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The room of Luna-san, a woman with great femininity. Of course, I couldn't touch anything, but since there was only one chair in the room, I didn't know where to sit.

In the end, I just waited for more than ten minutes nearby the door…… before Luna-san came into the room with a tired look on her face.

[……Thank you for waiting, Miyama-sama. Please take a seat.]

[……N- No, I think it's better if Luna-san sits. You look really tired.]

[Y- Yes, to be honest, I'm mentally exhausted but…… I'll just sit on the bed, so please sit on the chair.]

[I- I understand.]

At any rate, if Luna-san came here, does that mean that she finished talking with Noir-san No, well, I can tell from her face that she had a rough battle……

Sitting down on the chair upon Luna-san's urging, I started drinking hot milk…… which isn't the one I had been drinking before, but a freshly made one.

[To be honest, I didn't really want you to see this room…… but I'm proud to say that I have a more decent hobby than Lili's dragon room, so well, I guess it's alright.]

[Errr, it's a cute room. The plushies and other stuff were wonderfully designed.]

[I know it's childish, but I really like it……]

[I think it's nice though. Each person has a different taste. I mean, when it comes to childishness, even I have that part in me too.]

[Come to think of it, Miyama-sama had that preference in food huh.]

[Whoa there, Luna-san. That's a violation of the contract.]

[Fufufu, that's right, isn't it I'm sorry.]

Her words that were used as a joke in the conversation, rather than the usual mean teasing, doesn't feel unpleasant. In fact, having this kind of conversation with the softly smiling Luna-san isn't that bad.

As we continued chatting peacefully, Luna-san suddenly stopped speaking, looking as if she thought of something.


[Miyama-sama, I'm changing the subject but…… can I ask you one thing]

[Eh Yes.]

Just as I was thinking about this, Luna-san asked me with a serious expression on her face, so I straightened my posture and nodded.

[……In the past half year or so, Miyama-sama has encountered various…… unimaginable situations. Some of them were distressing, while several of them were life-threatening situations…… but have you never thought of running away]


I don't know what Luna-san is referring to. However, just as Luna-san said, I have experienced many things in the past six months.

I had fought against Anima when she was a Black Bear, got entangled with Megiddo-san and his subordinates, and was even kidnapped. I faced the depths of Kuro's heart, and encountered an act of terrorism aimed at the Seigi-kun, the one who have the role of Hero…… There was even that time where I defied Eden-san, an extremely powerful God. Heck, there was even that situation where I confronted the Hero in order to talk to the Demon King, which actually sounds a little strange when I put it into words.

[I don't think anyone would have blamed you even if you ran away. How can you be so strong]

[……Errr, Luna-san. There's one big misunderstanding here.]


[I'm not very strong. Heck, I could understand if you say that I'm incredibly timid.]

There are many reasons why I was able to face them. I had reassuring allies by my side, there was something that I would willingly go through trouble in order to get, or I really just got caught up in the flow…… Well, there really were various reasons.

However, if I were to be asked why I didn't run away, I can only think of one reason.

[Well, how should I say this…… I think that running away is also a decision that requires courage. I'm just too much of a coward, I'm not skillful enough that I could just turn away and forget what I've been involved in, nor am I brave enough to choose to run away. I was that small of a person.]


[That's why, errr, it's that simple. The only choice I have left is to push my shaking legs forward and get help  from the people around me…… The only thing I can do is to try my best. Well, the fact that I have such an option is just because I'm incredibly blessed with people around me.]

[……Is that so…… You are a strong person after all.]

I didn't know why Luna-san had asked me this question, but apparently, I was able to give her the answer she wanted.

Seeing the smile of satisfaction on Luna-san's lips…… that was what I thought.

Dear Mom, Dad—————- I'm really a weak person who would rather be helped by someone than help someone else. However, thinking about rather than being helped by someone…… Not only am I not being helped by someone and was also helping them in some way, makes me feel very happy and proud. Because I was blessed by people like that————– my knees didn't bend and I was able to stand up.

