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 1017 - White God Festival, Noon ⑪

After the conversation between Magnawell-san and Alice was over, we decided to move together, as it seems like Magnawell-san was also planning to go to the plaza where the main venue was located.

Since Magnawell-sans current appearance isnt known to the general public, he didnt attract attention, so we moved without any problems and arrived at the plaza.


The plaza was quite large, with a main stage in the center and spectator seats around it.

In addition, theres a large, luxurious seating area…… an area large enough to be considered as a viewing space, where the Six Kings, other than Magnawell-san, were present.


From a quick glance, it seems that each of the Six Kings brought two companions with them, and a little behind Kuro stands Sechs-san…… and someone whose name I dont know.

I dont know their name, but I remember seeing them in that incident with Dr. Vier…… so Im pretty sure theyre one of the Count-ranks in Kuros family.


Behind Isis-san stood Iris-san and another person who looked like a witch wearing a white pointy hat.

Shes probably that Polaris-san person I heard about. She looks like a witch, so Im sure shes skilled in using a variety of spells like Isis-san.

As I was thinking about this, Isis-san seemed to have noticed me, as she bashfully smiled and gave me a small wave…… Shes really cute.

Lightly waving back towards her, I then looked at the other members of the Six Kings.

Megiddo-sans companions seemed to be Bacchus-san and Agni-san. Rather, Megiddo-san looked as if hes enjoying himself…… holding a huge barrel thats most likely alcohol.

It seems like hes drinking alcohol while watching the show. I dont know if I should say that its just like Megiddo-san or not, but Megiddo-san has a deep knowledge of arts, so I think he enjoys the plays performed by Gods as well.



Behind Lillywood-san stood Lillie-san and…… she looks unfamiliar, but shes probably not one of the Seven Princesses. The only member of the Seven Princess I havent met yet is Blossom-san, who Ive heard has black hair in a ponytail. However, the one behind Lillywood-san has red hair…… so shes probably another Count-rank.


Behind Alice stood…… Pandora-san and someone unfamiliar again. Hmmm, if Pandora-san is standing behind Alice, the Phantasmal King over there is probably a clone.

And standing in the viewing space was Fafnir-san and Eingana-san, probably waiting for Magnawell-san.


This was the first festival of the God Realm after all, so the atmosphere was comparable to the Festival of Heroes, and thus, I could see that the plaza where the main venue is located would be attracting quite a bit of attention.

Well, its a fact that people dont get to see the Six Kings in person very often, so this is a precious opportunity.


[……What should we do Miyama-sama, do you want to go and greet the Six Kings and get all the attention of the public……]

[……Will you go with me then, Luna-san]

[Im afraid I must decline.]

[Lets not do it then.]


No, Im well aware that some people already know my face to some extent back at the Six Kings Festival, but even if thats so, I dont want to go to a place like that where Im definitely going to attract the attention of most people within the plaza.


[Well then, I shall go where the others are. Ill see you again, Miyama Kaito.]

[Ah, yes. Thank you for your hard work.]


After exchanging a few words with Magnawell-san, who would be going to the other Six Kings side, we moved to an area where we could see the stage clearly.

I wonder what theyre performing now It seemed like an orchestra, with the Gods playing various instruments. The music was quite solemn and beautiful to listen to.


Even so, Ive met a lot of people at the festival today…… Tre-san and Fors-san, Elise-san, Acht and Eval, Camellia-san and Rosemary-san, Jutia-san, and lastly, Magnawell-san.

At this rate, I feel like Ill also meet the others…… but well, that in itself is fun too, so I guess its not that bad.

No, its not a given that well meet someone again, but its kinda fun to think about who we might meet up next.


[! O- Oh my, its my God! If it isnt my God!!!]

[……God I dont know what youre saying, but chance encounters can both be joyful and sad. For encounters are always accompanied with farewells…… Ahh, that means you could say that encounters are the beginning of sorrow. As I thought, the world really is filled with sorrow.]



……And the dangerous ones appeared…… The heck is this Have I done something wrong Why, of all the crazy people I know, did this crazy bird and crazy snake turn up as a set

Having the two of them in a set wont do. I mean, the bird is saying “my God” in a rather loud voice……










Serious-senpai : [……The crazy ones have appeared huh.]

: [The crazy ones have appeared. Im worried that theyd be bad influences to Aoi-san and Hina-san.]

Serious-senpai : [No, theyre from your place, you know!]


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