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[No, sorry sorry. You had your mouth wide open, so I thought…… Are you alright]

A familiar girl mumbled out an apology as she gently stroked my back as I coughed. It was my first night in a different world and a nightmare suddenly attacked me when I was a little drowsy. How amazing you are, oh different world. How frightening you are, oh different world…… I never thought I would be traumatized by baby castellas.

[……or rather, how come youre here, Kuro]

[Well~ what an amazing coincidence it is, isnt it It felt like its fate that we bumped into each other in a place like this!]

[No, no matter how I look at it, were in a personal residence, right!]

[You know, its one of those common stories that it got boring to hear, where you went out of the city for a change of pace, but you notice a friend of yours “a few kilometers away” with his mouth wide open and raised up to the sky, so you just have to “slip through the detection barrier” and throw some baby castellas into his mouth.]

[Like hell that could happen! There are lots of abnormal things I can point out from that story!]

This place is completely locked down, right! Theres no way in hell its a coincidence when you illegally intruded on a Dukes house in the middle of the night! No good. There are too many things that I have to tsukkomi that I cant even keep up with them.

[Now, now, lets just put the small details aside.]

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[……Theyre not just small details. Something like this is a large enough incident……]

Doesnt seem like she wants to hear the shout of my soul, Kuro continued speaking with an innocent smile on her face.

[Look, didnt I tell you before That if youre in a predicament, I can help you. Kaito-kun, you seemed to be troubled with something, but whats the matter]

[Eh Ah, no, I dont know if you could say Im bothered with it…… I dont know I should say this……]

Fuuunnn… It was the same when we met in the evening, but I still cant catch up with Kuros pace. Or rather, I felt like Im being overtaken by her innocent smile and end up being carried away by it.

[I was just thinking about the things that have just happened and the things that were about to happen.]

[I see…… Alright! Well, how about I listen to you while we go have an “otsukimi”!]


As soon as Kuros coat touched the floor of the balcony, it undulated and a black mat suddenly unfurled out on the floor. Ah, no, looking closely, thats not just a mat, but a tatami mat.

And it doesnt end there, the black shadow under her coat stretched out and a stand where you place the tsukimi dangos—- I think it was called sanpo It detached from her shadow and placed itself on top of the tatami. What the heck is that coat Does anything come out of that Thats a terribly convenient coat you have……

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[Now, sit sit, the moon is beautiful tonight and we can take our time talking about it~]

[……uh, yeah.]

I sit down on the tatami mats, prompted by the outrageous development and her lovely smile. Then, Kuro points at the sanpo and shook it lightly, and then… a tsukimi dango appeared there—-

[Why the heck arent they dangos, but baby castellas!]

[Eh Otsukimi is that festival where we eat sweets while looking at the moon, right]

[……I feel like theres nothing wrong with that interpretation itself, even though theres a fatal mistake about it……]

Thats right, in front of me was a pile of…… the pastries that had imprinted an unfading trauma on my mind just the other day—– baby castellas. Why the heck would you know about the tatami and sanpo, but you would replace the most essential dangos with baby castellas Whats with your half-baked information……

[Fufufu, I cant have you underestimating me. These baby castellas were made especially for Otsukimi! Try it and youll see the difference right away!! Here, take some~]

[A- Alright. Alright already…… Ill go eat some.]

While some of my trauma was stimulated from looking at the baby castella came closer to my mouth, I gave up thinking and brought the baby castella into my mouth.

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[! This is……]

The baby castella I put in my mouth looked like ordinary castella on the outside, but inside was a chewy dough with a solid elasticity and slight sweetness that tastes familiar for my Japanese tongue—- the taste of anko.

(T/N: red bean paste)

I see, so to speak, theres a dango wrapped inside this baby castella. Within this small piece of baby castella is an encapsulated dumpling that could be called an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship—–

[Then, a regular tsukimi dango would have been enough! Why did you have to coat it in baby castella! Whats with your obsession with baby castellas! All I feel from seeing them is fear, you know! Or rather, if youre so obsessed with it, why the heck did you even remember its name wrong!]

[Youre really well, arent you However, wont you get tired if you talk like that in one breath Here, Ive got you something to drink. Its a legitimate other world beverage now, you know]

[Ah, thank you—– Buuhhh!]

Taking the cup offered by Kuro, who was staring at me as I shouted with a smile on her face, I took the drink she offered to moisten my dry throat from all these tsukkomis and gulped it down—– which I immediately spurted out.

[Are you alright Its dangerous to drink it all at once, you have to carefully drink it.]

[Gohon, gerhem…… Why…… coffee……]

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[Eh In the other world, you drink this when you eat sweets, right]


All those previous heroes who have given Kuro half-baked knowledge about the other world, come out here so I can punch you in the face.

I thought it was a funny thing to call it tsukimi even though the new year is about to come, but it seems that in this world—- the moon in the skies is largest and most visible at Japans equivalent for nenmatsunenshi, which is the best time for them to see the moon.

(T/N: tsukimi happens in mid-autumn which happens in oct.1 for 2020. nenmatsunenshi is new years holiday happening from the end of the year to the beginning of the new year, from dec.28 to jan.3)

Most of all—– Looking at us sitting on a tatami mat, drinking a cup of coffee in one hand while I ate some baby castella, I can only think that everythings wrong, regardless of whether its in a different world or not.

[……Funnn… How should I say this, you people of the human race still wants to worry about strange things as usual~]

[Is that how it felt like from the point of view of a demon]

It was far different from the boisterous atmosphere we had been in earlier. While watching the moon with Kuro as shes clad in a calm atmosphere as if shes well acquainted with the long history, I spontaneously confided about what I had been thinking earlier.

