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Here comes Volume 11. Spoiler Alert! This illustration page may contain spoilers that the readers haven't read about yet. I'm unable to buy the novel itself(both softcover and e-book), thus, I got these images from the internet. There may be some images missing. I presume that the events of Volume 11 revolve around the Six Kings Festival.

Emperor Chris of Archlesia, learning the ways of bringing out one's beauty from her mother, Lilim.

When in the world is this…… This looks chaotic as heck. I love seeing the smug smile on Isis-san's face though.

Btw, I thought the one beside Alice was Kaito(with a face like that……), but looking closely, it was actually Kuro.

One of the changes between Light Novel and Web Novel. Kaito meets Makina early, heck, I think he did in Volume 10. Anyway, they're browsing through what seems to be plushies of Alice's stuffed costumes.

Incidentally, the one who showed up on that scene in Alice's store, the one who told Alice about Shallow Vernal's plans, was Makina instead of Eden.

Character Profiles. Well, I won't bother.

Kaito, about to kiss Alice illuminated by the moonlight, by the sea……

Or this could actually be Lilia-san, I dunno, my eyes are bad and can hardly differentiate between faces. My bet is it's Alice though, since her mask is on Kaito's hand.

Lilim, Ara ara maman

Alice's new stuffed costumes, newly appeared in the novel. Just wait til Kaito's birthday. She got a whole band of Alice, all wearing different stuffed costumes.

Left is Panda, Right is Dog.-

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