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Chapter 1025: Heavy Responsibilities

At the Feng family home in the villa residences…

Old Master Feng could not bear to see his precious grandson suffer so he ordered his release.

And, even though he had been released, he was not permitted to take even a single step out of the Feng family residence.

Feng Yang didnt complain, but stayed quietly at home, accompanying the old man in the courtyard planting flowers and weeding, filling the role of a considerate and well-behaved grandson.

This puzzled the old man, since Feng Yang had been shouting about cutting ties with him just a few days ago.

And now he was obediently staying at home.

“Why are you being so docile and not causing trouble now that youve been released” The old man asked as he trimmed the Banyan tree in front of him.

“Isnt this what you all wanted to see Why are you are not happy that your grandson is obediently staying at home”

“Wasnt it your fault that your father is so angry with you that he locked you up Dont you know what that place where you went is It is said that those infected with the virus have not gotten the anti-virus reagents yet.

And here you are, rushing to such a dangerous place! He only has you as a son.

If anything should happen to you, it would kill him and me.

“I have my own way of doing things and would never do anything that Im unsure of.”

“What do you mean by unsure Do you think Grandpa has become old and senile The things you have done during all these years, as long as it was what you wanted to do, I have not interfered.

But you should not forget that you are the only male child of the Feng family! Do everything but keep your family and yourself in mind first of all.”

“Grandpa! Im a soldier, and you should understand the duty and mission of a soldier.

Country first, then family, and only then can you think about yourself.

Isnt that what you and Father were aware of as soldiers If you were so afraid of death, why did you send me to the army in the first place”

“Sending you to the military was to sharpen your will.

Your father never wanted you to follow his path, to carry the heavy responsibility of family and country.

The person at Tianyu Mountain can carry it, not you.”

“The heavy responsibility of family and country falls on every mans shoulders.

How can we divide who should bear which duties The person from Tianyu Mountain has his own things to bear, and your grandson also has things that he must bear.

I have my beliefs, and I also have my loyalties.

I have never regretted anything I have done.”

Their conversation fell apart over this topic of family and country.

Each of them had their own ideas and opinions.

Feng Yang did not agree with his grandpa or his fathers ideas and therefore decided that the best thing to do would be to change the subject.

The old man harrumphed as he glanced at the stubborn look on his precious grandsons face.

Then he sighed lightly.

He is still young and passionate.

There are many things that he could not see or comprehend.

Even if its explained to him now, he still wouldnt be able to understand.

Once he has experienced more in the future, he will naturally understand.

Feng Yang raised his eyes and looked around the courtyard.

At this moment he suddenly had the idea of escaping.

Very often in life, you cant have it both ways.

Even for the one from

Tianyu Mountain, it is the same.

Shouldering the important tasks of protecting the family and the country, it is inevitable that some things will have to given up.

But in trying to make his decisions about trade-offs, he simply does not know how to choose.

Chen Yichen had just gotten off the plane when his subordinates reported Yun Xis recent situation to him, along with a big red invitation sent over by the Su family.

Chen Yichen listened to the subordinates report, which mentioned the things Yun Xi had been currently investigating, and his dark eyes looked instantly troubled.

Secretary Xu Han clearly felt the atmosphere in the carriage drop to the freezing point and spoke with hesitation, “There are many dark secrets here.

If Miss Yun continues to investigate, Im afraid her personal safety can not be guaranteed.

I also dont understand what the Young Commander is thinking…why did he agree to let her…”

Before Xu Han could finish his sentence, he saw Chen Yichen scowl in the rearview mirror and had the sense to shut his mouth.

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