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After we finished eating, I enjoyed shopping with Sieg-san. As expected, there were many different stores in the city selling many items I didn't recognize, which was quite refreshing.

[What do you think]

[I've never seen you in a skirt before, but I think it suits you very well.]

[I certainly rarely wear skirts…… I feel a little embarrassed.]

We stopped at a clothing store and Sieg-san tried on some clothes. Sieg-san was now holding a long skirt, which was unusual for her, who often wore pants.

When Sieg-san heard me tell her that the color and design would suit her, she tried it on for me, and Sieg-san, who looked a little shy wearing unfamiliar clothes, looked very cute.

Well, even if I wasn't being favorable of her as she was my girlfriend, I think Sieg-san is a very beautiful woman, and I have the impression that she looks great in most clothes. However, since I had a strong impression that she had a gentle demeanor, I think she looks especially good in mature and calm-colored clothes.

After that, I wore some of the clothes that Sieg-san had picked out for me, and after the both of us bought several sets of clothes for each other, we left the store.

Thereupon, I saw familiar faces on the street just outside.

[……I can't find her…… Seriously, where did she go If I don't find Esteemed Sister Tre soon……]

Reddish-purple hair, tied in a right side-tail……Errr, she should be Cento-san, right Wait, arehh

[Sieg-san, that's Cento-san, right]

[Yes, it should be her.]

[……From what she's saying though, it seems like she's still looking for Tre-san, isn't she]

[It seems so…… But it's been almost two hours since we met at the restaurant.]

Yes, I told Tre-san that the twins were looking for her, and then, we went shopping after lunch…… Two hours should have already passed since then.

And yet, they still haven't found each other…… Does that mean that they had no way of contacting her, like using a hummingbird No, other than hummingbirds, there should be other ways to look for her……

Somewhat curious, Sieg-san and I exchanged glances and nodded to each other, then called out to Cento-san.

[……Ummm, excuse me.]

[Eh You are…… the people I met in front of the magic tool store, I believe.]

[Yes. There's something I'd like to tell you. Actually……]

Just like that, I told Cento-san that I had met Tre-san at the restaurant and told her that they were looking for her, and after Tre-san thanked us, she left the restaurant.

[……I see. I'm sorry for having taken the trouble to call out to Esteemed Sister.]

[I just happened to remember it…… More importantly, I thought that if you havent been able to meet up with each other for two hours, it's possible that you've missed each other……]

[N- No, I'm sorry that your kindness might just be a waste…… but I don't think Esteemed Sister Tre is even looking for us.]


Cento-san looked very apologetic as she said this, to which I only tilted my head, not understanding what she meant.

[Esteemed Sister Tre is, how should I say this…… She has a very happy-go-lucky personality, and probably thinking "I'll just contact them when I get home after I'm done with everything", she's putting off finding us and was playing around somewhere.]


[Anyhow, she tends to come to a lot of optimistic conclusions.]

[……I- I see, come to think of it, she didn't say anything about meeting up or contacting you. I should have told her to contact you two properly.]

[No, just letting me know that she was at the restaurant was really helpful. I think this means that she probably didn't get out of the city, so I'll look for her again.]

After telling this to us in a polite tone, Cento-san deeply bowed to Sieg-san and I, before apologetically speaking.

[……But if it's possible……]

Thereupon, asking us a single request, she left. How should I say this…… It looked like they were having a hard time…… I hope that they can safely meet up with each other.

After parting with Cento-san, I continued my date with Sieg-san, and we found a large building, or what seemed to be an establishment.

From the signboard at the entrance…… It seemed like there were a variety of physically-oriented attractions here, and by purchasing an entrance ticket, you could freely play for a certain amount of time.

I got the impression that it was more like a playground, or perhaps, an amusement establishment like the ones back in Japan.

[……It looks interesting, should we go in]

[Yes, I've never been to a facility like this before…… but I guess this would be like those attractions on the first day of the Six Kings Festival]

[Ahh, I've never been to one before. I didn't get the chance to play in the sports section of the Six Kings Festival, I'm looking forward to it.]

It certainly closely resembled the attractions in Megiddo-san's festival at the Six Kings Festival…… and since I've really only been able to play a few times, being preoccupied with heading towards where the War King's Five Generals were, I'm really looking forward to it.

Excitedly, I bought an admission ticket and went inside……

[ [ ……Ahh. ] ]

[……I'm surprised. For us to meet for the third time already, this really must be fate, don't you think You falling in love with me yet]

[No, thank you.]

[This is also a surprise, being rejected three times within a short period of time. Having no victory marks, it seems like my love record is just piling up failure marks. I'd really like to have a taste of triumph.]

……It was a really unexpected coincidence, but I encountered Tre-san for the third time.

Serious-senpai : [Three consecutive failures huh……]

: [You totally bombed it there. Don't you feel embarrassed saying that Do you even feel any hesitation at all]

(T/N: 黒い三連敗 / A gundam seed reference, I think)

Serious-senpai : [……Stop, I don't want to hear that…… Just listening to it makes me feel dirty……]-

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