In a wide plain, a few distance away from the royal capital of Symphonia Kingdom. It was a place with few monsters, but the relatively quiet place was currently filled with the sound of fierce battle.

Lunamaria, one of the two people that was facing each other, was taking out one weapon after another from her magic box as she fought.

Lunamaria has no particular weapon that she is good with. At best, one could say she's versatile, but at worst, she can be described as a Jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. She's someone who uses a variety of weapons depending on the situation.

Swords, spears, bows, axes, maces…… Lunamaria, who fought while switching between a huge number of weapons, was given a stern scolding.

[Your swaps are too slow! Didn't I tell you not to stop thinking! When you're facing a superior opponent, the moment you stop thinking, even if it's but a mere moment, is like asking them to kill you!!!]


Lunamaria, who took out a small shield to defend herself, is sternly told this as she was punched away, even after blocking the strike of her opponent…… her mother, Noir.

[How long are you going to lie there! Your opponents won't wait long for you to get up!]

[Y- Yes!]

Throwing harsh words that are unimaginable from her usual calm appearance, Noir unleashes a follow-up attack on the fallen Lunamaria.

From Noir's arm, swung towards the ground, a shockwave crawled towards Lunamaria. Holding back the pain she felt from Noir's earlier strike, Lunamaria evaded it by jumping sideways, but Noir didn't give her time to rest and pursued her.

[One step ahead of your opponent is too late, two steps ahead of your opponent won't allow you to reach them! You must always be three or four steps ahead of your opponent, otherwise, you will just be pushed around!]

[Yes, Mom!]

Noir is not only Lunamaria's mother, but also her mentor in battle. And her battle instructions are very strict.

This is because Noir loves her only daughter, Lunamaria, with all her heart…… That's why she's very strict to her when teaching her how to fight.

For she knew that if she were to teach her halfheartedly, it may endanger Lunamaria's life……

After they continued to train in actual combat for a while…… Noir looked at the time, before her expression softened and spoke.

[Lu-chan, I think it's time we took a little break.]

[……Haahhh…… Y- Yes…… Haahhh……]

[I can understand why you're so impatient, but it doesn't mean you can become stronger just by recklessly torturing your body. Taking a break is also necessary.]

[……Yes. Mom, can I…… really be strong]

As Noir urged her to sit down on the ground, Lunamaria muttered. The image of a certain young man popped out of her mind.

……The young man who will challenge the world's highest peak.

[……You seem to be more motivated than ever, aren't you]

[……"When Phantasmal King-sama told us about Miyama-sama's secret"…… I actually never thought it was realistic. Lili and Sieg seemed to be greatly flustered about it, but for me, I felt like such a battle was far beyond my reach, so I didn't really feel that it was real.]

[But now, it's different huh.]

[It would have been better if Miyama-sama had been a superhuman. If only he was a superhuman, unafraid of anything, undaunted by anything…… I could have just been a bystander without thinking too much.]

Yes, Lunamaria had always thought of Kaito as a superhuman. She thought that he was a person with a strong mind, someone who could face situations that she would be afraid of……

[But in reality, he's no different from me…… He also feels scared sometimes, and he also hesitates. He was a normal, clumsy person.]


[And yet, once again, he didn't run away. Even when he's afraid, even when he's trembling…… And yet, he's still going to face the top of the world. If that's the case…… Just a bit…… even if it's just a really bit…… It makes me want to help him. It's not that I hate him after all.]

[I see, if that's what you think, it's alright. Don't worry, you can be strong.]

Delighted with the growth of her child, Noir quietly moved her gaze to the sky. A clear blue sky without a cloud in sight…… Too quiet, too beautiful…… that it felt like the calm before the storm.

At least, she was sure that it was the case. A battle of unparalleled magnitude in this world, with the singularity named Miyama Kaito at its center……

Serious-senpai : [So, how many more chapters until the final battle]

: [Hmmm…… Three or so chapters, I guess]-

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