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In the sunny garden, Nebula was sitting on the branch of the World Tree. Thereupon, she saw Lilia, the head of her Duchy, coming out of the entrance of her mansion, so she went over to greet her.

The current Lilia was unlike usual, dressed more like a noble.

[Good afternoon, Lilia-san. Are you going out]

[Nebula-san, good afternoon…… Yes, I'm going to head for the royal castle. In name, I will be heading for a meeting to strengthen cooperations among those who have stores in certain areas of the royal capital, but in reality, it's just a battle of wits between nobles.]

[Fumu…… You don't look merry though]

[Ahaha, well, I've benefited from Kaito-san's help in many ways, so when I go to such gatherings, I tend to hear lots of sarcastic remarks towards me, which I find a little annoying.]

Seeing the wry smile on Lilia-san's lips, Nebula brought her hand to her chin and looked like she was thinking for a moment. Then, after a short silence, she spoke to Lilia.

[……Lilia-san, I don't mean to be intrusive, but I think you should just put such people aside. Those who harass you out of jealousy are just people who declare that they are no match for you head on. Paying attention to such people will not benefit Lilia-san in the future. As long as you make sure that you don't let them find fault with you, you can just proceed forward and brush them aside.]


[Rather, in such a situation, Lilia-san should focus your attention on those who are trying to expand their business relations with you or those who actually give helpful suggestions. These people are likely to be the best at what they do, so as long as you find out if they have hidden motives, it will be much more beneficial for you. There is a limit to the amount of things humans can exert their concentration to, so it would be better if you're careful where you allocate it.]

[……Thank you for the beneficial advice. I feel like you'd do well as a noble, Nebula-san.]

[I am Absolute after all.]

[Fufufu, I see.]

Seeing Nebula puffing out her chest, her small body brimming with confidence, Lilia felt herself relax a bit.

After patting Nebula's head a few times, Lilia, her expression softened, got on the carriage that was waiting for her and waved back to Nebula, she headed for the royal capital.

As noon approached, Nebula was spending time with Kaito and his pets after helping him brush Bellfreed.

While Kaito leans on Bellfreed, who is lying at the foot of the World Tree, Nebula spends her tie relaxing on Bellfreed's back with the two dragons, Lindwurm and Selas.

Selas, who is quiet and easy-going, began to take a nap on Bellfreed's body, while Kaito, who was also leaning against the sprawled Bellfreed and resting on it, was also dozing off after lunch.

In the midst of this, Nebula was talking to Lindwurm.

[Kyukyuu, kyuii! Kyuii!]

[Hmmm…… I understand how you feel, but growth isn't something to be rushed into.]

[Kyukk, kyuii!]

[External factors certainly could help you grow. However, if the growth of your body isn't accompanied by the growth of your mind, you'd just end up becoming a mismatched being.]


Naturally, at Nebula's level, she understands Lindwurm's words, and is currently giving her counseling on her desire to grow up quickly, admonishing her for her impatience.

[You don't have to be in a hurry to grow up, for there are experiences that can only be gained by going through the process of growing up. Milord will be happier if you grow while enjoying every moment, rather than wanting to grow up instantly.]

[Kyuii Kyukkyukuii]

[Yes, that Milord isn't an impatient person is something that Lindwurm knows more than me, right]

[Kyuu! Kyuikkyukuikyuu!!!]

[That's the spirit.]

Perhaps convinced by Nebula's words, Lindwurm cheerfully nodded and seeing this, Nebula smiled.

(This is fine. I could certainly make her grow into a full-grown dragon in no time. However, "it's not always the best to bestow upon others what they desire". There are results that can be achieved only by seeking and struggling on their own. Being the Absolute me, depending on the situation, I must be able to show them the right path without meddling too much.)

As she was thinking about this, Nebula felt her body being lifted up. When Nebula moved her gaze, she saw Kaito looking at her with a gentle expression on her face.

It seems that Kaito also heard Nebula and Lindwurm's earlier exchange.

[How should I say this…… Nebula sure is steady and reliable huh.]

[Fufufu, you can always rely on me! I am Absolute after all.]

[Ahaha, I see…….]

While laughing happily at Nebula's words, Kaito placed the petite 1m Nebula on his lap and gently patted her head.

(Good grief, Milord…… Treating this Absolute me as some sort of plushie…… However, if this is also Milord's way of showing devotion to me, I suppose I don't have any other choice but to accept it. Umu, I'll allow this. Pet me as you like.)

Not looking as dissatisfied as she thinks, Nebula leaned her body against Kaito, looking somewhat happy…… and completely at home in her current environment.

Serious-senpai : [……This overwhelming heartwarming feeling…… Well, that being said, it seems that Nebula herself is completely at home with her environment. She isn't even trying to correct the way she's inwardly calling Kaito anymore.]-

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