting video.

It would be a waste if we didnt use it to annoy Han Zhongteng.

Just follow Yun Xis instructions.

And please also post the video on Jingdu Universitys forum and make sure you save a copy for Yun Xi.”

“Yes, sir!”

If this video was posted on Jingdu Universitys forum, this whole situation would become a university-wide scandal.

Even if she were to act as an innocent victim, the school would probably still ask her to leave in order to protect their reputation.

Liang Xinyi had asked for it herself, so she cant blame anyone else for being vicious.

Even though Yun Xi hadnt been hurt, Liang Xinyis horrible actions were so bad that Mu Feichi was determined to ruin her.

But Yun Xi did not want to let Liang Xinyi off so easily.

In the conference room of the Han Corporation, Han Zhongteng and Han Yaotian were in a meeting about the status of the companys participation in a project helmed by the mayor.

When it was Han Zhongtengs turn to speak, the computer screen in front of him suddenly went black.

The screen came back on after a few minutes, but weird numbers were flashing across the screen uncontrollably.

Just as Han Zhongtong thought there was something wrong with the computer, some footage appeared on his screen.

It wasnt really audible.

However, as everyone had been waiting for Han Zhongteng to speak, it was so quiet in the conference room that one could have heard a pin drop.

In the video, one could hear Liang Xinyis gagged and muffled voice, together with sinister laughter from a man.

Without looking at the screen, one would naturally imagine it to be a pornographic movie for adults.

Everyone seemed to have the same idea, and they all looked up and turned toward Han Zhongteng.

Everyone thought that Han Zhongteng had accidentally opened his private collection of adult films, and all of them looked at him with questioning expressions on their faces.

After all, most of the people in the room had been through the phase of being full of vigor.

Everyone knew what it was and what it meant, so everyone just smiled and said nothing.

Han Zhongteng was shocked.

He had not expected such things to appear on his computer out of nowhere.

When he saw that the two people in the video were Liang Xinyi and the HIV patient he had found, his eyes got wide instantly.

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