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It was the day before the White God Festival, the first festival to occur in the God Realm, and the Gods were doing their final checks.

The checks went without a hitch as they had spent a lot of time preparing for this event, and just as the three Supreme Gods were assembling the Gods to tell them what to expect tomorrow, Chronois spoke, as if shes muttering to herself.



[———–Understood. Well then, Ill have it arranged that way.]



The nearby Fate and Life sensed that Shallow Vernal had given her some kind of instruction, so they quieted down the other Gods and waited for Chronois words.

Thereupon, she looked at the assembled Gods and told them Shallow Vernals instructions.



[Ive just received instructions from Shallow Vernal-sama. During tomorrows White God Festival, when Miyamas group arrives at the middle level, God of Sky will serve as their guide!]

[Eh! M- Me! Not one of the Supreme Gods]



The instructions given by Chronois were more astonishing to Sky than anyone else. From her perspective, she had no idea why she was being nominated.

Being the guide for Kaito, he who is extremely important for the God Realm…… There shouldnt be any reason why she should be the one to do this, instead of Kaitos friends, Chronois and Life, or even Fate, his lover.



Still, being that the Supreme Gods would be focusing on this festival, she could understand why theyd be managing it and was unable to guide him, but even if they had to choose among the high-ranking Gods, God of Disasters, who is friends with Kaito and had the highest position among the high-ranking Gods, would normally be the first choice.



(Of course, as long as Shallow Vernal-sama commands it, theres no way I would refuse. Im sure Shallow Vernal-sama had some deep thoughts in mind when she deliberately nominated me instead of God of Disasters.)



Although she was surprised, shes still a God. Shallow Vernals words were absolute for her, and even though she was confused, God of Sky agreed to guide Kaito.

Thinking that Shallow Vernal must have thoughts deeper than she could comprehend……



Of course, “there was no deep thought about it”, and she was simply selected from a garapon lottery machine, but she had no way of knowing that.

Sky was both nervous and motivated by the important role she had been assigned, when she felt a hand placed on her shoulder. When she turned around, she saw her direct superior, Life, with a gentle smile on her face.



[Its indeed a great honor to be appointed by Shallow Vernal-sama. Since its the excellent you, Im sure youll be able to handle it without any problems, but I wish youd keep your mind focused on the task.]


[……Well, of course, I think this isnt possible. But just in case, Ill give you a heads up.]

[……Y- Yes]



As she spoke in a very gentle voice, Life slightly opened her normally closed eyes…… Her lips were smiling, but her red eyes…… werent smiling at all.



[If by any chance any carelessness occurs…… Ill make you believe that “all the pain and suffering” you have experienced in your life has been “an extremely sweet and gentle blessing”…… “Ill have you personally experience it with that body of yours”…… but I wont have to worry about that, would I]

[Hyiiihhh…… Y- Yes!]



Of all the Supreme Gods, Life is the strictest when it comes to matters that may be blasphemous to Shallow Vernal. And this time, Shallow Vernal herself had appointed Sky as Kaitos guide, so carelessness in this job would be tantamount to smearing Shallow Vernals honor.

Therefore, Lifes words werent a thread. Knowing full well that this future would definitely occur if carelessness occurs, Sky shakily nodded.








Sky moved away from the group of Gods and with bloodshot eyes, she checked the schedule of the White God Festival over and over again. Seeing Sky like that, Fate, riding on a cushion floating in the air, approached her.



[Oiiii~~, God of Sky.]

[! God of Fate-sama! Is there something I can help you with]

[I thought you were being a bit too worked up. God of Life really is mean. “Threatening you like that knowing that it will never happen”.]

[Eh Errr……]



Hearing the words Fate leisurely said, Sky looked puzzled. Sky was Lifes direct subordinate, and because she understands Lifes character…… She was certain that if she had done something wrong, what awaits her would be a hell worse than death, but Fate told her that it will never happen.



[……After all, that “carelessness”…… Who is it that would judge your actions as such]

[T- That would be Miyama Kaito-sama]

[Unnn, thats right. On top of that, Kai-chan is very kind, you know If God of Sky made some kind of mistake, theres no way Kai-chan would say that its carelessness.]

[……Now that you mentioned it……]

[If Kai-chan doesnt think its carelessness, how can God of Life judge it on her own Moreover, theres no way she could confirm it. After all, asking Shallow Vernal-samas lover, Kai-chan something like “Was there carelessness of some kind that occurred with your guide” would be disrespectful in itself. In the end, God of Life had no way to judge that…… Todays warning was just to make sure you wont be negligent.]



Seeing Fates smile as she said that, Sky was clearly relieved.



[God of Sky…… You were getting “a little excited” by Shallow Vernal-samas appointment. God of Life has recently become aware of the subtleties of such emotions after all~~]

[I- I see……]

[Well, making sure you dont get excited, do your best~~]

[Y- Yes! Thank you very much!]



After bowing her head at Fate as she fluttered away while waving at her, Sky brought her hand on her chin and thought.

Indeed, as Fate pointed out, being entrusted with an important task by Shallow Vernal, she couldnt deny that she was inwardly elated.



(……I really appreciate her pointing this out to me. This would have been difficult for me to notice on my own…… I have to discipline myself not to get too excited, but I also need to relax so that I wont become stiff and my efforts wont be wasted…… Shallow Vernal-sama trusted my abilities and entrusted me with this big role. Lets make sure to carry out my role perfectly!)



……Once again, regardless of her abilities, it was Kaito who appointed her through a lottery machine.



(The Supreme Gods have been showing changes lately. Perhaps, that is the sign of our growth that Shallow Vernal-sama mentioned earlier. I suppose after the Supreme Gods, she expects for us high-ranking Gods to grow next, and I will be the first one to do so!)



……Shallow Vernal had no such intention at all.



(Shallow Vernal-sama must have had some deep thoughts that I cant even begin to fathom! Im definitely chosen over the Supreme Gods and God of Disasters because serving as Miyama Kaito-samas guide this time would be a great source of sustenance for my growth.)



……I know were being repetitive here, but she was just chosen from a garapon lottery machine. Shallow Vernal didnt tamper with the lottery at all, so she was just randomly chosen.






……There are some things in this world that are better left unknown, and it would be better for the motivated Sky to not know that she was chosen through a garapon lottery machine.




















Serious-senpai : [……Well, if the person herself is motivated, I guess misunderstandings…… can be alright Cant you at least let me dream, have some misunderstanding that “thered be seriousness in the next chapter”]

: [No, you yourself are waking up from that dream of yours, you know……]


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