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Chapter 1026: Cant Stop Her

Chen Yichen had no clue what the Young Commander was thinking.

It might be easy to guess some other peoples thoughts.

But this mans thoughts could not be surmised by ordinary people.

Especially in this matter, it seemed.

He let Yun Xi run around like a headless fly instead of stopping her.

This was a matter that should have been handled by the authorities, and she shouldnt have gotten involved.

But now, the situation was out of their control.

If the girl continued to investigate, it would be tantamount to putting herself in danger.

No matter what, he could not let this continue.

Frowning slightly, he raised his eyes to Xu Han in the drivers seat and said, “Xu Han, go back now.”

“Where to” Xu Han asked.

“The Chen family mansion.

I have something to discuss with my father.”

“Yes, sir.” Xu Han probably knew what decision he had made but said nothing about it.

He stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped toward the Chen family mansion.

Chen Yichen glanced down at the invitation card hed received and opened it, frowning slightly.

“Isnt this that auntie of Yun Xis What is her relation to the Su family”

Chen Yichen had already dug out everything he could find about Yun Xis relatives and friends.

He probably even knew some dirty things that Yun Xi was not privy to.

This auntie of hers was going to get married into the Su family right after shed gotten divorced.

Why did he feel that there was more to it than met the eye

“Im not sure about it.

The people around Miss Yun reported that Miss Yun seemed to have had a meeting with Su Donglin, the patriarch of the Su family.

Then, it wasnt long before the invitations were sent out.”

“Oh, really” Chen Yichen glanced at the freshly printed invitation in his hand.

He knew the virtues of Yun Xis auntie, and, apparently, that fourth child of the Su family was drawn to this type.

Now that they were going to be together, they would not be able to inflict themselves on other people.

It was good news for everyone else.

However, Yun Xi did not seem like someone who would want to do the Liang family any favors.

This time, the Liang family seemed to have thoroughly benefitted from the situation.

If Yun Xi had had no tricks up her sleeve, he wouldnt believe it.

Moreover, Su Donglin was just a smiling tiger.

He would never have allowed a middle-aged woman with no identity or family background to marry into the Su family if he hadnt gotten something out of it.

Even if it was not a business marriage, the Su family still had to consider their relations with the Jiang family.

Not only was it too soon to remarry, but the woman also was known to not have a good character.

It would be a slap in the face to the Jiang familys reputation.

“Of the recent Mu Corporation projects, which ones did the Su family participate in”

Xu Han quickly thought about it and then suddenly remembered.

“The Mu Corporation participated in the tender for the project that the mayor is in charge of, and the Su family also participated in it.

The tender results will be announced in the next two days.”

“Pay close attention.

That old fox Su Donglin is not one to be fooled so easily.

If Yun Xi cooperates with him, she must beware of his methods.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The car drove back to the Chen family mansion.

After Xu Han waited outside for more than half an hour, Chen Yichen finally left the Chen family mansion.

“Xu Han, go to Jingdu University.” Chen Yichen got into the car and took out his mobile phone to call Yun Xi.

Xu Han glanced at Chen Yichen in the rearview mirror, confused.

“Are you planning to warn Miss Yun, so she wont get entangled in these matters”

Hearing that, Chen Yichen raised his eyes and chuckled to himself.

His eyes had an expression that was both helpless and indulgent.

“Do you think that with her temperament she would obediently heed my advice”


“Its been a long time since Ive seen that girl, and I miss her.

She went off with Yan Shuo for three months to train.

Although Im not clear what exactly she learned from Instructor Yan, it cant be bad for a girl like her to have more skills.

Its just that this matter involves too many people, so I want to remind her about it.

Otherwise, it would be easy for others to lead her astray if shes not aware of it.”

Xu Han nodded.

In this matter, both the CEO and the Young Commander must be at odds with themselves.

They had never thought of letting a young girl participate in these matters, but now no one could stop her from getting involved.

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