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Chapter 1004: Nighttime Operation

After Mu Feichi had made sure that the arrangements were in order, he headed back upstairs and changed into his camouflage uniform.

When he went downstairs again, Yun Xi had also changed her clothes in the guest room and stood silently in the living room waiting for him to come down.

Standing by the staircase railing, Mu Feichi looked down at Yun Xi, who had changed into her camouflage uniform.

He strode downstairs with a dark face.

He had had no plans to take her along on this mission.

She seemed to have read his mind and acted first, changing her clothes and waiting for him, so there would be no room for discussion.

“Must you go” Mu Feichi raised his hand to readjust the collar of her camouflage uniform, his thin lips pressed into a stiff line.

He looked rather helpless.

The uniform she wore had been especially tailored to her size by Mu Feichi.

The clothes were still very new, and there was a faint smell of laundry detergent on them.

Compared with his camouflage uniform, she looked like a newcomer who had just started out on the battlefield.

She was full of the vigor and vitality of a new recruit.

Everyone else was different from her.

They had all been on the battlefield for a long time.

They were survivors who had persevered through rains of bullets.

Their bodies reeked of the stench of death and the icy coldness of the forest, and they had no traces of life and vitality.

“If you leave me here, I wont be able to be at ease.

I have some experience with these kinds of biological weapons and may be able to help.

I promise I wont hold you back.

I can take care of myself.”

“Since you have decided, lets go!”

Mu Feichi nodded quickly and turned to look at Li Zilan and the others, who had already applied camouflage face paint, then walked toward Great White, who was standing by the stairs.

Mu Feichi took an ultra-thin bulletproof suit from a compartment in the wall and put it on Great White.

After he had disguised him, he raised his hand and touched his head.

“Our hopes are on you, Great White!”

The mountain forest was his playground.

Since they did not know who they were facing, he had decided to let Great White go over and use a positioning device that was attached to his suit to determine their opponents location.

If they were out in the open while their opponent hid in the shadows, their army could be ambushed before they could even get near to their nest.

Great White opened his mouth and rumbled as he rubbed his head lightly against Mu Feichi, obedient and well-behaved.

The group quickly boarded the helicopters, and the five helicopters flew to Xinqi Town.

Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, and Li Zilan went to pick up their guide near the town, while the others flew directly to the mining area near Xinqi Town.

The helicopter hovered over the forest near the mines, and the group of people quickly descended into the dense foliage.

On summer nights, the woods were a little bit cooler.

The cacophony of cicadas and insects echoed like a symphony and resounded through the night sky.

The night sky was void of light and facilitated their secret movements.

Great White made his way quickly through the woods, while Grey Wolf followed the team holding his laptop, and the laptop screen glowed with a faint blue light.

The light indicator that showed Great Whites position flickered and moved on the screen.

Following the direction in which it moved, the small team led by Mu Feichi followed behind.

Li Zilan led a small team to occupy a vantage point.

After meeting up with the guide, Qi Yuan and Feng Rui led another group to block the possible escape points.

The team led by Jin Lei was the last layer of response.

All the arrangements were carried out silently under the cover of night, and they agilely and swiftly approached the mines.

Soon, the location indicator from Great Whites body stopped moving.

From Mu Feichis training, Great White would move left and right slightly to indicate his targets location after discovering the target.

Grey Wolf looked at the slight left and right movements on the screen, clicked the marker, and zoomed in on the position.

After determining where it was, the bulletproof suit on Great White sent him a small electric current, summoning him back to convene with the group.

Squatting in the grass, Mu Feichi looked at the location on the laptops screen, which was less than 500 yards away from them.

Taking off his wireless headset, he ordered Li Zilan to confirm the direction and location.

Soon, the group of people quietly arrived at the location that Great White had just confirmed.

They were on high ground, and the other party was in a low indented place between the mountains called a col.

A faint light emanated from a zinc-roofed shed in the mountain col, and they could hear low voices talking.

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