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After being trapped for about 30 hours in the elevator and clearing the dungeon, I had to take the old man with us in order to escape from the elevator, which seemed to have finally opened.

Within the past two days, my world had changed entirely.

Destroyed buildings, flying monsters, burnt cars, cracked asphalt roads, and piles of rotting corpses.

Explosions going off everywhere, a brief moment of silence, and then screams ringing around again.

It was a mess.

The direction of the state to deal with this disadvantaged situation was also the same as in the novel.

The government, who had roughly grasped the extraordinary situation, gathered all of the Awakened people under good conditions, gave them the title of Hunter, divided them according to their abilities, and managed them.

The details of giving preference to those who signed with Constellations were also the same as the current setting. 

Despite their efforts in trying to deal with this chaotic situation, the world had changed so abruptly that, apart from their endeavors, the system was still infinitely insufficient.

However, if there was one thing that was different from the novel, that would be my existence.

I wasn’t sure whether reality had become a novel or if I had entered the novel, but if I had remained still like this, I was sure that I would die a dog’s death during the first Monster Outbreak.

Even now, a building was destroyed by the monsters that escaped the uncleared dungeons and Awakened people could be seen walking around, searching for the traces.

If this chaotic situation persists before the event even comes, you could be hit by the debris of the suddenly collapsing building.

(this is a smile or an idiom, even if it doesn’t look like it; debris of the sudden collapsing building = losing hope to nothing)

No, you could die at any moment before the event even happens.

Because of Baek Tae-beom, who was snooping around beside me right now, the old man was evacuated to another location, but Baek Tae-beom continued to stay by my side and somehow seemed to be looking at me for some reason. 

“Are you okay Didn’t you get hurt”

“I told you I didn’t.”


Was it because of his mood that it felt like Baek Tae-beom had puppy ears on his head It even seemed to be drooping.

Anyway, that wasn’t important now.

Baek Tae-beom will destroy the world.

And I signed such a contract with him.

‘…Contractor Information.’

[List of Contractor Information.]

[Contractor – Baek Tae-beom]

[Title: Awakened]

[Status: Normal]

[Constellation: One Who Knows The End]

[Coins possessed: 3,000]

[Skills possessed: [Sword] [Hermit]]

[There are skills that have not been developed because the conditions are not met.]

If there was a God, he would certainly not be on my side.

No, am I God now

“You can go away now.”

He was still handsome, but I didn’t want to look at him.

Baek Tae-beom, who looked pitiful, spoke as I waved my arms.

“Please tell me your name.”

“I’m Ga-hyun.

Choi Ga-hyun.”

“Choi Ga-hyun… Your phone number, ah.

Your phone….”

Baek Tae-beom looked at my shattered cell phone and cried.

Now, I feel like crying too.

[Your contractor appears to have a crush.]

Why is this type of notification window popping up

[Your contractor is sad.]

[Your contractor feels sorry.]

[Your contractor….]

“…Please give me your phone.

I will add my number.”

I sighed as I saw Baek Tae-beom’s face lit up in bright red color.

After having roughly typed my phone number and name on his phone, I hurried home.

Fortunately, my small rental room was still intact, compared to the collapsed building next to ours.

[Emergency breaking news, there is currently a giant monster standing in the middle of Seoul….]

[Unethical crimes are still going on….]

[How will the government deal with this situation….]

I turned off the television that poured out meaningless reports and laid down on the bed.

It was like a dream.

A dream so detailed that I can clearly remember it even once I wake up after falling asleep like this.

However, the windows above my head are proving that what’s happening is reality.

I got up again and turned on my computer, which was now pretty much a piece of junk, as it was rattling and barely survived.

After that, I tried to find the contents of .

“…It’s gone.”

The novel was completely gone.

Even the epilogue which I haven’t read yet.

Even when I searched through all kinds of portals, I couldn’t find any records of .

After I simply stared at the screen with mixed emotions, I shook my head to wake up myself.

It’s not the time to be like this.

“Skill Window.”

[Skill: Order of Incarnation]

[It is said that humans who see the true form of God become blind.]

[Skill: Open Shop]

[You can purchase items by opening the shop used by the constellations.]

[Skill: Message]

[You can send a message to a specific awakened person.]

[Skill: Sponsor]

[You can select and sponsor an awakened person.

You must sponsor at least 1 coin to do that.]

I scrolled further down the skill window and found one of the skills that I was concerned about earlier.

[Skill: Soul’s Sanctuary]

[Moves you to a place of your own.]

A sanctuary for the soul… what does that mean I used the skill without thinking, and at that moment, my vision was reversed.

There were only white walls and ceilings everywhere.

Instinctively, I realized that this place was really for me, a constellation.

As soon as I entered, the shop page icon flashed in front of my eyes.

[New items!!!]

[Throne made of Tears of Blood S

Price: 69,300 coins]

[Sea Spirit Carpet S

Price: 30,100 coins]

[Dark Sin’s Bed S

Price: 93,500 coins]

What’s all this I was blown away by the ridiculously high prices.

[Dark Sin’s Bed S]

[When you lie on this bed, you will feel a comfortable feeling, as if you have forgotten all of your sins.

Price: 93,500 coins

Would you like to purchase this item

(Yes / No)]

I pressed the purchase button as if possessed, a notification window popped like a warning.

[Purchase failed.]

[Reason: Insufficient amount of coins]

[Coins owned: 3,000]

This damn capitalist world! As I scrolled down nervously, I saw other items.

[Special items for you!!!]

[Star’s Random Box X10

Price: 10,000 coins (This item is on special discount)]

[Moon’s Random Box X10

Price: 20,000 coins (This item is on special discount)]

These crazy guys even brought in a random box.

The Constellations are god-like beings.

Even those who are really deities by word themselves are called Constellations.


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