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Chapter 1073: Strike First or Suffer the Consequences

After a pause, Yun Xi continued, “Do you also feel that you have no appetite recently”

“Yes, thats right.

The weather is so hot, and anything I eat feels greasy.

Because Im old, I dont dare rely too much on the air conditioner.

Im afraid that I may catch a cold, so I mostly use the fan to dissipate the heat.”

“Your home here is relatively damp and exposed to the sun.

Even though its warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the dampness in the cooler places is severe.

This is the main house, and its not realistic for you to move since youve lived here for so many years.

Thats why I prescribed a medicine bag to soak your feet.

You cant stop this ever.

Especially you, Old Madame, and Mrs.

Chen too.

The amount of medicine I prescribed for Mrs.

Chen is different from what I prescribed for you, Old Madame, and the effects are different.

In the summer, you can rest after soaking your feet and taking a bath.

You wont dirty your clothes from sweating.”

“So, it turns out to be a family home problem.

You didnt mention that before, so I didnt know.

I thought I wouldnt need the medicine after I recovered.

I didnt expect it to be because of this.”

“Actually, your family has chosen a good location in this place.

Im only a doctor, not a Feng Shui master.

I cant fool around with things that arent my specialty.

esYou dont have any major issues.

Ill prescribe some medicine for you to drink for a few days.

After you soak your feet and have the medicine, youll be fine.”

The Chen family home was the bedrock of the Chen family.

After living there for so many years, it would have been impossible for her, an outsider, to convince them to move their entire family away because of these relatively small problems.

Furthermore, this area was designated for the four wealthiest families, so security was certainly not a problem.

If they moved somewhere else, it could be more dangerous.

Since they could not move, she could only use medicine to solve the Old Madames problems.

“By the way, girl, my niece, Mrs.

Feng, the one who you prescribed medicine for last time, called me today to tell me that shes pregnant.

This is great news! Thanks to your prescription, their family now can look forward to the birth of a child.”

“I met Brother Feng at the banquet tonight and heard him mention this.

It is indeed a joyous occasion.”

“I think not only the Feng family wants to thank you, but our family also wants to thank you.

Can you come with me to the Feng family home the day after tomorrow, which is a Saturday.

They are all looking forward to you coming over so they can thank you.”

“All right, I planned to visit Mrs.

Feng at the Feng residence.

I wanted to check on her condition.

“Okay, okay, no problem.

Ill get Yichen to pick you up at your school on Saturday.”

“All right!” Yun Xi nodded, readily agreeing.

She would not feel so awkward if she accompanied Old Madame Chen to the Feng family home.

After leaving the family, Chen Yichen drove Yun Xi home.

It was getting late, but the streets of Jingdu were still bustling.

“Are you full tonight Do you want to have supper”

“Im full, thank you.

Everyone was paying attention to the three family heads, and only Yumo and I were busy eating.”

At the time, she did not have the energy to argue with Liang Xinyi.

Everyone was distracted and kept looking at the people at the main table, but the two of them ate calmly.

Chen Yichen nodded and did not continue the topic.

“Yun Xi, do you still really plan on sticking your nose into Crocodile matters Its not like you dont know how dangerous it is.”

Yun Xi turned around to look at him, quickly understanding why he had asked this.

In fact, whether it was because this was what she wanted to do or because Crocodile had painted her into a corner, she had no way out.

“I know very well the danger.

However, I dont have a choice because I have already become a target in their plans to deal with the Young Commander.

If I dont strike first, I will be the one to suffer the consequences.”

“I understand.” Chen Yichen sighed and stopped asking her questions.

He knew very well that this was not a multiple-choice question.

Whether it was Yun Xi or the people on Crocodiles side, neither party would stop until one side was dead.

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