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Chapter 1072: Inferior to Mu Feichi

Su Zongping had never cared much for family affairs.

Moreover, he wasnt a decision maker in the Su family.

He had no say at all in what went on in the Su family.

The head of the Su family had always been someone with absolute power.

No other family member needed to be consulted if an elder wanted to remarry except for this person.

If he had not been able to obtain Su Donglins consent, Su Zongping would just have had a mistress on the side.

Mistresses couldnt cause this kind of trouble.

Thinking about all this, Su Zongping became extremely irritated.

“You are really something.

What did you teach your daughter Doesnt she know how to pick the time and place to cause trouble”

He did not know what on earth he had been thinking when he agreed to marry her.

Now, she had caused massive trouble for him as soon as theyd gotten married.

He couldnt imagine what his life was going to be like in the future.

He decided that he was not going to intervene in this matter.

If he didnt teach them a lesson, they would never learn.

If they ever dragged the Su family into the mud again, Su Donglin would not have any mercy on any of them and god knew what would happen to them and him, even if he was an elder of the family.

Chen Lixue did not dare to answer a word after he reprimanded her, partially because she had no argument to make.

She knew in her heart that what had happened tonight was indefensible.

She blamed God for not being on their side.

It was unfortunate for them that Yun Xi, this unlucky girl, had embarrassed them so greatly in public and made Liang Xinyi into a laughingstock.

What a terrible blunder!

On the way to the Chen family home, Yun Xi asked about the current situation of Old Madame Chen and tried her best to assess her symptoms.

Chen Yichen turned his head to look at her as she seemed suddenly very serious.

That focused look on her face made her look more and more like a doctor.

Earlier by the swimming pool, if the Young Commander had not stopped him, he would have stood up for her.

However, he had finally understood why the Young Commander had held him back when he saw Young Master Huo and Young Master Jiang come forward.

For a brief moment, he suddenly felt that he was not capable enough to protect this girl who he liked so much.

In terms of scheming and strategy, he was far inferior to the Young Commander.

Perhaps, this was the gap between them.

It was so large that even he himself could clearly see his own shortcomings.

When they arrived at the Chen family home, the Old Madame was not resting.

When Yun Xi arrived, the whole family waited in the living room on the first floor.

“Hello, Old Madame and Grandpa Chen.” Stepping into the living room, Yun Xi greeted the elders one by one.

Chen Ziliang and his wife were also there.

“Yun Xi, youre here.

Come and sit.” Ever since Yun Xi had started to treat Old Madame, she had absolute trust in her and treated her like one of her own grandchildren.

“Why is Old Madame still up so late Cant you sleep”

Yun Xi walked up and sat down beside the Old Madame.

She quietly checked her pulse.

“For the past few days, my legs have felt really heavy.

I dont have much strength, and I dont feel like going up the stairs either.

My knees are a little itchy and painful.

I dont know if it going to rain soon, but I had a doctor come over, and he said its not rheumatism.

Yichen said he was going to attend someone from your familys wedding, so I asked him to bring you over to take a look at my condition.”

“Old Madame, you dont have to be so polite.

If theres anything you need me for, just call me any time.

You dont have to wait until its so late that it disturbs your sleep.”

“Recently, Ive been unable to sleep at night, and I wake up early in the morning.

Ive been so tired.”

“Do you still soak your feet with the medicine that I prescribed earlier”

“Oh, I dont soak anymore.

The weather has been hot, and, after soaking my feet, my whole body becomes very hot.

I thought that there was no problem with my body, so I didnt continue.

Is that what is wrong”

“Not entirely.

The medicine I prescribed can remove the humidity and heat toxins from your body.

Its summer now, so its easier to sweat than in winter.

Its also faster to remove the toxins.

With the toxins and heat still present in your body, that can easily cause many symptoms and make you weak.”

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