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In the park off the street where I wandered by, I had found a woman dancing alone. Since she was a friend of Raz-san's friend, I thought of introducing myself and asked for her name, but for some reason, she said she was being proposed to.

……Her words dont make sense in my mind. I'm pretty sure none of my actions makes her lead to such a conclusion. I just introduced myself, then asked her name. That should be all there was to it.

……No, wait.

Indeed, "in my common sense", asking for a person's name isn't being associated with proposals. However, I can't say that that also wasn't the case for other species.

Since she said she was a friend of Raz-san's friend, and from what I understood regarding the characteristics of magic power, I think there's a high probability that this woman is a Demon.

Demons consist of different species with their own different cultures…… Which means, it wouldn't be surprising if such a unique custom exists among this woman's species!

[I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge. I only asked for your name based on my own common sense, and didn't know that species where that's the customary way to propose.]

[Shocking fact…… In other words, I'm surprised that species with such a strange custom exists. The world sure is big…… In other words, I thought I had lived for a long time, but this is the first time I have heard about that.]


That wasn't the case! Eh But then, as for other reasons why she would make such a misunderstanding…… I can't think of anything else other than this woman just had a strange way of thinking……

What am I supposed to do here…… As I was thinking that I shouldn't just ask her name, the woman in front of me giggled.

[Apology…… In other words, I just meant to say it as a little joke, but I apologize for confusing you. Lack of sense…… In other words, it seems like I really lack some sense of humor. Occurred a few times back then…… In other words, there have been a few times when my jokes go unnoticed.]

[Ehh Y- You were joking……]

I had been wondering why I could feel enjoyment from my Sympathy Magic, but she was just joking around huh…… Rather than her not having a sense of humor, I think it's more like the cool expression on her face makes it hard to notice.

However, why is she suddenly making a joke here As soon as that question popped into my mind, the woman suddenly and unexpectedly moved her hand and lightly touched my temple with her index finger.

[A small crease between your eyebrows…… In other words, I've detected that you were under a bit of stress. Relaxation is important…… In other words, you were a bit tired, so I was hoping to soothe you a little bit. Unfortunately failed…… In other words, I forgot that I lack the sense of humor.]

It seems that the woman's sudden joke was an attempt for me to relax, as I looked a little tired.

Now that she mentioned it, meeting the Ten Demons for the first time, one after another, may have made me a bit tired.

[Once again, self-introduction…… In other words, my name is "Ariel". I'm in your care.]

[Ah, yes. I'm also in your care. Errr, can I call you Ariel-san]

[Nicknames are a-okay…… In other words, you can also call me A-chan, you know Unprecedented…… In other words, I've never been called that before.]

[……I'll call you Ariel-san.]

How should I say this…… I don't know if I should say that she's a really peculiar person or not…… but rather than her being airheaded, I feel like she's as elusive as clouds.

[Question…… In other words, my apologies, even though we've just introduced ourselves, but can I ask Kaito a question]

[Yes, I don't mind.]

[Gratitude…… In other words, thank you. Errand…… In other words, I came to Symphonia's royal capital because my friend asked me to buy something for her. Currently lost…… In other words, I'm not familiar with the area and I don't know where the store I'm looking for is located. Call for help…… In other words, I had a map drawn to where it is, but ]

Thereupon, Ariel-san pulled out a notepad and checked it.

[……It's a bit far from here. I haven't been there much either, but it looks like it's on the main street, so I have some idea of where it is. If you want, should I lead you there]

[Very grateful…… In other words, I'd appreciate it.]

It was difficult to verbally explain how to go there since it was a bit far away and I never had any particular business with that area, so I just offered to lead her there.

Then, as we walked out of the park and down the street, I exchanged a quick chat with Ariel-san.

[……Speaking of which, why were you dancing there, Ariel-san]

Ariel-san's dancing was magnificent, but I couldn't connect her dancing with her being lost, so I asked her. Ariel-san then nodded once before explaining.

[I'm unfamiliar with the streets…… In other words, I was lost and wondering what to do. My means to break down my situation was meager…… In other words, I didn't know anyone who was familiar with this area, so I had nothing to do. All I could do was dance…… In other words, dancing would solve most of my problems, so I danced.]

[……No, no! There is no connection between those two things! That doesn't solve anything……]

Her ridiculous theory developed into something ridiculous…… I understand that she's lost and she's in trouble because she doesn't know what to do. Being in an unfamiliar place, I would understand when one feels uneasy and not know where to ask for directions.

But after that, I just don't understand how she arrived at the conclusion of "Alright, let's dance". Moreover, this park she was dancing in was enclosed in a barrier, so there is almost no possibility that something will happen that would break her out of her current situation.

[The result is proof…… In other words, look at what happened, "it had come true".]

[Uuuuu…… N- Now that you mentioned it…… Indeed.]

Indeed, now that she mentioned it, the reason I'm leading Ariel-san is that I fell in love with Ariel-san's dancing…… and she certainly has somehow managed to get through the situation by dancing.

As I looked like I'm unable to refute her, a really happy smile appeared on Ariel-san's lips.

[Don't overthink…… In other words, sometimes, it's good to not think about things and let things go unplanned. It's the secret to enjoying everyday life…… In other words…… It's advice from your elder.]

[How should I say this…… sounds like you're having fun.]

[I had a good encounter…… In other words, coincidence it may be, I'm glad that I've met Kaito.]

[I- Is that so……]

As I thought, how should I say this…… saying things that make one embarrassed without hesitation, she really is an elusive person.

However, unnn…… If I were to be asked if she's a good person or not, I'm pretty sure that she is a good person.

Serious-senpai : [I somehow imagine her as an easy-going, fluffy onee-san.]

Makina : [……This is bad, she's taking up my character.]

Serious-senpai : [……What the heck are you talking about I have lots of tsukkomis I'd like to throw at you, but first of all…… The people here have already had enough with just you alone, so there's no way in heck we would want to see a character overlapping with a lunatic like you!!!]-

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