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Chapter 1080: Si Wenxuans Idea

Nearing the end of summer, the weather in Jingdu gets colder at dawn and at night.

It is no longer so hot that its intolerable.

One day, Si Wenxuan heard that Mu Feichi would be coming to the Presidents Official Residence.

So she woke up early, canceled her classes, and began trying on all the clothes in her room.

Even after a few hours, Si Wenxuan couldnt find a nice outfit to wear.

However, when her bodyguard came to tell her that Mu Feichi had already arrived, she hurriedly put on a demure-looking milky white sleeveless long dress.

She spoke to her bodyguards, saying, “You all dont have to follow me.

I will walk over on my own.”

Si Wenxuan sent her bodyguards away and headed straight to the Presidents Office.

As she got closer, she heard Mu Feichi and her father engaged in a discussion.

“Are you really going to make a move on Crocodile You must know that this is not a small matter.”

“I know.

So, I am here to inform you about whats happening, and I hope that you can agree to it.

During this period, we will hold an anti-narcotics exercise across the country.

The local police departments and narcotics bureau will work together and promote this exercise to all citizens.

This would be the beginning of the whole mission, and I will find ways to solve anything that may follow.

No matter how hidden Crocodile is, they may make a move since this is a nationwide campaign.

As long as they make a move, we have a shot.”

“All right, I will give you a signed executive order.

It has been a while since we have done an anti-narcotics exercise of this scale.

So this is a good thing.”

Outside the door, Si Wenxuan was standing pressed against the wall.

She had no intention of disturbing them, but had unexpectedly heard them talking about the anti-narcotics exercise.

She suddenly had an idea, and it was finally a good one.

The Young Commander must really hate those who took drugs since he had formally requested her father to hold a nationwide anti-narcotics exercise.

So it will finally be her chance to take revenge.

Yun Xi had humiliated her again and again.

But Si Wenxuan believed that Brother Feichi wouldnt like Yun Xi any longer once people started to say that she was involved with drug addicts.

Thinking up her plan, Si Wenxuan was no longer in the mood to see Mu Feichi.

She turned around and walked away quickly, and decided to call Qiao Ximin.

Qiao Ximin was a little surprised when she got the phone call.

She did not expect the presidents daughter to ask for her help so quickly.

Si Wenxuan was cautious.

She asked Qiao Ximin to meet her at the dessert shop near their school.

This way, even if someone saw them, they would think they were just meeting for coffee.

No one would suspect anything, nor would it be dangerous.

Her bodyguards were waiting outside, and, with the usual traffic, they didnt attract too much attention.

“Sister Ximin, you previously mentioned that you would help me.

You werent joking, right”

“What Why What happened What help do you need”

Qiao Ximin had already known that Si Wenxuan would eventually ask for her help.

And, for Si Wenxuan to do that, the matter must only be about Yun Xi.

Si Wenxuan talked about her plans.

“I want to discuss with the principal about organizing an anti-narcotics exercise in school.

We can educate so that everyone will have a deeper understanding of drugs and hopefully also deter people from taking drugs.

Then, I want us to expose the fact that Yun Xi is involved with drug addicts.

I dont have any contacts in this area, so can you can help me find someone to take pictures and post them on the schools forum and bulletin board.

With that, we can let everyone know that she does drugs and is involved with drug trafficking, and then everyone in school will be against her.

Jingdu University would also expel her to protect the schools reputation.”

Si Wenxuan said all this in one breath and finally added the last sentence.

“I must destroy her and make Brother Feichi despise and hate her.

Once Jingdu University has expelled her, she will be too embarrassed to stay in Jingdu.”

The crime of drug abuse and drug trafficking would be the most direct and fastest way to destroy a person.

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