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After I managed to avoid the development of eating bell peppers thanks to Kuro, I had a tea party…… or rather, a simple lunch party with the two fairies.

The table was lined with vegetables and fruits grown by Tir-san, cut into sticks and eaten with dressing.

Everything was freshly harvested and very tasty. Well, I would have liked to eat meat with these, but since Raz-san and Tir-san don't eat meat, I didn't take any meat out of my magic box and just enjoyed the vegetables as they are.

As we ate the fruits and vegetables, our conversation was about the two fairies, and I smiled as I listened to them talk about how close they were.

From what I've heard so far, Tir-san seems to be quite fond of Raz-san, often saying "Raz-sama is amazing".

[……Speaking of which, Tir-san was the second Fairy King and Raz-san was the first Fairy King, right]

[Yes! Tir is still no match for Raz-sama, but Tir is still the Fairy King!]

[I think Tir is doing a great job~~]

[Incidentally, why did Raz-san quit being the Fairy King]

[That was because Raz was invited by Kuromu-sama to live with her, so I moved out of the Fairy Forest.]

There exists a place where the fairies live, and should I think of it as the one leading that place is the Fairy King And since she's leaving their village, that's why she handed over the position to Tir-san

[……Arehh Tir-san's farm is here, which means Tir-san lives around here, right]

[That's right]

[Does that mean the Fairy Forest is near Yggfresis]

[Yes! It's in the forest south of Yggfresis. Some of the children have moved to the Human Realm though, living in the forest near Rigforeshia.]

Somehow, rather than the King of a tight-knit group like a country, the simple way they described it makes me think of them as village chiefs instead.

Afterwards, I found out that I really was right. The job of a Fairy King isn't that important, as they were just acting as the representative of the Fairies.

[By the way, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I don't really know the difference between a Fairy and a Spirit……]

[Errr, you see…… It's that, you know As Lillywood-sama said. Hmmm……]

[I- It's that, you know That! Raz also heard about that from Kuromu-sama. Errr…… O- Our body is…… Our body is something……]

I asked them a simple-minded question, but Tir-san and Raz-san started tilting their heads in confusion. It seemed that there was a difference between them, but neither of them seemed to understand it well.

It was very cute to see them looking troubled like that, but it wasn't my intention to trouble them and was just a bit curious about this, but just as I was about to tell that it's alright if they didn't understand, Tir-san looked like something suddenly happened.

[……Ahh, it seems like Lillie-sama is telling me about it! Errr…… "The clear difference is that Spirits have a real form, while Fairies don't. Fairies are beings born from the gathering of vast amounts of faint magic power from flowers and trees that don't have enough power to have a Spirit dwell within them, and that's why there are many ecological similarities between these two species"…… or something like that!]

[I see.]

I could somehow imagine it. Dwelling within plants that hold great magic power are the Spirits. Meanwhile, from the plants that don't possess large magic power to dwell a Spirit within them, not minding what kind of flower or tree they are, their meager magic power comes together and born from that clump of nature's magic power are the Fairies.

Come to think of it, Raz-san said she was a "Flower Fairy", but she didn't name any particular flowers, probably because she was born from the magic power of many flowers.

[If I remember correctly, Raz-san is a Flower Fairy, right]


[That means, is Raz-san a Flower Fairy too]

[Tir is also a Flower Fairy! Just like Raz-sama!]

[Since you expressly call yourself a Flower Fairy, does that mean there were other kinds of Fairies]

[That's right~~ There are Earth Fairies, Earth Fairies and many others!]

Perhaps, the reason why they are so close to each other is because both of them are Fairy Fairy. Well, anyhow, I've learned a lot…… Arehh

But wait, based on how Spirits and Fairies were described earlier…… I feel like there was something strange.

[……Tir-san, can I ask you one more question]

[What is it]

[It's true that almost all of the Spirits I know have a specific plant that they came from…… but Camellia only told me that she's a "Grass Spirit", and I don't remember hearing what kind of grass she's the Spirit of……]

[Ahh~~ From what I heard, it seems that Camellia is a bit special. Grass originally weren't supposed to have enough magic power to have a Spirit dwell within them, but a grass with strong magic power was born from a mutation, and dwelling within it was Camellia. Camellia isn't the Spirit of a grass that had any sort of name, she's the Spirit of a common weed.]

(T/N: Weed, as in those undesired grass growing anywhere.)

[Heehhh, so such a possibility also exists huh.]

Such special patterns exist too huh, that's kinda interesting. Speaking of which, I just suddenly thought of something…… I wonder if the Spirit of the Blue Crystal Flower, the plant I'm emotionally attached to, exists somewhere

Serious-senpai : [……Fumu, it looks like the story regarding Tirtania is finished now, but who's next The ones Kaito hasn't met yet should be Rose Princess, Great Tree Princess, and Cherry Blossom Princess…… Even though Kaito hasn't met her in person, I think Blossom, who has already appeared in an Intermission should be a likely candidate, right]-

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