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Although everything went well…… isn't something I could say, we decided to pair up for the time being and change into our swimsuits before regrouping.

We moved to a building which functions as changing rooms, where men and women were separated to change clothes…… Well, naturally, I was the first one to finish changing, and I had to wait for everyone else.

……Is what I'd like to say but……

[……You sure change fast, Shiro-san]

[I don't need to move to the changing room in the first place.]

[……Speaking of which, that's true.]

Shiro-san, wearing the same white-colored swimsuit and flowery pareo that she wore when we went to the beach together before, her hair tied in a ponytail, was waiting for us at the meeting place ahead of everyone.

This is the second time I've seen her in a swimsuit, and as always, her beauty makes me wonder if she's the Incarnation of Beauty.

[Errr, Shiro-san. Your swimsuit looks really beautiful. Your hairstyle also looks great on you.]

[Thank you. You can praise me more, you know Praises make me happy.]


As I smiled, somewhat relieved to see Shiro-san was just as usual, I thought about what would be happening from now on. In fact, frankly speaking…… I was a little nervous.

This is because, a few moments later, my lovers would finish changing and come here. And needless to think about it, I'm sure everyone will be very cute.

So, as their lover, it would be my duty to praise their appearance. And if it's possible, I would like to praise them in different ways.

However, the problem here is my vocabulary…… I'm not sure if I can come up with enough words to praise the seven of them……

It was already my second time seeing Shiro-san in her swimsuit, so I felt a little more relaxed around her, but from here on out would be my lovers dressed in something I would first see them in…… Let's give it our all.

As I was thinking about this, I heard Kuro's cheerful voice shortly after.

[Thank you for waiting~~……Wait, a- arehh]

When I turned around, I saw Kuro coming towards me with a bright smile on her face.

Kuro's swimsuit is a black two-piece bikini that looks simple at first glance, and a calming dark-colored floral pareo…… Arehh This combination……

Kuro, who appeared in a swimsuit that looked familiar, after coming close to me and Shiro-san…… and glancing at Shiro-san, she looked surprised, and looking away for a moment, she looked at Shiro-san again.

[……W- We're overlapping outfits!]

Yes, aside from color, Kuro's swimsuit was the exact same combination as Shiro-san's. On top of that, her hair was also in a ponytail…… Well, Kuro's hair isn't as long as Shiro-san's, so it's more of a short pony, but you could still say that even their hairstyle overlaps each other.

No, well, there are eight ladies here, so I think it's inevitable that some swimsuits will overlap with each other……

[C- Calm down, Kuro. There are 8 ladies here, so having overlapped couldn't be helped…… More importantly, it looks good on you. I think the dark color makes you look more mature and cool.]

[……Kaito-kun. Ehehe, thanks.]

Kuro was slightly shocked that her swimsuit overlaps with Shiro-san, but after I followed up, she seemed to recover and stood up with a bashful smile on her face.

……Ironically, however, there was one person in the scene whose ability to read the mood was turned off by default.

[I see this as my win.]

[……U- Unnn Your win…… What did you win]

Hearing Shiro-san suddenly declaring her victory for some reason, Kuro tilted her head with a wondering look on her face.

[I'm wearing this swimsuit for the second time. This is Kuro's first time in that swimsuit…… which means, I'm the first one to wear this.]

[U- Unnn]

[……In short, "Kuro is just following the trend I made", which made this my win.]


Whoa there, what is this strange atmosphere around me Upon hearing Shiro-san's words, Kuro's expression froze, and a little later, something like black mist started leaking out of her body.

[……W- What the heck is this. I don't really care anymore even if we're overlapping outfits, but the fact that Shiro looks that elated…… kinda annoys me.]



At that moment, I felt like I heard the sound of something snapping. I've known this for a long time, but Shiro-san is rather competitive when it comes to Kuro. Kuro is also rather unlenient when it comes to Shiro-san. From what I've heard, even the mild-mannered Kuro sometimes fights with Shiro-san.

