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Under the clear, refreshing skies, in preparations for the Sacred Tree Festival that were heading to now, we are now standing before a large gondola and two white dragons.

For us to arrive in the Elven Forest, were going to ride these flying dragons, or rather, as if were riding a flying carriage, the gondola is made of those levistones that kind of looks like those crystals you see in a certain castle in the sky. It seems that when you put magic power in the gondola, it would be able to float, while the two dragons would pull it.

(T/N: Heres an image of a gondola, I think the ship theyre riding is larger though.)

It is said that these dragons called “White Dragons” are one of the fastest among the flying dragons, and with them pulling the gondola, we would arrive in the Elven Forest in just a few hours.

Thats why their fares are quite high, and more importantly, the White Dragons services are very popular among the nobles, and Lunamaria-san seems to have had a lot of trouble arranging their services.

When Lilia-san and the others were discussing the route, Kusunoki-san, Yuzuki-san, and I were only looking at the white dragons.

Ive seen that flying dragon that Neun-san hunted before, but this white dragon is larger than that, with a 7-meter body and beautiful snow-white scales.

It seems that its classified as a monster, but it doesnt seem to be hostile towards us, probably because its already used to humans…… Well, hes not like my pet dog back then who would become emotional by the sight of people, theyre just ignoring us like were people they shouldnt be concerned with……

I had the impression that girls wouldnt be good with reptiles, but as long as they look cool, it doesnt seem to be a problem, as Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san approached the white dragons and tried to touch it, but the white dragons were completely unresponsive.

I was watching them from a distance, when I spotted a small dragon less than a meter in length glancing at me from behind the two dragons.

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Could it be the child of the white dragons I dont know if its because its still not very used to humans or not, but it was hiding in the back of its parents while looking at us with vigilance.

It seems like Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san seem to be too absorbed in the other white dragons to notice it.



When I took a step closer, I was met with a tremendously hostile look.

She kinda looks like an afraid dog, threatening to bite me if I continue to get closer.

Thats when I suddenly remembered my conversation with Kuro, about how she said that my Sympathy Magic can help me interact with beings that cant speak.

Since an opportunity appeared, I guess this is a good time to try it out.

Thinking so, I tried releasing friendly emotions as much as possible…… imbuing my intentions to be friends with her inside my magic power and released it to the baby dragon with my Sympathy Magic.


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Then, the baby dragon tilted her head and cried once, and she began staring at me.

As it seems like she still feels fear, I released my Sympathy Magic with friendly emotions again.

After repeating that a few times, it seems like the baby dragon became interested, as she began coming closer to me, fluttering her little wings.

[Kyuuk, kyyuuiii. Kyuukyuuii]

[Dont worry. Im not going to hurt you.]

Smiling at the chirping baby dragon, I slowly held out my hand.

The baby dragon shrank back in fear at first, but after sensing my friendly emotions, when my outstretched hand touched her paws, instead of running away, she began letting guard little by little.

Once she dropped its guard, like a child, the baby dragon quickly became emotionally attached, meekly letting me pet her.

I was expecting her skin to be tough because of her scales, but it seems like as a child, her skin is still surprisingly soft. Its not quite as soft as a mochi, but its about as soft as rubber and comfortable to touch.

(T/N: mochi/rice cake)

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Seeing the little dragon purr as if she was comfortable being petted…… looks kinda cute. I thought dragons would just be something like a big lizard, but this white dragon seriously looks as cute as a kitten.

Putting my hand away from her head, I tried holding the baby dragon with both of my hands, and the baby dragon no longer resisted, meekly holding within my embrace.

[Kyuukyuuii! Kyuukuruuu!]


The little dragon pressed and rubbed her head against my chest.

The way shes acting like a spoiled child looked really cute, and a smile appeared on my face as I felt ticklish from her touch.

Thereupon, the baby dragon looked like shes having fun, as it used her little paws to climb up my clothes.


[Kyuu, kyuu, kyuu.]

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The sharp claws on her paws are a little scary, but they dont really make any holes on my clothes because the materials used in it is good, and as the little dragon cried out while climbing up my body, when she reached my right shoulder, it looks like shes satisfied, lying down on my shoulder…… Its quite heavy.


As the little dragon began to relax on my shoulder, it seemed like Lilia-san and the others finished talking, and when the Flying Dragon Services driver turned towards us, she spoke.

[Ah, thats right, I forgot to mention it, so that it could remember the route that we will be going through today, I brought the child of these two white dragons. Shes still not accustomed to humans and its dangerous, so I ask you to stay…… away from…… her]



The female drivers eyes widened when she turned towards me and saw the little dragon on my shoulder.

[N- No way… H- How in the world did you…… That little dragon isnt even emotionally attached to me yet……]

[Ummm, please dont mind it. That guy is just, errr, a special case……]

[So youve finally reached your claws to monsters…… Miyama-sama, you really are……]

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Along with the dumbfounded driver, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san looked amazed as they looked towards me.

Although its thanks to my Sympathy Magic, it seems that a baby dragon normally wouldnt get emotionally attached to someone quickly.

[Wow~~ It looks cute. Let me hold it too……]



The proof of this is that although this baby dragon is emotionally attached to me, she let out a low growl and threatened whenever Yuzuki-san tries to touch it.

[Dont worry, she wont hurt you either.]


[Yeah, thats right. Thats why, you dont have to snarl at her.]

[Kyuu…… Kyuuku, kyuuii!]

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When I explained that Yuzuki-san wouldnt hurt her either, the baby dragon tilted her head for a while, before it nodded her head in understanding.

It seems that she understands, as her feelings of hostility towards Yuzuki-san have eased.

[Yuzuki-san, its alright to touch it now.]

[Eh Ah, yes……]


[Fwaahhh, its so soft…… this child is so cute!]

Upon receiving my words, Yuzuki-san reached out again, and the baby dragon didnt growl this time, meekly letting Yuzuki-san pet it.

Seeing the situation, the female drivers mouth opened wide, looking stunned for a while, and then she approached me.

[You were from another world, right]

[Ah, yes. Whats the matter]

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[……If you ever decide that you wont return to your world and remain in our world, please contact me. We promise to hire you on favorable terms!]


[You have a really great talent! If you can tame a flying dragon this quickly, you can even become the best flying dragon driver in the world!]

[H- Huh……]

With some excitement, the woman begins to explain how difficult it is to tame a flying dragon.

When I looked at Lilia-san and the others, asking for help after feeling a little pressured from her excitement, Lilia-san and the others just looked at me with a wry smile on their faces, as if theyve completely given up.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Meeting the white dragons of the Flying Dragon Service, a baby dragon became emotionally attached to me. Whats more, with frightening excitement—– I was scouted.


Baby Dragon (♀)…… I see, this must be a new heroine huh……

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T/N: I planned on just referring to this baby dragon with it, but with the authors note, I guess shes a female huh…… 9/13-

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