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[Heehhh…… Well, considering that both sides are trying to step up, I guess it won't be strange if they get along with each other when the opportunity appears…… but even Alice-chan is surprised that Fate-san gave them her True Blessing.]

[I guess True Blessings really aren't something that Gods just give so easily huh]

The next day, after the relationship between my parents and Fate-san had improved, I went to Alice's miscellaneous goods store to report what had happened.

It was directly connected to Iris-san's bar, but thinking of doing some window shopping along the way, I just walked to Alice's miscellaneous goods store.

[That's right. The True Blessing is something that has great significance to the Gods. Especially the True Blessing of Fate-san, a Supreme God…… Well, whether a God depends on the individual or not, but this is indeed a very unusual case.]

[I guess it's really because it makes a person immortal]

[No, that's just a side effect…… Indeed, having such an effect in the blessing was great. However, that's not the most important effect of True Blessings.]


As I tilted my head, unable to immediately think of the point that she was talking about, Alice held up two fingers with a serious expression on her face.

[The two most important effects…… The first is that those who receive the True Blessing are allowed to speak in the name of their God. I'm sure Kaito-san already knows this, but being able to speak in the name of a God gives a person's words great authority.]

[……Being able to speak in the name of God really does sound amazing.]

[……The chances of a situation like this happening is really unlikely, but for example, even if Akari-san and Kazuya-san were to "speak in the name of God, filled with malicious intent", Fate-san, who gave them her blessing, would support their statements.]

[ ! ]

[Even if 99 people out of a 100 think that the words they speak are wrong, if Fate-san is that 1 that affirms it…… Those 99 people may not have any other choice. For the Gods, a name is something that is given directly by Shallow Vernal-sama along with their authorities, and thus, it would be a great shame for the Gods to disobey a statement used with the authority of a Supreme God. Well, it would only be a shame for the Gods after all, so depending on the content, they may ignore it…… but it's unlikely that they would actively deny those words.]

I see, I can somewhat understand the meaning of Alice's words. In short, the True Blessing may be a risk for the Gods, who may have to act against their will in some cases.

That's why the True Blessing can only be given to someone the Gods really, really trust……

[The second and this is more important than the first one. Receiving this blessing also means that you are under the "patronage" of that God. As I said earlier, a God's name is of great value to the Gods, and thus, the act of harming those who received such a blessing is tantamount to tarnishing the name given to them by Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[Which means, for instance, if Mom and Dad were to be in danger……]

[Fate-san is usually quite lazy, but she still holds the characteristics of a God, so she will definitely stand up for their sake. This is also an unlikely scenario, but if Kaito-san's parents were to be in mortal danger because they became the enemies with the Six Kings, Fate-san would protect them, even if it meant she would have to kill their enemies.]

[…… I see, that certainly is outrageous.]

[Yes, and here's the frightening part…… The decision is up to the individual. Even if others think that it's okay, if Fate-san perceives it as harmful by her standards, it's an automatic out. There are even some Gods who try to protect all of those under their patronage, even those with their Provisional Blessing.]

Come to think of it, I remembered that when Megiddo-san appeared before,Chronois-san said that "it was her duty to protect Lilia-san". The blessing Lilia-san had at that time was still a provisional one though…… That means that under Chronois-san's discretion, she had decided that even if Lilia-san only had a Provisional Blessing, she would still be under her patronage.

[The fact that Fate-san gave them her True Blessing knowing that it would bring a lot of trouble for her……is probably her feeling grateful to Kaito-san's parents for giving her the opportunity to change.]

[……I see.]

[Well, unless something really bad happens, it's just a useful buff, and it would be plus points in terms of your parents' safety, so there's no need to think too much about it.]


This really is a welcome conversation. I feel very secure knowing that Fate-san will be there to protect my parents if the need arises. I'll thank Fate-san again the next time we meet.

[Anyway, with that, other than Alice-chan's case, the problem with Kaito-san's parents is solved!]

[No, your case has already been solved at the bar last time.]

[……It was a real blunder. I really regret that I have made that bar. It's really troublesome to deal with someone who knows your past…… Ahh, by the way, I'm changing the subject but……]


[Speaking of Iris, her body I created based on the items I received from Shallow Vernal-sama has already stabilized, so well, rather than rehabilitation…… I'm thinking of teaching her some serious combat skills corresponding to her current body's abilities. Since Kaito-san seems to be free, why don't you come and watch]

Seeing Alice hurriedly change the subject, as if she didn't want me to talk about her past, I smiled, but I asked her about something I was curious about.

[……Before that, what did you mean by rehabilitation]

[Errr, the current Iris' specs had my clone as the base material, basically giving her the specs equal to the Six Kings…… And even though this might be a bad way to put it, everything else other than that was the same before she died…… a human level. So, I'm thinking of having her experience a high-dimensional battle.]

[In other words, you're having her fight someone strong]

[Yes, rather…… She's going to have a mock battle with Isis-san.]


I don't know what's going on, but it seems that something outrageous is happening…… On one hand is one of the pinnacles of the Demon Realm, while on the other hand, Iris-san, who has the same specs as the Six Kings, showed me that tremendous magic bombardment back then.

Honestly, it looks like it would be a battle that could easily destroy the world…… would this really be alright

Serious-senpai : [Incidentally, what is the approximate strength of Iris right now]

: [Well, from an overall perspective, I'd say she'd be around "upper Count-rank".]

Serious-senpai : [Eh But she beat Agni, who should be at peak Count-rank before, right]

: [That was because it was a match with rules and a crowd that couldn't be involved, and because Agni-san agreed to a head-on power competition. If they were to seriously fight with the intention of killing each other, the current Iris would have no chance.]

Serious-senpai : [……Eh For you to think that she would die…….]

: [I'm saying this now, but when someone reaches the level of a Six Kings' executive, you can almost always revive yourself by default. Even when they die, they can come back to life by themselves.]

Serious-senpai : [……Six Kings' executives are amazing.]-

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