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Chapter 1021: Grounded

As soon as Qiao Ximin approached Si Wenxuan and started to get to know her, Yun Xi received a message about it from Si Wenxuans bodyguards.

In her previous life, Yun Xi knew that Qiao Ximin had tried to get close to Si Wenxuan, but had not managed to do it.

So Yun Xi had personally sent the opportunity right to her doorstep in this lifetime.

Mu Feichi had never asked the reasons why Yun Xi had all these things that she wanted to do.

For example, when Yun Xi was deliberately targeting Qiao Ximin, he would give her all the needed information.

If she wanted to kill someone, he would even have handed her the knife.

Yun Xi had embarrassed Si Wenxuan greatly when she had given in and exited the cafeteria.

Besides offending many of the other students with her careless words, Si Wenxuan had also tarnished her own reputation with her arrogance and willfulness.

Lan Jing had been really impressed with what Yun Xi had done.

After all, no ordinary person would have dared to offend Si Wenxuan because of her status and identity.

Yun Xi had not only offended Si Wenxuan without batting an eye.

Shed even caused her such great embarrassment.

Her courage was really amazing.

Although Lan Jing was impressed, she was still worried something might happen to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, now that you have offended Si Wenxuan, arent you worried that she might start making things difficult for you After all, she is not just any regular person…”

“Its all right.

Dont worry about it.

Si Wenxuan wouldnt dare to do anything to me.

Although she has always enjoyed many special privileges as the Presidents daughter, people also monitor every move she makes too.

So she cant do whatever she wants without any restraints.”

While having the right to do anything, many eyes were always on Si Wenxuan too.

Even Si Jingting was really not able to do whatever he wanted without caring about the law and public scrutiny.

Lan Jing nodded, but it was evident that she was still worried.

“All right, as long as nothing will happen to you.

But shes really not a likable person, so its better if you still are very careful.”

“All right, dont worry.

With Si Wenxuans brains, it wouldnt be easy for her to do anything to me.”

Even if Si Wenxuan had help from Qiao Ximin, Yun Xi could still handle them both with ease.

After finishing their meal, Yun Xi received a call from Feng Xixian, saying that she was at the school gates and had something for her.

It was a long way from Jingdu High School to Jingdu University.

Since school had already started, it was highly unlikely that Feng Xixian would come all this way to look for her for nothing.

Yun Xi had initially wanted to go do some shopping after their meal, but she decided to return to school immediately.

When Yun Xi arrived at her school, she saw Feng Xixian standing under a tree with an umbrella.

“Xixian, why are you here” Yun Xi glanced at Zhao Yumo and Lan Jing.

They got the hint and went back to the dormitory ahead of her.

“I am here to help my brother deliver something.”

“Whats happened to your brother” Confused, Yun Xi looked as Feng Xixian took a stack of files from her backpack.

“My father grounded him.

I think it was because of the biological weapons base he busted together with the Young Commander a few days ago.

I dont know the specifics, as I only overheard them briefly talking about that.

Hes banned my brother from leaving the house to reflect on what happened.

However, he has something for you, so he asked me to deliver it.

I came a long way to give it to you, so how are you going to thank me”

It turned out that General Feng had found out what had happened.

His rage was understandable.

If any father knew that their son had almost become a lab rat, they would keep their child at home to ensure their safety too.

At least that way they wont have to worry every day.

“Lets go.

I know of a dessert shop that sells delicious mung bean shaved ice.

Ill give you a treat!”

After taking the files, Yun Xi walked with Feng Xixian to the dessert shop nearby.

“Oh, Yun Xi, your cousin is studying at Jingdu High School now.

Her name is Liang Dan…Liang Danyi, the sister of Liang Xinyi.

I am curious about how she got into the school…”

“Probably pulled some strings! It will take a while for her grades to catch up since she just arrived in Jingdu.”

‘She was ranked third from the last in her year.

So I specially went to the academic director to find out more about her.

Although we are not in the same class, she certainly is no ordinary person in the school.”

“Oh” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows upon hearing that, as she was pretty surprised.

After all, with Liang Danyis brains, it would not be easy to establish herself at Jingdu High School.

Perhaps Liang Xinyi had taught her some tricks.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for a student with bad grades to gain attention.

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