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Chapter 1027: Turning the Tables

Qiao Ximin had just returned to school from her home.

As she got out of the car, she noticed the car parked in front of the school gates.

The number plate and emblem on the car reflected the status of the person inside.

She thought it must be Young Commander Mu in the car.

When she was thinking about finding an excuse to say hello, she saw Xu Han getting out of the car.

Qiao Ximin had seen the assistants and adjutants around Young Commander Mu.

She had also conducted extensive research on all the wealthy young masters of Jingdu, whether they were involved in business, politics, or the military.

She had all their faces memorized well.

This person must be the Eldest Heirs secretary.

The Eldest Heir was waiting downstairs in front of the girls dormitory.

Apart from looking for Yun Xi, she could not think of anyone else who could make this important man come in person.

If she had not already had her eye on the Young Commander from the beginning, she would have chosen the Eldest Heir as her first target based on his appearance and talent.

It was a pity that when she saw the noble and mysterious man of the legendary Jun Country and his domineering and protective side in public, she was completely taken in by his impressive aura.

The woman he was protective toward was not her, so she was deeply jealous of Yun Xi.

After all, no one else in the entire Jun Country had been able to induce protectiveness from this man.

Curling her lips, Qiao Ximin stepped forward and looked at Xu Han with a smile.

“Who are you looking for This is the female dormitory, and boys are not allowed to proceed any further.”

Xu Han looked at her.

He knew the Eldest Young Madame of the Qiao family.

Recently, he had been very concerned about Yun Xis affairs, because he knew that Qiao Ximin had conducted private investigations on Yun Xi.

This woman was not as gentle and unassuming as she seemed.

There was nothing simple about daughters from distinguished families.

“Im looking for Miss Yun.” Xu Han adopted an impassive expression that did not give away his thoughts, but smiled as he replied.

“Oh, you are looking for Yun Xi.

I know her.

She should be in the dormitory currently.

I will help you to call her down.”

“Theres no need.

I have already called her.

She should be down soon.”

“Oh, thats all right then!” Qiao Ximin smiled and walked into the dormitory.

Along the way, she met Yun Xi, who was coming downstairs, and she paused.

“Yun Xi, it seems that the Eldest Heir is looking for you.”

“I know.” Yun Xi glanced at Qiao Ximin and then at Xu Han, who was standing nearby.

Chen Yichen had not gotten out of the car, but Qiao Ximin knew who was in the car.

She had done her homework well and was sure that it was one of the heirs of Jingdus distinguished families.

“Im going now.” Yun Xi smiled lightly and turned around to walk quickly toward Xu Han.

The moment she turned around, Qiao Ximins face instantly changed.

Her deliberate display of friendliness did not seem to have had any effect on Yun Xi.

It seemed that she was going to have to put in more effort.

If she could not win Yun Xi over, it would be difficult to get close to the Young Commander.

Even if she could not get close to the Young Commander, she could leverage Yun Xi to help her to forge friendly ties with the Eldest Heir and several other distinguished families.

However, this wretched girl was not as easy to control as Si Wenxuan.

She seemed to be courteous to everyone, but her behavior and speech were always distant and laced with meaning.

This girl from an ordinary background had been able to form connections with quite a few distinguished families all at once, including the Chen family.

Qiao Ximin did not believe that she could be naive and innocent.

When her back was to Qiao Ximin, Yun Xi curved her lips playfully into a smile.

She knew what Qiao Ximin was thinking about

If she accepted Qiao Ximins offer of friendship too readily, it would lower her impression of her.

In contrast, she enjoyed the feeling of stringing along Qiao Ximin very much.

She had what Qiao Ximin wanted, so naturally Qiao Ximin was going to approach her.

If she wanted to get close to Mu Feichi, she would behave like she had with Han Yaotian.

Even if she knew that she was only playing a small role in the larger scheme of things, she would still approach her like a predator that had caught a whiff of the smell of blood.

In her past life, Yun Xi had been too foolish and ended up being a pawn for a long time.

In this life, it was her turn to take advantage of Qiao Ximin.

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