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I didn’t understand the situation.

“The five of us have to move together”

“As we divide people….”

I understand the intention of dividing the group and spreading out inside the dungeon, but why these five Me and Lee Myung-won could not understand why Oh Kwon-hyeok, Yoo Jin-woo, and Kim Yong-tae were also in our group.

Yoo Jin-woo’s gang, who had been watching me, was visibly grinning as they knew that Baek Tae-beom was not beside me.

“What Are you not confident enough”

“Will you please be quiet”

“I guess you have a problem since there’s no sword-wielding guy next to you, hm”

My insides boiled.

I didn’t know why Oh Kwon-hyuk was dragging these guys around, but it seems that something happened after I changed the direction of the novel’s plot at the beginning.

But anyway, you’re carrying two of those sassy bums with you As I glanced up at Oh Kwon-hyuk, our eyes met.

And Oh Kwon-hyuk snuck in between me and them.

I was curious about what went inside this guy’s head.

I swallowed the urge to pull Oh Kwon-hyuk’s hair and open the top of his head to look inside.

I said to Lee Myung-won.

“Okay, let’s go in.”


Lee Myung-won looked at us anxiously and walked ahead.

[You have entered a dungeon that has just opened.]

[Dungeon < >]



A dungeon that cannot be verified.]

[You have entered channel #4ww01.

Current number of spectators: 4]

[Since there are more than four spectators who have entered the channel, you can use the .]

My spine got chills at the window that was full of question marks.

The others may not have any idea, but the field-type dungeons that float in that way were different from the ones in the past.

For example, it can be said that this dungeon’s difficulty will be similar to the difficulty of the overall game.

The low-level section of the game explains in detail how to play for beginners, or efficiently shows information such as the direction of movement or the location of a quest on the map.

This is to prevent beginners from falling into tricky situations.

But what about the high-level section I had no choice but to bump into myself and wake up.

Originally, in , such a dungeon was called the Road to Hell.

To survive, you must kill.

“What the hell are all these question marks”

Lee Myung-won looked into the window in front of him and said, shocked.

But my thoughts were focused elsewhere.

It was the fact that the number of constellations in was strange.

One is me, the other is Apollo, and the other one is Oh Kwon-hyuk’s constellation.

Shouldn’t it be just three

Why are there four participants Is there an Awakened with a constellation in the other group that went ahead

[CH.#4ww01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : Hey.

As soon as I thought so, a message popped up immediately.

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : I told you to be careful, and you’re hanging out with others now

[CH.#4w01/One Who Knows The Fall] : Why are you saying that in the channel

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : Then where should I say it You want me to whisper in your ear

[CH.#4ww01/One Who Knows The Fall] : Isn’t that person’s constellation listening

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : Let them listen.

Apollo said with great disapproval.

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : Isn’t he a jerk anyway

[CH.#4ww01/One Who Knows The Fall] : Apollo!

However, in the channel, only the two of us were talking.

No one else said anything.

Oh Kwon-hyuk also silently followed Lee Myung-won without much reaction.

As soon as we went down the stairs underground, what opened up was a jungle-like place full of green algae, overgrown cliffs, large tree roots, strange mushrooms, and unknown ferns.

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : It smells rotten.

[CH.#4ww01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : The rotten smell of bugs! The scent of something that will spread the plague!

[CH.#4ww01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : I will drive them all away with my beautiful performance!

[The constellation, ‘One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun’ plays the lyre.]

Suddenly, a beautiful melody plays in the background.

[CH.#4w01/One Who Knows The Fall] : Was it weak

Have you ever met Dionysus

I knew enough without Apollo messing around.

It was that whatever was ahead was dangerous.

It’s the second strike.

“What’s that noise”

“…I don’t know.”

Triing tung triiing trung, he plays very well.

I didn’t know how to play an instrument, but I could tell that it was a very good performance.

“Another problem again We have to move forward, but the plants are blocking the way….”

When Yoo Jin-woo spoke with his tongue, Lee Myung-won answered nervously.

“Can’t we just pass by it”

“But it stings….”