It was proof that they were good friends but…… in this situation……

[……Shiro, how about we do some exercise before we go swimming Okay]

[I see, you want to be defeated more huh I don't mind.]

[I didn't lose in the first place though…… Was it that hard for blockhead Shiro to understand Then, I guess I'll have to drive it in your head for you.]

[Let me see you do that.]

Kuro, who told her that with a plastered smile on her face and Shiro-san, who expressionlessly responded, but is brimming with rivalry, after exchanging such words, the both of them disappeared. I think they went to fight somewhere.

……Well, it looks like they were rational enough to not just suddenly start fighting here, so I guess they'll be back by the time we go swimming.

Left alone on the beach, I was wrapped in an indescribably complicated atmosphere when I heard a lovely voice that soothed my heart.

[……Kaito…… Thank you for waiting.]


[……What…… do you think]

Looking slightly embarrassed, Isis-san arrived wearing a lovely light blue swimsuit with lots of frills.

Her long hair is tied in a single bundle behind her back, and her clear white skin is unsparingly exposed, making her look cheatingly adorable. Just looking at her seems to purify my heart…… She really is an angel.

[Your swimsuit is cute and looks really good on you. Your hairstyle is also refreshing and looks superb.]

[……Thank you…… I'm happy.]

……Seriously, I think it's so wrong to give such a lovely person a nickname as disturbing as Death King. The fellow who attached such a nickname to her is someone I really know though……

[Kai-chaaaaaan, thanks for waitiiiing~~]

[Ahh, Fate-san———–!]

And the next thing that assaulted me was shock…… Fate-san appeared in a swimsuit with a tremendous impact that almost made me scream "huge" at just a quick glance.

Fate-san's swimsuit…… I only vaguely remember it, but I think it was called a cross halter It was a bikini with the fabric crossed in front of her neck, showing off her cleavage.

It's a well-balanced shade of white, purple and black, and I think it suits Fate-san well, but what inevitably shocked me even more than that was the size of her bountiful breasts.

The impact of the swimsuit of Fate-san, who possesses the biggest breasts of all my lovers, is quite tremendous, and now that she's normally towards me without riding her cushion, my eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her bouncing breasts.

Watching her approach, I was taught of the appeal of transistor glamour.

(T/N: Transistor Glamour = A small/petite woman with a sexy body)

[……Fate-san, wearing that swimsuit drastically changed your image. It's kind of new, but you look really charming.]

[A- Ahaha, thanks…… Even so, this is the first time I've worn a swimsuit…… but it a little tight, isn't it]

[I- Is that so]

[Unnn, the area around my chest feels pressured, which is unlike the feeling I get in my usual clothing.]

[I- I- I- I see……]

Fate-san casually told me such a thing, but I can't seem to keep my cool. That's because, if such a statement comes out…… As I thought, usually…… Fate-san really isn't wearing undergarments…… N- No, calm down, stop imagining things! I'm in a swimsuit right now, and it will be troublesome if I become strangely conscious of it.

C- Calm down, deep breaths…… However…… there are still 4 left, right Rather, thinking about it again…… I'm going to be surrounded by eight beautiful women in swimsuits, right Will I really be able to keep my cool until the end

~ ~ Extra : The Depressed Makina-chan ~ ~

Makina-chan : [……For me to make such a blunder before my beloved child…… Even though I've always been a dignified, kind, motherly and dependable adult lady before him……]

Alice-chan : [There are lots of parts that I'd like to throw a tsukkomi at…… but you know, it's not like this is the first time Makina has acted like a no good scrap. Even up until now, you've only been able to cover it up by using the position of a dangerous God of another world, so it seems like you're acting like a no good scrap more often than you think.]

Makina-chan : [……I'm not a no good scrap. The person calling others no good scrap is the no good scrap. Alice is a bully, a big bully.]

Alice-chan : [Well, putting aside the reasoning where the person who calls others an idiot is an idiot, will you please get over it already The training isn't going anywhere.]

Makina-chan : [……Console me.]

Alice-chan : [……Yes]

Makina-chan : [……Kindly console me.]

Alice-chan : [What a pain in the ass……]-

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