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For the time being, I can't say that Lilia-san is mentally safe, but Shiro-san is visibly trying to get closer to her, so things should develop faster than I thought.

Since the initial greetings were over, I think it's best if we play and get to know each other a little better.

[Now then, since Shiro-san's concerns about the way she's called have been addressed, shall we start doing something]

[……Ahh, about that……]

When I tried pushing away the awkward atmosphere, Lilia-san, who looked like she was in the middle of achieving enlightenment, seemed to have snapped out of it, and for some reason, looking apologetic, she spoke.

[……Actually, I'm very sorry to say this, S- Shiro-sama…… but I've never been to the beach, so I don't know what to do……]

It's easy to forget as I usually feel like she's the friendly neighborhood onee-san, but Lilia-san is a former princess and the current head of a Duchy…… She is an authentic noble lady. It's a long way from the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom to the ocean, so in a way, it's no surprise that she's never been to the beach.

Thereupon, when Shiro-san heard these words, she nodded lightly and spoke, looking somewhat proud.

[You need not worry. This is already my second time to the beach, so I fully grasp everything that needs to be known about beaches.]

[T- That's very reassuring.]

Indeed, I had been to the beach with Shiro-san before…… b- but I wonder why Seeing Shiro-san look so confident, it somehow makes me feel uneasy instead.

Well, though I say that, we just have to safely swim for starters, so I don't think it would be that bad……

[There are many ways to play on the beach, but I recommend treasure hunting.]

[Treasure hunting]

[Yes. "First, we build a sunken ship".]

[————-Shiro-san, stoooooooopppppp!!!]

No, as I thought, this won't do. I can't just leave them like this. I feel like if I take my eyes off them, before I knew it, Hydra Kingdom's new landmark, which Laguna-san is so proud of, could turn into a ship graveyard. I have to be firm with them here……

[That certainly sounds like a great game, but I don't think it's appropriate for where we are today! So, how about we start swimming normally!]

[I- I also agree with Kaito-san!]

[Fumu…… I understand.]

Deciding to lead them to a direction to go, I suggested that we go swimming first. Even though she still looked pale, Lilia-san agreed with me, and Shiro-san, who didn't seem to be particularly concerned about treasure hunting, readily agreed.

Then, while the three of us moved towards the ocean, I called out to Lilia-san.

[……Lilia-san, are you alright]

[……Amazing, "this stomach medicine"…… The pain really did disappear in an instant———– Eh Ahh, yes. I'm alright.]

[What is that bottle]

[Errr, it was stomach medicine I received from Eden-sama.]

[……Why did Eden-san give Lilia-san stomach medicine No, more importantly…… Is it really alright to drink that]

The name of an unexpected person had popped up, so I was worried and asked her about it. How should I say this…… I don't mean to be rude, but I just can't imagine Eden-san giving something to Lilia-san, someone who isn't her child.

Though I say that, I don't think that stomach medicine would have any poison on it or anything…… Eden-san isn't someone who would pick a roundabout ways to do things, nor did she even need to do such a thing.

[She said it wouldn't harm me…… and the pain in my stomach disappeared somewhat unnaturally instantly, so I'm grateful to her, but I'm also a little worried.]

[……Please let me know if you notice any abnormalities in your body.]

H- Hmmm, I have no idea what Eden-san's intentions are. Was she just genuinely worried about Lilia-san and gave it to her That Eden-san, worrying about Lilia-san We've known each other for quite a while now, but she is still a mystery to me.

While I was thinking about that, we arrived at the beach.

[We're here huh. So, we're going to start swimming…… but have you ever swam before, Lilia-san]

[I've never swum before.]

[Alright. Then, I'll teach you———]

[Yes. If you could "show me how to swim once", that would be great.]

[————Eh Ah, yes.]

A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, Lilia-san could be seen swimming with a beautiful form. She really learned how to swim just by watching me swim once. Heck, her form was much more beautiful than mine.

It's easy to forget because of all the outrageously powerful people around us, but thinking about it again, Alice described Lilia-san as a genius on the level of being a bug of this world.

According to what I've heard, she has super high specs that she can do most things just by looking at it once.

[……Lilia-san doesn't seem to have any problem swimming anymore.]

[That's right.]

[……I'll ask just in case, but what about you, Shiro-san]

As I watched Lilia-san swimming, I asked the nearby Shiro-san. When I came to the beach with Shiro-san before, she just floated around and never swam.

Well, though I say that…… It really was a "just-in-case" question.

[I've never swum before, but I can swim.]

[I knew it.]

Yes, Shiro-san is almost omnipotent. If Lilia-san "can do most things once she sees them", Shiro-san "can do them without even seeing them". Once again, I was reminded of the difference between our specs.

[However, I'm wavering. It's very tempting to pretend that I can't swim and ask Kaito-san to teach me how to swim.]

[Why are you nonchalantly saying such a thing after just answering that you can swim…… No, well, for the time being, how about us three swimming together]

[Yes. Then, let's do that.]

The usual indifferent, airheaded tone…… that is what I heard, but from my past experience, I understood. It seems like Shiro-san is "excited".

The thought that there will be at least one more incident before I go to the next pair…… I guess that wouldn't just be my imagination.

Makina : [Ahh, look, look, Serious-senpai! My child just thought of me! Ahh, we're thinking about each other now!]

Serious-senpai : [That's right, my child is so cute.]

Makina : [Isn't he! The cuteness of my child never stops just by looking at him like this. Haahhh…… I wish I could go swimming too.]

Serious-senpai : [That's right, my child is so cute.]

Makina : [Right~~ My child's charm while he's in a swimsuit is also really wonderful! The atmosphere around here may be different, he's still the greatest! I could stare at him for thousands of hours!]

Serious-senpai : [That's right, my child is so cute.]

Makina : [Yeah, yeah! It's quite nice to watch my child's activities from the Afterword like this.]

Serious-senpai : [That's right, my child is so cute—————- Hah! W- What am I!]

T/N: I'm going to translate Hazure today, so no multiples tomorrow.-

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