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After our introductions, we sat down at the table Nia-san had prepared for us and chatted over tea. However, having met Gluttony-san and Astaroth-san earlier, I'm already quite full.

The tea that was served was very ordinary…… but the teacakes were anything but that. There were quite a few different kinds, such as marshmallow-like sweets and light snack-like foods…… but for some reason, everything was "skewered".

How much does this guy love skewers……

[……Well, I guess this should be tolerable.]

Looking at the skewered teacakes, Pandora-san also had a dumbfounded look on her face, but she didn't pay any attention to Nia-san's antics, as there was nothing gory in it.

I also had no particular problems with it, since it's easier to eat on skewers.

[I really wanted to prepare some more variety to it but……]

[Errr, you really like skewers huh]

[Yes, skewering may look simple, but it's an advanced art that requires delicate distribution, such as finding the right balance between the front and the back, the left and the right. The angle is also important……]

[Wait, Moloch. The story of yours would definitely take long, so stop right there.]

[……I wanted to let Miyama Kaito-sama know the wonders of skewering is…… What a shame.]

If it's possible, I'd like to remain ignorant of the wonders of skewering for the rest of my life…… Well, since she properly stops when you tell her off, I think she's better than Eden-san.

I think it's wrong to use her as a comparison though……

[S- Speaking of which, I'm sorry if I'm mistaken. Was Moloch-san's species Devil, Daemon, or something like that]

[You have quite the discerning eye.]

No, rather than discerning eyes…… She looks exactly like a devil……

[I'm the leader of the Daemons, known as the Daemon Lord.]

[Some Humans mistakenly believe that Incubus and Succubus are Daemons, but they are of a different race known as "Lustful Demons", and they have their own leader.]

Moloch's words were supplemented by Pandora-san. Indeed, thinking of Incubi and Succubi makes me imagine that they're daemons.

Ahh, come to think of it, Chris-san did mention in a letter that her mother was a succubus.

As I was thinking about that, Pandora-san added more explanations.

[Incidentally, just as I had mentioned earlier, the leader of the Lustful Demons is Lilim, whom I plan to lead Miyama-sama after Moloch.]

[……Pandora-sama. You're going to visit Lilim after this However, Miyama Kaito-sama is a man, right Wouldn't it be best if he gets far away from that sleazebag]

[I thought so too, but Shalltear-sama said that Miyama-sama would be alright.]

[……I see, if that's what Shalltear-sama says.]

Come to think of it, when I was first briefed about the Ten Demons, Pandora-san seemed hesitant to let Lilim-san and I meet.

However, if Lilim-san is a succubus and the leader of Lustful Demons, I guess it makes some sense. I imagine that she would be a user of a charming ability or something like that, but Shiro-san's blessing would definitely protect me from those kinds of status conditions.

[Ahh, speaking of which, Miyama-sama…… As instructed by Shalltear-sama, another person will be in charge of guiding you to Lilim, not me.]

[Eh Is that so]

[Yes. Miyama-sama is acquainted with Lilim's blood relative, so she thinks it would be better if she were to be the one to introduce you two.]

[Someone I'm acquainted with]

I thought about Pandora-san's words for a moment. A blood relative I know…… Wait, was she talking about the person I just thought of

Other than her, I have no idea who it could be, so I think it's highly likely that it's her.

[……Are you talking about Chris-san]

[Yes, that's right. Lilim is the mother of Archlesia Empire's current Emperor, Chris Dia Archlesia.]

It seems that my prediction was correct, and Chris-san's mother, who I heard about in her letters, was Lilim-san, one of the Ten Demons.

How should I say this…… The world sure is small…… However, hmmm, if I'm going to ask Chris-san to introduce me, I think it would be better to get introduced on another day rather than going right after Moloch-san.

Even though I think Pandora-san will say that their schedule wouldn't be a problem, and even if I visit her suddenly, the kind Chris-san would make time to help me, but as expected, doing such a thing would make me feel bad.

[I see. In that case, since I'm also too tired to go on today, I'll try visiting her at a later day.]

I suggested that for the time being, I should just meet her on another day because I was too tired. Well, with the three people having quite the deep personalities, me being tired is indeed true.

Hearing my words, Nia-san's eyes lit up.

[Miyama Kaito-sama! If you have the time, how about I show you my collection I have a fine selection of the finest arts!]

[……Stop it, Moloch. Your selection of finest arts would definitely just be skewered creatures……]

[I also have an assortment of creatures that have been alive and moving slightly for about a thousand years, skewered at just the right angle, you know]

[Don't show that to Miyama-sama. Listen here, okay Definitely don't show him that!]

[……B- But…… I'm quite confident in them though……]

I wonder why I've never felt like Pandora-san was as reliable as today. I mean, strangely enough, it makes me feel like Pandora-san was a sensible person…… She's actually one of the dangerous ones though……

【Moloch】 (Real Name : Satania Darklord)

A Daemon Lord who reigns at the top of the Daemons, and one of the Ten Demons. Since her complete defeat from Alice in the past, she has been adoring Alice and her loyalty for her had bugged out.

Back then, as she had been a Special Individual Daemon…… The name of her species had been called Daemon King, but under the leadership of her King, Alice, she was forced to change the name of the Special Individual Daemon to Daemon Lord.

(Also, she gets very angry if you call her by her former species name "Daemon King".)

She believes that skewering is an art form, so she skewers anything and everything. She also likes to collect cursed works of art, and her hobby is rather…… demonic.

Putting aside the weirdness of her hobbies, she is sincere and can be considered sensible to some extent. Also, she takes up the valuable tanned-girl slot.-

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