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Chapter 1081: Yun Xis Enemies Plan

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Once Yun Xis reputation is ruined and she is expelled from Jingdu University, she will never be able to have anything to do with Mu Feichi again.

This will be the biggest stain of her life, a stain that can never be washed away.

Listening to Si Wenxuans plan, Qiao Ximin resisted the urge to laugh.

Instead, she gritted her teeth and took a deep breath to maintain her composure.

This plan sounds as if a child thought it up.

When dealing with an enemy like Yun Xi, the Presidents daughters methods are too childish.

If it were up to her, the plan would be more ruthless, more direct, and more unforgiving.

However, she also understands that a rich girl who has grown up in the Presidents official residence would naturally have a naive mentality, only able to think of this petty tactic against her enemy.

Qiao Ximin knows that it wouldnt be suitable for her to intervene in Si Wenxuans plan, but she does have a knife in her hand that she can make use of: Liang Xinyi.

Qiao Ximin was certain that the humiliation Liang Xinyi suffered at the wedding banquet will be something she will never forget for the rest of her life.

If there is a chance for Liang Xinyi to take her revenge now, she wouldnt hesitate to rush forward and stab Yun Xi a few times.

“I dont know anyone in this area, but I do have a way to get Yun Xi to come over and complete your plan.

Its just that Im not at liberty to step in on this matter, but someone else can help.”

“Who is it Wouldnt it be better if there were fewer people who knew about this plan of ours”

“This is someone who hates Yun Xi as much as you do or perhaps even more.

It would be better for her to take action than for you to take action with me, after all, your status shouldnt be compromised.

If it wasnt inconvenient for you to do it yourself, you wouldnt have asked me for help, would you”

“Thats true, who are you talking about She can help”

“Shes Yun Xis cousin.

Dd you hear about what happened at the Su family wedding banquet last night”

“I heard about it this morning.

Its her” Once she heard that it was the ridiculous character that she had heard about in the morning, Si Wenxuan suddenly got serious.

“She has been completely humiliated all over Jingdu.

If I were her, I would hate Yun Xi to death.”

“So, lets have her do it.

It will be more effective than us doing it.”

Qiao Ximin smiled.

She had already had an idea of what Si Wenxuan was planning to do, and she wasted no time in contributing her own painting exhibition to serve as a way in for her.

“Im going to hold a painting exhibition next week in order to provide a venue for your plan.

The whole school will be invited to come over to see the exhibition.

Once they all witness Yun Xis scandal, then she wont be able clear her name even if she jumps into the Yellow River.”

“Thats a good idea!” Si Wenxuan had not thought of how to gather the whole school.

Not only did Qiao Ximin plan to hold a painting exhibition, but she was also willing to help out.

It came in so handy.

It would definitely be better for everyone to see Yun Xis disgrace with their own eyes than to spread the gossip by word of mouth.

When the whole school sees her hanging out with a drug addict and getting charged with drug trafficking, her reputation and future in life will be ruined.

One move to defeat the enemy, simply wonderful!

“Since you agree, in the coming week you have to get the school to cooperate in getting the anti-drug campaign going.

You dont have to worry about the rest.

I will let Liang Xinyi handle it.

You just need to watch the show that will take place at the same time that the painting exhibition starts.”

By letting Liang Xinyi do it, what she was going to do would definitely be more ruthless than Si Wenxuan had planned, but that didnt matter.

As long as she can achieve her goal, shell have done a big favor for both Liang Xinyi and Si Wenxuan.

“All right, Ill be waiting for your good show!”

She doesnt need to do anything.

Someone else will take care of it for her, and she can take her revenge and not implicate herself.

Except for the fact that she is the Presidents daughter, this is the best thing in the whole world.

Although Si Wenxuan wasnt used to strategizing about power and intrigue, her social-climbing calculations and the behavior of a rich heiress have allowed her to be aware of these things.

“I wont let you help for nothing.

If the matter is finished successfully, you may consider that I owe you a favor.

In the future, I will do my best to help you if you need my help.

Even if I cant do it, my status as the Presidents daughter can always come in handy.”

“Okay, thank you..

Ill talk to you soon.”

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