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With the balance tipped by the power of the awakened Fate, the battle between the Gods and Human-Demon Allied Forces had turned into a one-sided battle.

In terms of strength, the Human-Demon Allied Forces were now overwhelming the other side, and Life, the cornerstone of the Gods, has been repeatedly killed by Isis, making it so that the Gods are incapable of keeping up with the healing and revival.

The numbers of Gods are steadily decreasing…… but they weren't completely wiped out. Life was also being killed once every three times she activated her ability, but she was just barely able to keep the war going by prioritizing the revival of the High-ranking Gods.

Even Isis, who was able to draw out her magic power of death to the limit thanks to Fate's ability, could not completely prevent the resurrection of the Gods because she could not kill the power of Shallow Vernal, her authority itself.

But even so, the tide of war is heavily tilting in favor of the Human-Demon Allied Forces.

[Endure! This kind of explosive enhancement can't last long! Even if the World King replenishes her magic, it won't be long before the effects wear off! Until then, hold on! Protect Life God!!!]

Chronois gave a speech to the Gods. She herself is battered and bruised, but she still continues to fight. Fate's "Critical Point of Fate", which strengthens everyone she recognizes as an ally to the limit of their talents, is a terrifying power.

However, such a powerful power would need a suitable amount of consumption. Even if she's a Supreme God, Fate's magic power, which transcends human knowledge, would also be consumed at an explosive rate to maintain its power.

Lillywood continues to supply Fate with magic power from the front lines, but even so, her consumption is still far greater…… and Fate's limit will eventually come.

Therefore, the Gods were desperately trying to endure. They were working to protect Life, even if it meant using their own bodies as shields.

Of course, the Human-Demon Allied Forces also knew that this was their opportunity…… and their last chance to attack, so they couldn't miss it. If they can knock down Life here, they won't have to worry about later.

Thereupon, in the space where a vast amount of magic power was colliding, a particularly large amount of magic power pulsated.

[ ! Oh no! Everyone, disperse! "Dragon King's Breath" incoming!!!]

"Naive! There's no escape to everything within my sight!"

Dragon King Magnawell…… The world's largest living organism, standing around 30,000 meters tall…… The full force of the dragonbreath released from such a being burnt everything before him to ashes.

As Chronois' Spatial Teleportation was also blocked by Isis' power, a flash of destruction fell upon the Gods who were unable to escape.

Unknown amount of time has passed since they've been fighting. However, after a fierce battle in which both sides exerted their deadly power…… the battle was about to reach its final stage.

Now, there are only two Gods left in front of the Human-Demon Allied Forces…… Life and Chronois.

Yes, in the fierce battle, Life cut off everyone else and used her power only to keep Chronois and herself alive. That's why Chronois and Life are still alive.

However, even Life, who has held on as the centerpiece of the battle with her overwhelming abilities…… had reached her limits, as she had both of her knees on the ground, unable to even stand.

Chronois was just like her, breathing heavily and was brought down on one knee.

[……Amazing…… God of Time and Space…… God of Life…… Even after all that happened, you two still weren't defeated……]

However, speaking of reaching limits, Fate is no different from them…… The effect of her Critical Point of Fate had worn off, and the repercussions had made it impossible for the Human-Demon Allied Forces to even move.

[……Don't look down on us…… I admit, your choice may have been one of the right answers.]

[Yes, it's because of your unwavering loyalty to Shallow Vernal-sama…… that you turn against her…… a choice that neither I nor God of Time and Space can take.]


[……Yes, however……]

They looked as if they were about to collapse, but putting strength in their legs, Chronois and Life stood up.

[Know that our resolve to fight for Shallow Vernal-sama at the cost of our lives is nothing less than your determination!]

[You're not the only one with a burning resolve!]

Holding unto the pillars of their absolute loyalty to Shallow Vernal, Chronois and Life continued speaking while glaring at Fate.

[……You still have the Phantasmal King on your side. We, on the other hand, have wounds all over our bodies…… victory has been decided…… Is that what you think]


[Why do you think Life God allowed me to survive Yes, we…… no, I still have one more trump card.]

[Trump card…… Don't tell me!]

Seeing a fearless smile appear on Chronois' lips, Fate came up with a possibility. The trump card given by Shallow Vernal only to the Supreme Beings. A one-time ultimate power of their authorities……

The three of them have already used that power once. However, what about Chronois "who holds two authorities" It may be possible that "she may have received two trump cards" as well……

[……Judgment of Time and Space!]

