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It was often said that "It is no use crying over spilt milk". Most of the failures in the world are realized after such mistakes were committed, but at the same time, they often notice it by the time it's too late.

It may be a common story that a single careless remark can cause a tremendous situation. However, it's hard to describe the feeling of despair when you are the victim of such an incident.

Humans are beings who regret. We look back at the past and think…… That perhaps, if only I had done this…… If only I had known about that……

I'm not a God. Being a mere mortal, there's no way for me to go back in time, but I still wonder…… if somehow, I can redo that mistake……

As I ponder upon the unchanging past, I ask myself for the umpteenth time…… Why did this happen

[What's the matter, my beloved child Are you pondering about things]

[No, it's nothing.]

[I see, now that we have this opportunity, let's take a "private stroll" to our hearts content.]

[……You're…… right.]

She smiles like an angel, she looks like an angel…… but why does she look like a predator that couldn't help herself from drooling

Her tone was polite and seemingly kind…… but why is her madness that's usually hidden oozing out……

In the first place…… Seriously…… I don't know how many times I've asked why this happened, but I really regretted my careless remarks.

It all started just a while ago. It was the usual tea party with Eden-san, who appears about five times a week. I was thinking that it was just a day like any other.

Fifteen minutes had passed, and she was almost past Rampage Phase 2, so I thought I would send a signal to Kuro and end the tea party just like usual.

If I had to describe it…… I think I was "careless" at that time. Even though Eden-san was the most dangerous person I knew, I thought that I had already established a standard flow when interacting with her.

That's why I had peace of mind…… thinking that it would be the same this time…… that today would just be like always…… It is often in such situations that irregularities occur.

[My beloved child, Mother has traveled around this world and found places that I somehow liked.]

[Heehhh…… Places Eden-san liked huh, I'm slightly curious. What kind of place is it]

[There are a couple of places, one of them is a pretty scenic island. Large, but not very inhabited. It's a place of natural beauty, different from the beauty that has been maintained and managed by someone.]

[Heehhh…… That sounds great. Since Eden-san likes it, it must be quite a nice place.]

While talking like that with a smile, I focused on Eden-san's condition, which would soon be out of control, rather than the content of our conversation. Eden-san is talking fast, but the smile on her face wasn't the deep one filled with madness yet, so from what I've seen so far, she should be okay for a while longer.

[Yes, I was thinking of showing it to my beloved child.]

[That sounds great, I'd like to see it.]

What I had in mind in this situation was sending magic power to the necklace to contact Kuro in advance when Phase 3's deep smile appears. I wasn't fully focused on our conversation…… That was my first mistake.

[Well then, why don't we go around the places I've found today]

[Yeah, I don't really have any plans today, so it's alr…… Eh]

And there, my second and fatal mistake. While half-heartedly replying to Eden-san's words, I declared that "I don't have any plans today"……

[That settles it then. Fufu, to be going out with my beloved child, I'm really looking forward to it.]

[Eh Ahhh…… I- I guess so.]

By the time I realized my mistake, I couldn't revise my words anymore. In Eden-san's mind, it was already decided that she would be going out with me,  so what would happen if I said that we should just not go…… Thinking about it frightens me.

Moreover, even if I were to refuse now, I've already told her that I don't have any plans, and against the mind-reading Eden-san, I wouldn't be able to make a good reason.

And above all, it was my fault for not concentrating on the conversation properly, and even though it was a half-hearted reply, I had already agreed to her, so I couldn't bring myself to stop now.

In other words…… I had no choice but to prepare myself for the incoming situation.

As a result of these two failures, I've been forced into a situation where I'm not sure what's going to happen, "strolling with Eden for a day", and my heart is filled with anxiety.

N- No, there's a possibility that she will go on a rampage soon and we'll have to call it a night…… U- Unnn…… T- Things should work out…… I hope…… but I wonder why…… I don't think that's going to happen.

Serious-senpai : [……Somehow, just as I was thinking that Lilia unusually managed to avoid having a stomachache, the main character raised the highest grade of stomachache flag……]

: [Kaito-san…… That's hell you're walking into……]-

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