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Chapter 1015: She Would Protect Him

Yun Xi thought about it carefully, and then she expressed her suspicions.

“Crocodile has always been known as a drug lord.

Countless drugs have always circulated through his hands because he has many connections and distribution channels.

Even though we have conducted multiple raids with the Young Commander and staked out some of his lairs, he always seems to slip through the cracks and escape.

It is obvious that someone inside is cooperating with him.”

“Inside What do you mean by inside Is it inside the Young Commanders special forces or inside Jun Countrys top management”

Yun Xi frowned and shook her head.

She did not know the answer to that.

One time there had been a traitor in Mu Feichis group, but she was not sure whether there were more hidden spies who had infiltrated his special forces this time.

If someone had infiltrated his special forces, then all their actions would have been under the surveillance of this other party.

In that case, they have been operating in a passive position, being led by the nose by this opponent.

As the Young Commander of Jun Country, Mu Feichi would be held accountable by the President if he failed to perform his duty in such a major event as something involving biological weapons.

He had already been injured during this incident.

She had to step up and stop being so useless that he had to protect her all the time.

This time, she would protect him.

She made up her mind to fight Crocodile to the end.

No matter if Crocodile was the mastermind or not, she would not let go of anyone who had caused harm to Mu Feichi.

If others dont offend me, I wont offend them.

But if others offend me, I will cut them off at their roots.

Feng Yang looked at Yun Xi, whose expression had suddenly turned dark and sullen, and the murderous look that arose from those clear eyes chilled him to the bone.

It was the first time that he had ever seen such a look on this girls face, and it made him feel a little scared.

At the same time, he could not help but feel distressed and pained that she had to go through such tribulations.

He knew that she was one to seek revenge.

This time she had almost been buried alive in a cave, and it was probably a lingering nightmare for her.

He could appreciate her thirst for revenge, and he also wanted to apprehend the culprits as soon as possible.

“Whether its in Young Commanders special forces or in Jun Countrys top management, there must be someone inside cooperating with the enemy.

Crocodile is well connected and can comfortably enjoy his status as a big drug lord, so why would he involve himself in biological weapons research What are his motives They say that different people specialize in different industries for a good reason.

This time, regardless of whether Crocodile is the mastermind, it already arouses suspicion that he has chosen to conduct experimentation on biological weapons in Jun Country.”

“You mean, maybe it wasnt Crocodile who has gotten involved with us this time Isnt that impossible We found this place according to the codeword pad, so it could not possibly be a coincidence!”

“I also share the same suspicions.

It may or may not be Crocodile, but no matter what, we still have to catch him first before we can draw any conclusions.

Now they have taken away the virus samples and antigens.

It is a terrifying outcome!”

“I have asked people to continue the investigation, but because Im not sure of the other partys objectives, we have to investigate in secret so the process will be slower.”

“Young Commander has also sent people to check on it.

When it comes to biological weapons, the top management places great importance on stopping them.

If there is someone from the other party in the top management, then I am afraid that we have no secrets left.”

This way, the other party would be in the shadows, while they were exposed, and they would face restraints everywhere.

“What about the Young Commander How is he handling matters”

“His intelligence networks will continue their investigations, while I will take care of the rest.

Lets lay low for a while.

The other party has taken the virus samples and will make a move.

No matter who they plan to sell them to, it is impossible that they would leave behind no trace.

You and Young Commander need to send people to monitor the trades on the black market as well as the border movements.”

“I understand.”

Yun Xi raised her hand and touched the materials in her hand.

These were all the experimental findings that they had brought back from Xinqi Town.

Mu Feichi had sent a copy to Su Hangs laboratory to develop the virus antigen as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, she had to work hard on the codeword pad.

Since Feng Yang had been able to find Xinqi Town by using the codeword pad, this codeword pad had proven to be very useful.

She must seize the opportunity first to avoid facing restraints on her work everywhere.

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