The first Judgment of Time and Space used by Chronois "restrains the space"…… and the power she activated this time was related to her authority of "time".

Before Fate's eyes that widened in astonishment…… was a despair-inducing scene.

Chronois and Life, who were supposed to be wounded all over their bodies, have fully recovered, and on top of that, all the Gods that they should have defeated already…… had come back to life without even a scratch on their bodies……

[This is the other trump card that I have been given…… to rewind time, only for people I consider on my side. Without this, I wasn't sure if we could hold out until your ability wears off…… it was a tough gamble.]

[Yes, but with this…… everything really is settled.]

[……No…… way……]

Fate no longer had any strength left. Alice was the only one of the Human-Demon Allied Forces who can fight…… At the moment Fate was about to fall to her knees, feeling like there's nothing they can do anymore…… The sound of dry applause echoed through the place.

[Well~~ That was a very hot battle, wasn't it Fate-san was pretty cool too. If I had been required to use my powers a bit more, the outcome of this battle might have been different.]


[Phantasmal King…… You look quite confident, aren't you You certainly are strong, but did you really think that you alone can overturn this situation]

When Alice said this in a tone that was too lighthearted for their situation, Chronois asked with a puzzled look on her face. Thereupon, Alice stopped clapping her hands and with a really calm smile on her face, she spoke.

[……What are you talking about Don't you realize that the "premise is different" from the start]


[In this battle, the only thing that was a gamble for me was whether or not I could bring Fate-san to my side. That had always been there is to it. If I were to believe Shallow Vernal-sama's words, the bonds Kaito-san has spun will be important in rescuing him…… I wanted Fate-san, Kaito-san's lover, someone he has strong bonds with, to be on our side no matter what. That's why…… I even went to the trouble of stepping my foot into the "battlefield you prepared".]

[What are you trying to say]

All of her allies are now unable to fight due to the repercussions of the Critical Point of Fate, and the Gods have been fully restored…… and yet, Alice's demeanors seemed to be relaxed, so Chronois asked back at her with a frustrated look on her face.

[……Like I said, the premise here is different. Gathering the people who would fight for Kaito-san's sake to fight an opponent who is superior in terms of strength, where they should somehow win by exceeding their limits Please don't tell me…… Did you really think that I would incorporate such an "uncertain factor" into my plan to save Kaito-san Well, I thought that if everyone could use this opportunity to grow, since they could be good assets for the future.]

[……What are you——–!]

[……Look confident No, no, I am confident. I told you, didn't I The only thing that was a gamble for me here was whether or not I could get Fate-san on our side…… and no matter how this battle plays out, everything would be alright.]

With those words, an inordinate amount of magic power overflowed from Alice's body. It was so tremendous that even Chronois couldn't help but take a step back.

[Do you not understand What I'm telling you…… is that "I've always been enough to wipe out the Gods by myself"!]

With those words, a number of lights emitted from Alice's body ascended into the sky and began to twinkle like a star-filled sky.

[For now, here, at this moment———– is my heart's ultimate! This power is for one person only———– This heart is for one person only———– Exceed my limits, exceed the world! Now! "Weave my love"! ———–Ἑκατόγχειρες!!!]

As the twinkling stars are sucked into Alice's body one after another, her mask shattered. It truly is her ultimate power, her ultimate power used only for one person's sake.

It's the ultimate battle form of her Heart Tool, which has been further transformed, not because of her former identity "Alicia", but by embracing her new identity "Alice".

Alice, who had returned to her unmasked…… her true appearance, turned to the astonished Gods and calmly declared.

[……Now, it's time to bring the checkmate. I still have some uncertainties regarding the fight in the Sanctuary but…… The fight in this place has always been under my control the entire time.]

: [It will always be Alice-chan's turn!!!]

Serious-senpai : [It really isn't always though!]

: [Ahh, by the way, Ἑκατόγχειρες's ultimate battle form activation line has been changed from "Weave the world" to "Weave my love". Well, the ability hasn't changed much, but some things like the activation conditions changed.]

Serious-senpai : [……Based on the information so far, isn't this ultimate battle form's ability some form of sh*tty cheat]

: [Well, it's on the lighter level of cheats, I guess]-

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