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The scales of battle were tilted as the War King, Megiddo, returned to her true form and displayed her tremendous power. The Gods were clearly shaken about this, as a slight breakdown in their coordination began to appear.

That would be the greatest of opportunities…… and the time to attack, and there were those who immediately began to move.

"My family! By my roots…… I will switch to my "Divine Tree Form"!"

Lillywood, who was dealing with Life, the key player of the Gods' side,, also immediately used her trump card. Following her words, her executives that she had directly shared her powers with…… the Seven Princess, went beside Lillywood's roots, and from each of their hands, a glowing sphere of different seven colors, which were then sucked into Lillywood's body.

As flowers of seven colors bloomed in Lillywood's hair made of her leaves, the outfit she was wearing changed to something luxurious while retaining her original form.

This is Lillywood's trump card, the Divine Tree Form. This is the form that takes in seven Count-ranks, people that should have been valuable war potentials, and explosively improves her abilities.

In a war, where a large group of beings fight against another large group of beings, she hadn't used them up to this point because she thought it would be disadvantageous to have seven Count-ranks less on their side…… but now, she has to use it.

If she couldn't defeat Life at this opportune moment, they would be at a disadvantage as time went on. With that in mind, Lillywood held out her hand, and a tree rapidly grew from Life's feet, capturing Life's body.

[This is——— Guhh!]

The tree's growth rate far outpaced Life's reaction speed, and Life's entire body was swallowed within the tree. Thereupon, the tree was encased in ice due to Isis' magic.

And it doesn't stop there, as a new tree grows again to swallow the frozen tree, which are then frozen again, repeating the previous process.

After repeating that process dozens of times, there was only one huge ice tree where Life once stood.

"……with this, we should have crushed their key figure."

An extreme sealing technique by Isis and Lillywood. It is also the greatest seal that the girls could currently perform, which were then strengthened after casting dozens of times over. Even if they're immortal, once you're sealed, everything's over.

Just as Lillywood was feeling relieved that they had sealed off the most troublesome existence in this battle, he heard a small mutter that denies her thoughts.

[……No…… We didn't make it in time.]


[……Be careful…… Lillywood…… "She awakened".]

"Eh ——–Wha!"

Immediately after, as a thunderous roar rang out, the huge ice tree shattered into pieces. Thereupon, that being appeared in front of the astonished Lillywood and Isis, who was biting her lower lip and sweat pouring down her forehead.

Her hair was untied, and her normally closed crimson eyes were wide open, with an expression clearly filled with rage.

As soon as she saw this, Lillywood activated her defensive techniques with all her might and created a huge wooden wall. Her reaction was nothing short of brilliant. However, the wooden wall shattered from a tremendous impact, forcing the two of them to greatly retreat from the aftermath.

"Guuuuhhhh…… W- What in the world is with that nonsensical power……"

As Lillywood muttered in astonishment, seeing how much damage they've sustained even in the aftermath, Life leisurely walked towards them, her fist clenched and her expression tinged with anger.

[……Now you've done it. How dare you…… How dare you drag me out into a lowly and barbaric "fistfighting domain"!!! Don't think I will let you die easily! You f*cking b*staaaaaards!!!]

Yes, people have one big misconception. Many people think that Life's strength is her ability to control life but…… that is actually not the case.

Among the Supreme Gods, Fate is the one with the most specialized ability, while Life specializes in the opposite aspect.

She is the God who governs life…… and her body, the vessel in which her life resides, is her ultimate weapon.

An immortal body, bottomless physical strength, extraordinary dynamic vision…… Yes, Life was essentially "a God who specializes in physical combat". It was only because she considers fistfighting to be a barbaric act, so she doesn't often engage in the battle herself, creating soldiers to fight for her instead.

However, Lillywood and Isis drove Life into a corner. They made her think that she wouldn't be able to win with just her army alone……

With legs so powerful that the ground she stepped on shattered, Life approached Lillywood and Isis in an instant and swung her fist.

Both of them would have suffered fatal damage if they had been hit by her overwhelmingly powerful blow. However, there was someone who intervened between the two and met Life's fist with a fist of her own.

[Tsk! War Kiiiiiing!]

[Kuhhh, this is…… Now that's a great punch!]

A tremendous shock wave was created by the clash of powerful forces, and both sides took a few steps back. Megiddo, who has returned to her true form, and Life, who finally decided to fight seriously.

The tremendous battle between these tremendously extraordinary beings is fought to a primitive fistfight.

As she heard the roar that seemed to shake the space, Chronois let out a big sigh.

[……Good grief, with God of Life like that, "I doubt she'd bother healing the others". Strangely enough, her being serious works exactly how you lot wanted it to go.]

[You're quite confident, aren't you]

[No, that's not the case. I'm admiring you lot quite a bit. That's quite the feat…… To be honest, I didn't expect you lot would push us this far.]

Chronois throws words of praise at Ein and the others, but she doesn't say anything more and moves on to attack.

But suddenly, Chronois's figure disappeared, and with movements that hold no signs within it, she appeared a few distance away from Ein and the others.

[……She disappeared Instantaneous movement]

[Well something like that. And don't be so hasty…… Listen to me for a moment. I'm sure this is rather beneficial for you lot to listen to.]

[……What are you planning now]

Unable to read Chronois' intentions, Ein dubiously looked at her, but for the time being, she decided to listen to what she had to say, and with her stance at a ready, she waited for Chronois' next words.

[What, it's just a reward and a "parting gift" for your hard work. Where do you think the power of the Gods resides Well, if you just look at God of Fate, it's easy to know…… Yes, it came from our "eyes". Losing our eyes doesn't necessarily mean that we won't be able to exercise our authority, but it does weaken us since it is our core. Thus, if you want to confront us Gods, it's more efficient to target our eyes.]

[……That certainly is beneficial information.]

[Told you Now then, the Gods' symbol of authority are in our eyes. Now that you understand that…… I ask you, rebels against God.]

Bringing forth pressure that gives chills to everyone nearby, Chronois turned her eyes to Ein and the others.

[……Why am I the only one among the Gods…… that have "two different colored eyes"]

[ ! ]

As if in response to her words, Chronois' blue left eye emitted a faint light. Yes, Chronois is the last Supreme God that Shallow Vernal had created.

The first one to be created is Fate, who specializes in manipulating her authority, and after her is Life, specializing in physical combat…… And she who has both of their aspects in good balance and can be said to be the most complete existence among the Supreme Gods, Chronois.

And she is the only one among the Gods who "holds unto two authorities". One is her authority of time, her power that was well-known to the public. This is a power that Chronois uses on a regular basis, and since she is called the Goddess of Time in the Human Realm, her authority of time certainly symbolizes her.

However, there is an even more dangerous power that resides in her right eye, a power that she will only exercise if Shallow Vernal gives her permission because of its great impact on the world.

Yes, Chronois' official name has always been "God of Time and Space"————- and she's the God who governs "time" and "space".

Serious-senpai : [Hmmm, hot battles. They're truly wonderful. By the way, how many more chapters of battles like this are there]

: [Hmmm…… It should be settled in three or four chapters. And then, we'll have one chapter of Kuro-san and Shallow Vernal-sama's battle, before a heart-throbbing school romantic comedy starts!]

Serious-senpai : [It's an ordeal! Don't forget telling people that it's an ordeal, okay!]

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Character rough of Lilim, Chris' mother, has just been released. She has quite the ara ara vibes.-

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