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Shopping at Alice's weapon shop, Aoi-chan had purchased a meter long staff, while Hina-chan purchased greaves as her weapon and a light, protective clothing made of special thread as an armor.

The weapons they purchased were the cheapest ones in the store, and according to Alice, they were for beginners, while they splurged a bit when it comes to their armors, as advised by Alice and Hapti-san.

After confirming their payment, the main body Alice appeared from behind me and called out to them.

[Now that you two have your equipment, your field training in the name of your first quest has been completed. I'll be looking forward to your future activities…… is what I'd like to conclude this matter with, but well, since it looks like you two are doing your best in this and you're also related to Kaito-san…… I'll give you both a special service.]

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, as well as I, tilted our heads at Alice, who made such an introductory statement. They have already made their payments, so I guess the special service that Alice mentioned here isn't a discount or anything like that.

They already have all the weapons and armor they need, and it's not like she could give out the equipment they bought as a present…… In that case, would it be a useful tool or something like that

As I was expecting that, what Alice said was completely beyond my expectations.

[……I'm thinking of giving you two your own "Heart Tools".]

I was astonished at what she said, but Aoi-chan and Hina-chan only curiously looked at her. Well, they probably don't know what a Heart Tool is, so their reaction is natural.

Seeing their reactions, Alice gave them the same explanation she had given me before.

[……Well, Heart Tools are that kind of power. Since the both of you are humans, you could summon it within your heart…… Well, there's a possibility that my Affection Meters aren't high enough for you to summon them though.]

Although she said such a thing, based on her mumbles a while ago, she must have decided that they would be able to summon their Heart Tools and initiated this conversation.

[However, the Heart Tool is a power from another world…… Above all, if this power were to carelessly spread in this world, it would affect the power balance in this world, and just like how mechanical products were being withheld in this world, there's a possibility that Shallow Vernal-sama would complain if the technique of another world were to spread too widely. Well, you two were related to Kaito-san, so I'm sure she'll let this pass…… Anyway, that's why I'm going to let the two of you summon your own Heart Tools, though with the restriction that "you couldn't add any new Heart Tool Users".]

[……You can do that too huh, Alice.]

[I can do most things. Enough that I may seem omnipotent to the average person.]

[Was it alright that  I didn't go through such a procedure]

My own Heart Tool hasn't awakened yet…… I don't find any sign of it waking up, but I still had a Heart Tool summoned within my heart. It might be difficult to limit it with magic because of Shiro-san's blessing, but there shouldn't be any problem if we ask for Shiro-san's cooperation.

[No, Kaito-san's Heart Tool is an intangible type, so there's no problem.]

[I see, in that case…… Unnn You already know what my Heart Tool would be like, Alice]

[Even if your Heart Tool hasn't awoken yet, as long as you have summoned it, I would be able to use it with my Ἑκατόγχειρες…… but it would be no fun if I tell you what it is, so you can just look forward to when it awakens.]

[……Fumu, it doesn't seem like it would awaken anytime soon though……]

[Well, it really depends on the individual…… It might sound extreme, but my Heart Tool had been summoned after I was born, but I didn't manage to awaken it until I was 12 years old, so it's better if you just wait and see if it will come in handy someday.]

Saying this with a smile, Alice let Aoi-chan and Hina-chan touch her Heart Tool.

[How is it]

[Ah, yes. I kinda feel like it was there……]

[I felt as if something had just come inside my body.]

It seems that the two of them have successfully received their Heart Tools. It's not necessarily an ability that's suited for combat, but it will be a great help to them in their future adventuring activities once they awaken.

As I was looking at the two of them talk with each other, after thanking Alice, about what kind of Heart Tools they would have in their possession, Alice spoke to me.

[Come to think of it, the only one close to Kaito-san who is a pure human is Lilia-san huh.]

[……Lilia-san would also be able to summon a Heart Tool]

[……I'm not saying that she couldn't summon it, but in her case, she doesn't need anything more in terms of combat power. Besides……]


[Having a high level of talent or fighting ability doesn't necessarily give you a powerful Heart Tool, and there's a chance that she'd get an ability that isn't suitable for combat. However, how should I say this Somehow, when I think of her summoning a Heart Tool…… I feel she'd awaken to a very powerful Heart Tool. So, I'll just put this on hold.]

……Somehow, I could understand what she's feeling.

~ ~ Extra : Each characters' Heart Tools ~ ~

【Ἀχιλλεύς】(User : Yuzuki Hina)

A greaves-type Heart Tool that allows the user to run freely on walls and in the air. It has no offensive capabilities, but it works extremely well with the speedy Hina, making it extremely versatile.

Also, the name of the Heart Tool is nothing but a name, and her heels wouldn't be her weakness.

(T/N: Her Heart Tool is literally named Achilles.)

【Ásgarðr】(User : Kusunoki Aoi)

It's a giant wand-shaped Heart Tool that gives her the ability to "ignore all restrictions and activate" any magic that Aoi recognizes as "Earth-Attribute Magic".

As long as Aoi recognizes this magic as one with the Earth-Attribute, it's an extremely powerful ability that can be used for magic that she couldn't activate with her own magic power or skill level, but it consumes 25% of her maximum magic power for each activation, and the consumed magic power doesn't recover for a certain period of time, so it's more of a trump card than the more versatile Heart Tool of Hina.

(T/N: Her Heart Tool is that Asgard. It seems like Author is picking up nordic now.)

【Hauteclere】(User : Lilia)

A greatsword-type Heart Tool. It has the effect of making the attack that you unleash with this Heart Tool "theoretically the most powerful that you can reach with your talent". It can be described as a "limited Critical Point of Fate", which is a very strong ability as Alice predicted.

However, the effect is "only active for a single strike", and there's a "cooldown limit of one hour" before it can be used again…… but this cooldown can be "shortened by accelerating time", so if Lilia were to acquire this Heart Tool, her power would be equal to the Six Kings, only in terms of attack power.

It was a good thing Alice put this on hold.

(T/N: Her Heart Tool is based on Hauteclere, Oliver's sword in the French hero epic "The Song of Roland")-

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