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Dressed in her usual military-style outfit, Anima returned to Kaito's newly built house.

Just as she walked through the front door, Caraway appeared to greet her.

[Welcome back, Anima.]

[Yeah, I've returned…… Has Master returned yet]

[He's not back yet, but I think he'll be back soon.]

[I see……]

After nodding at  Caraway's words, walking down the hallway with each other side by side, Anima spoke.

[Cara, after I deal with some documents, I will consult with Master for something. In the meantime, could you draw up contracts for me]

[Unnn Roger that. Does that mean you're going to invest in the Trading Company you saw today]

[They're very active and the new products they plan to produce aren't bad. The company's policies are also stable, so I have no problem investing in them.]

Taking out a document from her magic box, Anima nonchalantly showed it to Caraway as she explained. The fact that she calls Caraway by a nickname suggests that they have a close relationship.

[Fumufumu, I had been thinking about the amount of investment and conditions earlier, but would this be alright]

[That's no problem. Since it's you, it shouldn't take too long to draw up one…… If you have any extra time, I'd like you to help Eta and Theta with theirs.]

[I'm glad you trust me that much. Roger that too. Theta has Illness-sama with her, so is it alright if I prioritize helping Eta first]

At the moment, Eta was helping Zwei as she prepared the venue, while Theta was preparing the food for the party with Ein and Illness.

[Yes, I really appreciate the help from Ein-dono and Zwei-dono, but this is a party that Master is hosting. I don't think we can leave everything to the two of them.]

[Right. Ahh, that's right. The souvenirs you asked me to give to the guests arrived safely. No problem with the quantity or quality.]

[I see, did you bag them individually]

[They're done. They're also arranged in the storage room.]

[……That's great.]

Caraway isn't only physically capable, but she is also quite good at other things. As she was originally a peerage-holding Demon, she possesses a high level of physical ability and dexterity, so she can do everything with ease.

In that sense, she was someone whom Anima could entrust with work without worry.

[It's finally tomorrow huh. With all the big names on the invitation list, as expected, I'm quite nervous.]

[……You're right. However, I'm sure Master would also be nervous about hosting a party for the first time. For the sake of Master, we have to hold strong…… I have high expectations of you, Cara.]

[Of course, I'll do my best. Ahh~~ but since I've got lots of instructions, I'd like to ask something in return~~]

[……What is it Tell me.]

Anima let out a light sigh when she saw a slightly teasing smile appear on Caraway's lips, as if she had come up with something in the middle of their conversation.

Caraway is a very talented person, but she also has a mischievous side. She never shows this side of her to the people she respects and admires, but she sometimes makes fun of Anima, her best friend.

[How about you join me in drinking sometime You see, a certain Bear-san works incessantly if you leave them alone~~ and I think she needs a break once in a while.]

[Haahhh…… For me, the bare minimum of rest should be enough……]

[Nah, nah, if you say things like that again, you'll get scolded by Miyama-sama for "working too much" again, you know]

[Guhh…… Saying it like that……]

As a High-ranking Demon, Caraway has already lived for a good number of years. That's why she is able to easily switch between working hard and relaxing when she should.

Is that the reason why Caraway is a good match for Anima, who is overly serious and hardworking, and her frequent invitations to take a break allows Anima to relax in moderation.

[……I understand. It's just that we're going to drink enough that it won't interfere with the next day's work.]

[Yes, yes. You still love your work as always eh…… Or rather, isn't it safe to say that you're just the same Miyama-sama-loving Anima as usual]

[Stop teasing me, Cara.]

[Ahaha, you're that charmed by Miyama-sama huh.]

Looking at the teasing grin on Caraway's lips, Anima was taken aback for a moment, and after she slightly smiled…… "Her shoulders relaxed".

Seeing this, Caraway lightly nodded and as if to change the subject, she spoke.

[Alright, let's switch things up and do our best! I will write up the contract and help with the party preparations. Anima will be sorting through paperwork and consulting with Miyama-sama, right]

[Yeah…… I'm also going to help out after I'm done talking to Master.]

[Roger that, I'll leave the hard work for you then]

[Hmph, yeah. Leave it to me.]

After confirming each other's next movements, they went inside the office. Then, in a volume enough that Caraway, who was preparing the necessary items to draw up the contract, could hear, Anima quietly murmured.

[……Cara, it's reassuring to have you here. For taking care of everything…… I thank you.]

[Arya How unusual…… This is quite the problem. We're having a party tomorrow, but it seems like it's going to rain.]



Anima has grown over the past two years. Both in knowledge and mind…… Of course, Kuromueina and her guidance had played a big part in it, but having a kindred spirit like this also played a big part in her life…… and perhaps, it may have also been a factor that made her grow up so much.

Serious-senpai : [Didn't you say that the d*mn party would finally staaaaaaart!]

: [The party is the party, but an Intermission Chapter is another story……]-

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