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While Kaito was puzzled and relieved by Lilia-san's unusual reaction, a certain person appeared before Nidzveld who was in the guest room of Kaito's mansion.

[Are youuuu alright with teaaaaa]

[Ahh, I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm sorry, thanks…… Unnn]

As she was about to thank the maid for giving her tea…… Illness, Nidzveld's words stopped mid-sentence as she looked at Illness with a questioning expression on her face.

When Illness curiously tilted her head at her reaction, looking like she was trying to choose her words, Nidzveld spoke.

[……From the way you act, you appear to be a very strong person…… Ummm…… Have we met somewhere before]

[Nooooo~~ Couldn't it just be your imaginatioooon]

[Mnhh, I see…… Indeed, it's hard to believe that I would forget the face of a warrior of your level. Excuse me, I must have been mistaken.]

[No, nooooo~~ Don't worry about iiiiiit.]

As a matter of fact, the two of them are acquainted. Illness has met and talked with Nidzveld in the past as Pandemonium.

Then, why doesn't Nidzvled realize who Illness is, even after listening to Illness' tone that was quite peculiar…… The reason for this was Recognition Inhibition Magic.

Due to the nature of the work that Phantasmal King's subordinates undertake, requiring them to infiltrate various places, they tend to be more skilled in Information Concealment Magic and Recognition Inhibition Magic than the other camps. Among them, the Ten Demons, who are the leaders of their camp, have received direct training from their King, Shalltear, and are among the most skilled in the world in terms of magic like this.

That's also the same case for the current Illness, as even if it's just "suppressing her magic power", much less Nidzveld, it's effective even against some of the Six Kings.

But of course, no matter how skilled she is, Illness' Recognition Inhibition Magic is nowhere near Shalltear's. Shalltear's Recognition Inhibition Magic is at a level where even the Six Kings and Supreme Gods wouldn't be able to detect it even if she directly speaks to them, and they would only notice when Shalltear turns hostile.

On the other hand, the Recognition Inhibition Magic that Illness wears isn't as powerful as hers. If she suppresses her magic, she can deceive most people, but if her magic power were to increase even a little bit, she would be noticed immediately.

And the second thing is that, when it's someone as powerful as Nidzveld, even if they don't realize that Illness is really Pandemonium…… they can feel that something was out of place to the extent that "they feel like they've met somewhere before", so if they see each other multiple times, there's a possibility that they'll eventually realize who she is.

[The fact that you're serving me tea like this……. You're a maid in service to my comrade…… Miyama Kaito huh As expected of my comrade, to have a woman of your talents under his service.]

[It is an honoooor to receive your praiiiiiise.]

[It's actually wonderful. All the presences I could feel in this mansion are from people holding considerable ability. There are even two Count-ranks…… The rest would be around Baron-ranks As for you, you're too proficient with suppressing with your magic power, so I couldn't tell how powerful exactly you are…… but if you're that skilled with your magic control, you're definitely a Count-rank…… What do you think If circumstances permit us, why don't we have a bout]

[I would haaaaave to refuse thaaaaat.]

Nidzveld also possesses the temperament that is often seen in the War King's subordinates; she likes to fight against the strong. Because she herself is a woman of relentless ambition, she is always hungry for a fight with the strong.

This is also the reason why she is well-liked by War King Megiddo, and he often tells her that he would have wanted her under his command if she wasn't Magnawell's subordinate.

[I see. It was unfortunate, but I can't force you to fight me. If you change your mind, let me know. I'm always up for a fight with the strong.]

However, she isn't that crazy of a person who would indiscriminately start a battle. Quickly listening to Illness' words of refusal, she took a sip of the tea Illness had prepared for her.

[……Magnificent taste, you have excellent skills.]

[Much obliged.]

After replying to Nidzveld's comments, Illness deeply bowed once before leaving the room. After seeing her off and taking another sip of the tea, Nidzveld muttered to no one in particular.

[……Hmmm, I still feel like we've met somewhere before, but I can't remember where.]

After curiously tilting her head, she calmly looked out the window. However, noticing something, Nidzveld's eyebrow raised, and standing up, she walked towards the side of the window.

[Is that…… the World Tree Come to think of it, Lillywood-sama gave it to my comrade as a memorabilia from the Six Kings Festival, didn't she]

Nidzveld's eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at a rather small tree growing in the garden…… the World Tree, which had grown considerably in the two years since it was a seedling.

[……Might just be my imagination.]

Muttering, Nidzveld moved away from the window and sat back in her seat.

Yes, the reason why Nidzveld stood up from her chair and approached the window was that she thought she felt a strange presence. No, it wasn't so much a presence…… It was just that something seemed to be bothering her, but now, she couldn't find anything out of place.

And then, a few seconds later, Nidzveld "forgot about the strange presence that she felt", and sipped her tea again as if nothing had happened.

In addition, right around that time, in the center of the Demon Realm…… in the Sanctuary……

[……It seems like it's not a problem. Then, just as planned, let's make "her" the guard dog of Kaito's mansion, "as the spirit of his World Tree".]

The God of the world muttered to herself……

Serious-senpai : [……It seems like "the cause of most problems" is trying to do something again…… Does that mean there would be a chance for seriousness to show up again]

: [Like heck that would happen.]

Serious-senpai : [……Can't you just let me dream a little more……]-

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