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Arriving at Sieg-sans home, we were currently having a cup of tea while we waited for Lunamaria-san.

Sieg-sans home is made of calming wood, and the interior is quite spacious and soothing.

[By the way, Rei-san. Are you alright]

[……Good gracious, my daughters love really is quite heavy. I think I would need to use Recovery Magic on it.]

As we drank our tea, I called out to Rei-san, who looks like a firework just exploded right on his face.

In response, he smiled and held up his hand to his face, and as his hand emitted a faint light, the wounds on his face quickly healed.

[As expected of the “Former Court Mage”, what splendid skills you have.]

[Hahaha, well, as expected, Ive been feeling that my skills have been on the decline lately. Especially if Lilia-chan and Luna-chan are going to participate this time, its going to be hard for me to win the hunting tournament.]

[Is Lilia-san really that strong]

Apparently, Rei-san used to work as a court mage in the royal palace, and he is a very skilled mage.

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And that Rei-san highly evaluates Lilia-sans ability, so Kusunoki-san, who was wondering about it, asked so.

[Oya, you dont know Within the Symphonia Kingdom, Lilia-chan is said to be the one who holds “ability closest to the strongest”. Just her battle capabilities make her worthy of being the Knight Orders leader.]

[U- Ummm, Rei-san. Please stop……]

[Ive also heard others say Lilia-san is strong before, but was Lunamaria-san also that amazing]

Regarding Lilia-sans ability, I could definitely see it from the fact that she was already the runner-up in a martial arts tournament even just when she was a teenager, but Ive never heard of Lunamaria-san being strong before.

Ah, but come to think of it….. I cant really imagine it because of how she usually acts, but didnt Lunamaria-san mention that she was a former adventurer

[I think its safe to say that Luna is one of the favorites in winning the tournament. Her hunting skills, especially in the forests, are far better than mine because of her experience as an adventurer. Of course, Sieg is also one of the candidates to win, too. Although us elves are inferior to humans in terms of muscle strength, we have superior vision and hearing, and were also unrivaled in hunting in the forests. Especially since Siegs sword skills are even better than mine.]


[I see.]

I guess that its already something I expected, Sieg-san is also quite strong as well.

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Shes one of the elven race with excellent senses, and her sword skills are even better than Lilia-sans…… To be honest, I wonder why do I get the impression that Lilia-san is more of a power type rather than a technique-type Is it because she knocked me out cold many times

[……Kaito-san. Do you have something you want to say]

[I- Im not saying anything though!]

[Hahaha, well, generally speaking, theyre the best within the Symphonia Kingdom.]

Anyway, it seems that Lilia-san and the others are worthy candidates for overall victory. But as expected, the warriors of Rigforeshia, who usually hunt in the forest, are also excellent, so it doesnt seem to be so easy to win……

[Hmmm. The only one Ive seen battling in this world is Kuro so…… but I dont think the fight would be that exciting if someone uses magic.]

[Ummm, Kaito-san…… Comparing us with someone like her is strange. Youre comparing us to one of the strongest beings in the world, you know]

And well, thats how our enjoyable conversation went but…… A few moments later, the door flew open and Lunamaria-san rushed into the building.

[……Haaahh…… Haaahhh……]


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[M- My Lady! Theres an emergency!!!]

[Whats the matter]

Lunamaria-san, who came rushing in, must have come in too much of a hurry. Heavily breathing, she spoke to Lilia-san with an impatient look on her face.

Lilia-san must have sensed the unusual atmosphere she had, and thus, she also turned serious as she began urging her to continue.

[J- Just a moment ago, the “prize” for this years hunting tournament was announced, and that is……]

[The prize Ah, come to think of it, they still havent announced it huh.]

[Thats right~~ The prize last year was a magic tool, so I was also wondering what the prize was this year~~.]

In the hunting tournament, a prize will be presented to the winner every year, and Ive heard that it changes every year.

There are a variety of prizes, from money to items like magic tools, but it seems that this is what Lunamaria-san wanted to talk about.

[But this time, as its the 1000th anniversary of the creation of the Elven Forest…… Instead of the Elven Chief, World King-sama herself would be the one bestowing the prize!!!]

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[What! W- World King-sama would……]

[Luna…… That is…… Dont tell me……]

Hearing the words that Lunamaria said, Rei-san and Fia-san also looked at her like they couldnt believe it.

However, Lilia-sans expression looked even more impressive…… Rather than shock, whats that called again…… Its somehow close to looking aghast, but anyway, Lilia-san looks different from how she usually acts.

[Its as youre thinking…… The prize would be the “Fruit of the World Tree”.]

[ ! ! ]

At that moment, my Sympathy Magic sensed strong emotions.

Deep regret and…… rage directed to me

And the person emitting those strong emotions was…… Lilia-san.

[What is this fruit of the World Tree]

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[Legend has it that this fruit can heal sickness, wounds, and even restore missing limbs. Ive never seen one of it myself, but Ive heard that on rare occasions, World King-sama would give to her followers as a gift.]

[Its doesnt just worth a lot of money, its already priceless~~ Even some of World King-samas followers may have never seen the real thing.]

Rei-san and Fia-san responded to the question Yuzuki-san had asked, but they also looked like there are some complicated circumstances.

I wonder what that is This is…… The one who I can feel the strongest emotions is Lilia-san, but both Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san somehow have a pained look on their faces.

Thereupon, after saying “I have a few things to do”, Lilia-san left with Lunamaria-san, while Sieg-san had a pained expression on her face, looking at their departing figures.

Dear Mom, Dad—– I heard that the prizes for this hunting tournament were very awesome, but Lilia-san and the others somehow looked strange when they heard what this years prize is. Its something I dont know, but for Lilia-san and the others—– something complicated may have happened.-

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