Not knowing what I want to do, the anticipation and anxiety from the changes that came upon our arrival to the different world. Even though I wasnt able to skillfully answer Kusonoki-sans question, for some reason, it spontaneously came out of my mouth when Im talking with Kuro. It may be because of the unique atmosphere she has, but Kuros voice somehow gives me a gentle sense of relief.

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And after listening to my story, Kuro quietly spun her words as she tilted her teacup.

[I dont think that people who have objectives and dreams are better than people who dont. Its not that its wrong to not have it, its also not wrong to want it…… Its just that it would be a waste to not reach out for it, dont you think]

[It would be a waste]

[Unn. Kaito-kun—– From my point of view, a humans life is just as short as an instant. Its only for less than a hundred years. What I meant is that you only have that much time in your life. However, if you worry about every single minor detail, youll end up living your whole life just worrying about it. In that case, I think its just much more beneficial to just put it all behind and have some fun.]

[……Have some fun huh……]

I dont exactly know how to have some fun. I know that I wanted to acquire something, but I dont know what exactly I want.

[……An old acquaintance of mine had said something similar to what you just said. He said hes feeling empty.]


[Yes, there are apparently so many hopes and desires piling up around him…… and before he knew it, hes only walking down the path that someone has shown him. He said that hes become someone empty…… Its not that he hates it, and he just wants to live up to the expectations imposed on him… But sometimes, he wonders where his true feelings could be.]

[……We certainly resemble quite a bit.]

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[Unn. I wonder if thats why The reason why I like Kaito-kun a lot just when I saw you.]


Turning to Kuro in surprise from her gentle words, her golden eyes which seems to see through everything in the world was looking straight at me. It wasnt something uncomfortable as being stared at by someone, it rather looked like the gentle, affectionate look of a mother.

[……Youre just like a newborn baby bird who still doesnt know anything.]

[A baby bird]

[Yes, a baby bird who wants to acquire feathers—– but doesnt know how to grow them. A baby bird who wants to fly—- but doesnt know how to. I think being troubled is the same as being hopeful. From deep inside you, theres a glittering wish that you have not yet found yourself. Even though you still havent figured it out by now, its neither a shame nor is it a bad thing.]

Its like shes singing a lullaby, her gentle voice resonates deep in my heart. Its like shes wrapping me with her reminders that its okay… that I dont have to worry about it—-

[Thats why… Lets go treasure hunting!]


Arehh Thats weird. Wasnt this the beginning of a deeply moving storyline Why did you suddenly start going off on a tangent again Are you that free Hey, are you that free

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[Mmhmm. I like Kaito-kun, so it should be fine.]

[Errr, I dont really know what you meant by that but…… Why are you holding me from behind with both of your hands Why is your coat suddenly shaped like gigantic wings Ive got a really bad feeling about this, but what are you doing Or rather, stay away from me!]

[Its alright, its alright. Were just going to take a little stroll up in the sky!]

[I dont feel like theres anything alright about that explanation—– Gyyaaahhhhhh!]

With natural movements, she tightly held unto my body from behind. My voice didnt reach her ears as Kuros coat, which had changed into gigantic wings, moved and immediately afterward, I felt the scenery blown downwards in one breath.

I instinctively closed my eyes, but I dont feel the resistance of the strong wind. Rather, it feels like its gently caressing my cheeks.

[Look, Kaito-kun. See for yourself.]


Lured by her beautiful voice, my eyes slowly opened, but I couldnt utter any more words.

I can see the big moon in the sky and the light of life, looking like stars shining on the ground. A magnificent and beautiful sight, I cant think of anything to describe it—- other than calling it a sight to behold.

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[Kaito-kun. Were in a big world.]


[Even though Ive lived a long time, there are lots of things I dont know and understand. Things you dont know, sights youve never seen—- Even if you spend your entire life, that still wouldnt be enough to know about everything.]


[Youve finally come to this world, so why dont we search for it In here, for what seems to be your valuable “treasure” deep within your heart…… what you wanted to do, you dont have to find that answer. When its time for you to leave, even if you dont know what you want to do, you would instead be able to acquire the answer to “what youve done” and “what youve discovered”…… Thats why its okay for you to be empty for now.]

With those words… Kuro let go of the hand that was holding me. Im falling! is what I thought for a moment, but my body wasnt rapidly falling, but I found myself slowly descending towards the vast earth.

Descending from a considerable altitude, I turn my gaze to the stars shining on the ground—- A little ahead of me, I could see Kuro smiling gently with her arms spread out in front of her.

With the light of the glittering stars on the ground from behind and her shiny silver hair fluttering in the wind, shes so beautiful that I cant take my eyes off her as she looked at me with her golden eyes that seem to be gently sucking me in.

[Wanting wings—- but you dont know how to grow them. Wanting to fly—- but you dont know how to. Yes, youre still an innocent and adorable baby bird who has yet to know anything……]

I thought we were a distance away from each other, and yet, her voice isnt drowned out by the sound of the wind but it reached straight to my ears.

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[In that case—- I will teach you! Things you dont know, sights youve never seen, this world itself!]


Dear Mother, Father—– I was dragged in the summoning of Heroes and came to a different world.

[In this gentle world, I bless your visit!]

But—- that different world is at peace. Nothing has changed for me and I havent had the courage to change.

[In that case, from now on, lets start looking for it here in a different world! The thing you couldnt find by yourself!]

However—– I had a strange encounter, got swung about with her nonsense, and got my common sense shattered without even knowing why.

[From now on, lets start from this moment onwards! Lets do something different……! ]

However—- looking back upon it, this encounter with this irrational demon was the biggest moment of change for me.

[…where you—- are the protagonist of this story!]

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Yes, in this very nonsensical, yet gentle and warm different world—– The story began.-

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