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Its the second night since I came to Rigforeshia, and tomorrow is the harvest festival where Im participating in, and I want to rest already for the incoming day…… I dont know if its because I got lots of sleep in the daytime, or perhaps because I fainted earlier, but I cant sleep.

Just when I was thinking about getting some evening breeze, theres a somewhat reserved knock on the door.


I reflexively replied, but I received no reply.

Under normal circumstances, I might have been distrusting when someone suddenly knocks on my door at night, but with my Sympathy Magic, I know whos visiting me.

[Whats the matter Sieg-san.]


I didnt receive any answer after her knock because the one knocking was Sieg-san.

Its almost time for the date to change, but when I asked her what she wanted, Sieg-san made a small motion with her hand.

[Are you going for a stroll Yeah, I also couldnt get some sleep.]

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I dont know if Sieg-san also couldnt get some sleep either or shes just wide awake, but she asked me if I wanted to go for a stroll.

Since I was about to get some night breeze anyway and I wouldnt have to worry about anything with her around, I nodded in response to Sieg-sans invitation.

I walk side by side with Sieg-san through the streets of Rigforeshia, which are lit by moonlight.

In front of us is a glowing sphere-shaped magic tool…… An item that was apparently called a Portable Illumination Magic Tool which was often used to light up ones path.

Its just like the flashlights in our world, but this magic tool doesnt need to be held in your hand, and you can adjust the direction it shines, making this one more efficient.

After walking for a while, we arrive at a place that is like a plaza, and Sieg-san prompts me to sit on a bench there.

Sieg-san also came to sit next to me like its normal, as her red ruby-like hair faintly gleamed with the illumination magic tool, my heart cant help but skip a bit at her beauty from looking at her from her side.

The night in Rigforeshia is very quiet, and the occasional breeze caressing my cheeks feels pleasant.

After a brief moment of silence, I suddenly thought of something and called out to Sieg-san.

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[Speaking of which, Sieg-san. I have been able to thank you properly. For saving me, thank you v—— Eh]


I was going to properly thank her for protecting me from the Black Bears attack, but as I was speaking, Sieg-san held up her index finger in front of my face and interrupted me.

Then, she shook her head a few times, and after taking out a memo pad and pen from her pocket, she wrote something on it.

“I think it should rather be me whos thanking you. Kaito-san, thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to restore my strained relationship with Lili to how it was back then.]

[Ah, no, I didnt really do anything to……]

I only said what I thought at that time, and I think the reason why Sieg-san and Lilia-san were able to restore their relationship is because she sincerely thought about her when she scolded her.

So, I replied that I didnt particularly do anything in particular, but Sieg-san shook her head again and began writing on her memo pad.

“I needed someone to push me. And you were the one who pushed me forward. Humility may be a virtue, but you should understand when to receive compliments.]


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“……However, Id like you to be a bit careful about something.”

[Be careful What of]

After writing up to that point, Sieg-san holds out a note with the rest of what shes trying to say while looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

“I know that the method you used earlier cant be helped but…… please dont be too reckless.”


“You being injured makes me sad…… so I hope youll take care of yourself.”


After scolding me like Im her naughty younger brother, Sieg-san looks at me with a gentle expression on her face, and I give her my firm reply.

Nodding after she heard my reply, Sieg-san then softly smiled and wrote some more in her memo pad.

“……Kaito-san. Can I…… borrow your shoulder for a moment”

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[My shoulder Ah, yes. Im fine with it but……]

“In that case, please excuse me.”

[Wha! S- Sieg-san!]

I didnt really understand what she meant when she said she wanted to borrow my shoulder, but when I nodded as I didnt have any particular reason to refuse, Sieg-san leaned towards me with her head on my shoulder.

Sieg-sans height is about the same as mine, and although it can be said that she had just the right height to lean on me…… I never thought that it would turn into a situation like this.

Her long ears, the peculiar characteristic of the elves, swayed slightly, and I can feel Sieg-sans body heat from her head placed on my shoulder.

Sieg-san stayed like that for a while, with her eyes closed and leaning her weight on me.

Im naturally not calm at all as a beauty like Sieg-san is doing that to me, and my heart has been pulsing like an annoying alarm clock since a while ago.

“Kaito-san, will you always…… hear my voice”


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As I froze sitting there in place, a note was held out to me out of the corner of my eye, as if it had been written there at some point.

“As you can see, I cant speak, and perhaps, my tall stature can be intimidating, but I dont get talked too much.”

[C- Certainly, I also thought that Sieg-san was the cool type of person too.]

Sieg-san is about 170cm tall for a woman with a very well-defined face and a calm atmosphere, so when I first met her, I had assumed that she was a cool, stoic person.

“However, you talked about a lot of things with me. Even when I cant answer you, you didnt feel adverse towards me…… and Im really happy with that.”

[Its just that I enjoyed talking to Sieg-san. I did think you were a cool person at first…… but in fact, when I spoke to Sieg-san, I found you to be very homely, kind, and easy to talk to.]

“…… Thank you very much.”

After hearing my words, Sieg-san smiled a little shyly, and after closing her eyes again, she leaned her head on my shoulder again.

The silence that came again wasnt uncomfortable, but it somehow feels warm and calming.

Basking in silence for a while…… As I yielded my body to the occasional night breeze and enjoyed the gentle flow of time, Sieg-san slowly lifted her head from my shoulder and quietly stood up.

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“Its not a good idea to stay up too late, it would hinder us in the event tomorrow. We should get back soon.”


Following Sieg-sans words, I get up from the bench.

And just as we were walking back the path we used, Sieg-san grasps my hand as if it was normal.





Im surprised by the suddenness of the situation, but Sieg-san doesnt reply and just continues walking forward.

Sieg-sans cheeks seemed to be slightly reddish, though it might have been the light, as she placed her thin, soft hands over mine and walked a little in front of me, pulling me along.

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Separating from Sieg-san at the entrance of the inn, I returned to my room.

I somehow felt like what happened just now was just a dream, just as I was about to lie down in my bed, that when I noticed something.

Before I knew it, there was a little note inserted in the pocket of my clothes, which was undoubtedly written by Sieg-san, and picking it up, I leaned close to the rooms illumination magic tool and read the note.

“Kaito-kun is always straightforward and kind, and that is why I like you. Please remain the kind person as you are now, even in the future. Im troubled since I have lots of rivals, but I will do my best…… So if you can, please also turn my way once in a while.”


Looking at this note, written in a way that seems to express something, I tilted my head in my room.

I guess this means that she likes me, but what does she mean by rivals If I remember correctly, Sieg-san and the others wont be joining the harvest festival tomorrow, so I dont think she would be competing with other participants……

Hmmm. I dont really know what she meant, but I dont particularly feel uncomfortable.

Just thinking about it didnt seem to give me an answer, so I put the note away in the magic box and after turning off the light, I laid down on the bed.

I couldnt fall asleep earlier, but thanks to Sieg-san, I feel like Im going to get some good night sleep.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Sieg-san and I strolled down the street at night and talked about stuff. I dont really get her intentions from some of her actions, but—– I guess were getting along better, right


No, no, she even went that far, so go notice it already……

T/N: No daily chap tomorrow anyway, so I might as well drop this chapter.


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