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Chapter 1102: A Dead End

Liang Xinyi thought this whole situation was regrettable and really hated to see that the incident had not caused any pain to Yun Xi.

But Liang Xinyi must not under any circumstances let everyone know that it had been her plan all along.

Otherwise, she might suffer as a result of her actions in the end.

When that happened, no one would sympathize with her, and the school might even expel her.

Even if it would be too embarrassing to stay at Jingdu University, she didnt want to have to leave because she had been expelled.

Her future would be ruined by an expulsion.

Now, it so happened that there was someone here who could shoulder the blame for her instead.

Qiao Ximin was just going to have to take it.

“Qiao Ximin, you are such a horrible person.

I didnt expect you to be so vicious.

Did I ever offend you Why did you do this to me and even find someone to rape me You are so vicious!”

“I…” Qiao Ximin couldnt say anything to defend herself.

She couldnt think of any way to deal with this immediately.

Liang Xinyis aggressive questioning had pushed Qiao Ximin out into the storm, making her the person responsible for explaining this entire issue.

The situation had already deviated far from what Qiao Ximin had originally planned, and she wasnt able to find a way to solve the problem and get off the hook.

Liang Xinyi had pushed all the blame onto Qiao Ximin.

However, Qiao Ximin cant say that the invitation was initially for Yun Xi.

If she said that, she would also offend Yun Xi.

Offending Yun Xi was no big deal, but, if she were to explain what exactly had happened, she would be admitting that she had planned everything.

But if Qiao Ximin doesnt speak, she wont be able to escape once Liang Xinyi pushes all the blame onto her.

Qiao Ximin had gotten herself into a h*ll of a predicament.

She couldnt move forward or back away.

This whole situation had forced her onto the edge of a knife.

Yun Xi had definitely made a ruthless move and successfully dragged Qiao Ximin into the mess too.

Qiao Ximin could only blame Liang Xinyi for being such a fool and so unreliable.

Qiao Ximin doesnt care if Liang Xinyi gets into trouble.

However, Liang Xinyi now was trying to push the blame on her.

What a shameless move.

Qiao Ximin would not have agreed to help if she knew something like this was going to happen.

Not only has she ruined her art exhibition, but she has also been dragged into this mess.

Zhao Yumo stood on the sidelines and watched Yun Xi push the blame onto Qiao Ximin without batting an eye.

She immediately understood what was going on, and she cheered for Yun Xi silently.

Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi had made plans to sabotage Yun Xi together.

But now, they were suffering from the consequences instead of Yun Xi.

As well, they had now started fighting one another.

What an exciting show!

“I really do not know whats going on.

I also dont know why there should be such a misunderstanding…”

Looking at the situation now, Qiao Ximin can only deny everything.

After all, she did not do anything personally, so she wont admit to anything either.

“Liang Xinyi, I am sorry for what happened to you.

I am the person in charge of the art exhibition after all, so I will take responsibility.

But I had nothing to do with what happened to you.

So if you are going to blame it all on me, show me the proof that I planned this.

Otherwise, I am going to sue you for slander.”

“Whats going on over here”

Several teachers and school counselors had arrived and walked through the crowd.

Looking at a man tied up with tape on the ground and how disheveled Liang Xinyi was, they asked what had happened.

Liang Xinyi had covered herself with a windbreaker.

She cried as she exaggerated and told the counselors about what had happened.

Qiao Ximin stood beside them and kept saying that she had also been wronged.

But no matter what she said, she couldnt explain herself.

Soon, the police arrived at the scene.

A policeman was shocked when he saw the culprit who was tied up.

“Isnt this the drug addict Liu Jincheng I heard that he has AIDS, so everyone must be careful.”

The policemen came over and inquired about what had happened.

The two girls were arguing, and Liang Xinyi was determined to drag Qiao Ximin down with her.

In the end, the police decided to take them both to the police station for questioning.

The art exhibition did not go on as Qiao Ximin had expected.

Instead, it was shut down immediately due to the drug incident.

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