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It was decided that I would visit Gluttony-san first, and as soon as I finished getting ready, Alice disappeared and Pandora-san returned after disappearing for a short while.

[Thank you for waiting, Miyama-sama. I've had the Teleportation Inhibition Ward temporarily lifted, so the "entrance" will open shortly.


At the same time as I asked back, a vertical streak of light suddenly appeared in the space of the room, which turned into a shining gate.

[It seems that they have elaborated the shape of the entrance to welcome Miyama-sama. I told them not to come here, but to wait in standby, so let's go.]

[Y- Yes.]

Speaking of which, it was said that she was a master of Space-time Magic, so I guess that means that if I pass through this glowing gate, I will reach the place where Gluttony-san is.

When I followed Pandora-san through the glowing gate…… I arrived in a place with incredibly mysterious scenery. A golden bridge-like scaffolding stretched out, surrounded by brightly colored tower-like buildings, creating a spectacular view.

[……What is this place]

[This is a subspace created by Gluttony. This space was originally a bit more deserted…… but it was probably adjusted to welcome Miyama-sama.]

Apparently, Gluttony-san had adjusted the subspace scenery for me as soon as she got the call from Pandora-san. It was quite a surprise, but at least, I could tell that she welcomed my visit.

Walking a little further, looking at the glittering scene and saw an open space, where a figure stands in the middle.

A black-haired girl dressed in a Gothic Lolita-style dress made of white fabric and decorated with black roses, with a petite body of less than 130cm and amber eyes, holding a large eye-catching stuffed rabbit on her chest.

This girl with the cute but somewhat mysterious atmosphere around her…… Could she be Gluttony-san

[……Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit. Miyama Kaito-sama, it's an honor to meet you.]

[Ah, yes. Nice to mee———- [Miyama-sama, please wait.] ————Eh]

In response to Gluttony-san, approaching and softly greeting me with a bow, I tried to return the greeting, but somehow, my words were stopped mid-sentence by Pandora-san.

When I turned to Pandora-san, wondering why she stopped me, she looked at Gluttony-san with a serious expression on her face and spoke.

[……Gluttony, I understand that you hold no ill intentions with your actions. However, Miyama-sama is recognized by Shalltear-sama as her lord, a noble person standing above us. Your first meeting with Miyama-sama…… wouldn't it make sense for "you to do the talking yourself"]


"……I have no words to refute you. Indeed, it is as you say."

[E- Ehhhhh!]

Right after Pandora-san told me, a different voice resounded…… "from the stuffed rabbit that the girl was holding". And at the same time, I felt magic power from the stuffed toy.

I suppose that's what this means huh. The real Gluttony-san isn't the girl with black hair……

"Put me down, Natasha."

[……Yes. Gluttony-sama.]

As if to affirm my prediction, the black-haired girl called Natasha put down the stuffed toy…… Gluttony-san walked up to me, dropped to one knee and bowed its head.

"My deepest apologies, Miyama Kaito-sama. As you may have guessed, I am the real Gluttony. I apologize deeply for acting upon my usual habit, trying to deceive other people's eyes."

[Ah, no, please raise your head. I was just a little surprised and really didn't mind it that much.]

"Thank you for your generosity."

This is, how should I put it…… quite amazing…… Gluttony-san was flooding me with such a tremendous amount of respect and adoration that I was almost taken aback.

Unnn, I knew right away. I'm pretty sure Gluttony-san is just like Alice said, one of those people with bugged-out loyalty.

"Once again, I am one of the Ten Demons, bearing the name Gluttony. By my side is the one who usually pretends to be me, and her name is Natasha."

[……Nice to meet you.]]

[Gluttony is a very cautious person, usually mimicking a stuffed toy, and only a few of the Ten Demons know their true identity.]

I see. When I first met her, I could only feel Natasha-san's magic power through Sympathy Magic, so I guess Gluttony-san was trying to keep their magic power from leaking out at all, just like how Zwei-san usually do. This alone conveyed her high level of ability.

[Errr, once again, I'm Miyama Kaito. Gluttony-san, thank you very much for helping me in that battle with the God Realm.]

"I'm unworthy of your grace."

Perhaps, thanks to Pandora-san's advance notice, Gluttony-san received my words of thanks with the reverence of a knight only fulfilling their orders, deeply bowing once, before standing up.

"Since Miyama Kaito-sama has graciously come to visit us this time, we have prepared a small welcome party for you."

[……Wait, Gluttony, don't tell me……]

"I have prepared some of the finest delicacies in the Three Realms, so if it's alright with you, I'd like you to try them out."

As soon as Gluttony-san announced this, Natasha-san arrived pushing a huge cart.

Are the finest delicacies that she was talking about on that cart ……That kinda looks like a "grotesque kaiju" though…… I wonder if that's even safe for humans to eat……

Serious-senpai : [As expected of his Flag-retrieving ability……]-

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