Lee Myung-won chewed on those words and started walking again.

I followed, and Oh Kwon-hyuk followed behind me.

I couldn’t help but feel quite intimidated by the fact that a two-meter-tall man was closely attached to my back, and that made me miss Baek Tae-beom.

Even though he was tall, he wasn’t intimidating.

He acted like a puppy.

Lee Myung-won, who was ahead, talked slowly about what to do.

“What we have to do is simply ‘explore’.

You must observe for anything strange inside the dungeon, and you must not touch anything useless.”

“You said something was unusual about this dungeon, right”

“That’s right.

This dungeon was originally a scenario-type dungeon, but as soon as it was cleared, it turned into a field-type dungeon.

It was unprecedented, so we needed support for the patrol.”

“You never know what kind of monster will pop out.”

Hearing Lee Myung-won’s words, I looked around.

I felt a bit uneasy.

As we walked, I could see unknown lumps of scrap metal stuck between the plants, or something like a sawtooth hanging from a cliff.

It was like two dungeons combined.

It seemed that the field-type dungeon that was still generating around this dungeon was swallowed up by the completion of the scenario-type dungeon.

This doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen occasionally, so it wasn’t very surprising.

However, this was probably the first time this has happened in Korea.

That being said, I may be able to get the skills that Oh Kwon-hyuk had in this dungeon.

A large hand grabbed my shoulder as I staggered for a moment at the cog wheel hit by my toe.


And once I slapped the hand away, I didn’t know what to say.

I felt a stinging gaze from behind, but I didn’t dare look back.

Oh Kwon-hyuk started a fight with me the first time he saw me, but why was he catching me this time

He was the same age as Lee Myung-won, who is 10 years older than me, so it’s a bit ambiguous to use the word “this child” on him.

Though it didn’t mean that I was relieved.


Lee Myung-won lowered his body and whispered.

I couldn’t keep my mouth closed as I watched things coming out of the large bushes.

I raised my staff reflexively.

Leopards, whose corners of their mouths were torn apart, had their teeth clearly exposed on their smiling faces, and their large charred bodies with large green vines roared and surrounded us.

The bright, human-like red eyes that were like magma gave me goosebumps.

However, I heard the voices of Kim Yong-tae and Yoo Jin-woo from behind me, ignoring Lee Myung-won’s command to stay quiet.

“Ack! It’s a leopard! Mo-monster!”

“It’s a monster!”

[CH.#4w01/One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : I already know.

[CH.#4w01/The One Who Is More Dazzling Than The Sun] : You call this the so-called sweet potato section, right

(PR/N: I don’t understand this one… I feel like he is referring to the other time when Ga-yun ripped a monster’s stomach while being inside the monster.

Sweet potato section = Treasure/loot farm)

I couldn’t even swear at him to shut up in the appearing chat windows, but I ducked at the monster rushing at me.

I hit the monster’s belly with the tip of my staff.

There was a yelp, and then the sound of battle broke out from all sides.

Countless golden arrows poured down.

It was Lee Myung-won’s skill.

An arrow shot down the monster who ran to bite my leg.

In response, I relentlessly smashed the monster’s head and pulled the screaming Yoo Jin-woo’s neck back, causing him to fall down.


“Shut up!”

The most impressive among them was the way Oh Kwon-hyuk fought.

He grabbed the nape of the running monster, put strength into his grip, and used his skill.

His hands became blotched with ebony, and the black energy gradually spread to the monster, as it collapsed into dust.

Every time I saw that scene as he fought, I became dazed.

If Oh Kwon-hyuk used that skill when he was grabbing onto me earlier, I would have probably….

Oh Kwon-hyuk, who threw away the monster turning to dust with his sharp eyes, suddenly looked at me and strode towards me.

I flinched and took a step backwards, as he ran at me all at once.

He grabbed the nape of the monster’s neck rushing towards me and threw it away.

“Look straight forward.”

An inhumane voice came out of his mouth.

It sounded like a beast’s.

A chat window popped up before I could even answer him.


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