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988 - White God Festival, Middle-level ②

After a few moments, God of Sky-san seemed to have regained her composure and quickly standing up, she approached us.

The person Shiro-san told her to guide this time would be me, so the one handling her shouldnt be Lilia-san, but me.

To be honest, Im incredibly tense right now. Depending on what kind of action God of Sky-san will take in response to the situation earlier, my response will change.


[Everyone, welcome to the middle-level. I will be the one guiding you this time, the God of Sky, Sky.]


……Her not starting with the words “Once again” or “Starting things over” suggests that shes trying to pretend that what happened earlier didnt happen.

If thats the case, I guess it would also be better if I dont mention the previous exchange.


[Im Miyama Kaito. We will be in your care today, Sky-san.]

[I will also be in your care.]


The fact that she named herself means that she wants me to call her by her name. Since I call the Supreme Gods and Shiro-san, who have a higher position than Sky-san, with “-san” attached to their names, she probably feels troubled being called like shes my superior, so I just called her with her name.


[I will not draw-out the introductions and get straight to the point, okay As you know, I will be guiding you on the middle-level. If there is a place you want to visit in advance, I will give priority to that, but if you dont have any particular order in mind, Im sorry for being presumptuous, but I have a course arranged in mind.]

[I see, errr…… Like, if theres any place everyone wants to go first]


Pulling out what seems to be a binder and taking out a map of the middle-level from it, Sky-san spread it out for us to see. Unlike the exchange that happened a while ago, she now feels like someone capable of her job.

She has thought about various things, but was also willing to be flexible and adapt to our wishes. Feeling such an atmosphere around her makes me feel at ease.


Even so, it was only the other day before Sky-san had been assigned to guide us, but for her to have a course around the middle-level planned, Im feeling apologetic for having troubled her so much.

As I had such thoughts in mind, I checked with the others, but they didnt seem to have any particular requests, but at that moment, Cento-san and Cien-san spoke up.


[We cant afford to disturb you any further than this, so we will take Esteemed Sister Tre and take our leave here.]

[Thank you so much for helping Esteemed Sister Tre.]

[Ehhh~~ Even though we can just go with everyone~~ Killjoy.]


Hearing how the two of them wanted to separate with us along with Tre-san, Tre-san puffed out her cheeks and complained but……


[……No, we arent going around anymore. What awaits Esteemed Sister Tre is a scolding.]


[Weve already contacted Esteemed Sister Zwei. She said shes going to finish her work and will be here soon.]

[……Ueeeehhhh, Sis Zwei is coming! It seems that my White God Festival ends here. Well, after Sis Zwei finishes her scolding, we can just go around together with Sis Zwei!]


What the heck is this, it doesnt seem like she has any intention of being remorseful even before she gets scolded…… Tre-san was just like always. Well, anyhow, the three of them bid their goodbyes before they parted ways with us.

After seeing them off, I responded to Sky-san again.


[I apologize for the derailment of the topic. However, it doesnt seem like anyone has any particular place that they want to go first.]

[I understand. Well then, we will follow the course I have planned, and if there are places you want to visit along the way, we will make adjustments as needed. Will that arrangement be alright]

[Yes. We will be in your care.]


When we had reached the end of our conversation, Sky-san bowed once, looking nervous for some reason.


[Before we begin the tour, please allow me to say a few words. Miyama-sama, its a great honor to be chosen by you. I will do my best, so please look after me.]

[……Ahh, yes.]


……Chosen huh, unnn. Well, if I were to be asked if I really did choose her, I technically did…… but I had actually chosen her through a garapon lottery machine. Well,  I guess I shouldnt tell her that.


[Ahh, you dont have to address me with “-sama” or anything like that. The other Gods dont call me with “-sama” either, so you can just use a tone of voice thats easier for you.]


……Well, Im actually only acquainted with the 5 highest-ranking Gods, but Im still feeling awe-inspired from having a God being that respectful towards me.

I mean, Id appreciate it if the other Gods also do as such and just treat me like a normal person.

[I understand. Well then, I will call you Miyama-san.]


[Now then, once again, I will now start——— Ahh, my apologies!]

[Ahh, are you alright]


After our greetings, just as we were about to depart, due to the bad angle shes holding her binder, some of the papers in it fell to the ground.

Reflexively, I crouched down to pick them up, and found that drawn on them was the map of the middle-level, different from the one she had just shown us, with lots of things written on it.

These maps are probably used to plan out our route, as there were several lines drawn on the map, and it looked like she had put a lot of thought into this.


Thinking that she really was someone earnest with her job, I glanced at a part of the map……


“This place has a great view, so recommend this place! Main checkpoint!”


It was written in cute roundish letters, and next to it was a chibified picture that looked like Sky-san.


……Ahh~~ This is that, right This is something I really shouldnt look at too much, right……









Serious-senpai : [The 1000th Chapter is drawing near, but what is the author planning to do]

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